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DMX Gets Real On Couples Therapy [Ep. 1]

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DMX Gets Real On Couples Therapy [Ep. 1], posted with vodpod

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Kim Kardashian Talks About Her Divorce On Live w/ Kelly

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Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce!

Oh So Shocking Like We didn’t Expect This…….!

After 72 days of marriage Kim Kardashian has filed to divorce NBA star Kris Humphries according to documents which list the separation as October 31st.  The checks cleared, this marriage is over buddy!

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Is Diddy & J. Lo Dating Again?

According To Mediatakeout:

I knew soon as Diddy got news that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony was getting a divorce, he would be somewhere trying to get that old thing back. According to one of the many MTO snitches, Jennifer Lopez reached out to Diddy last year when her marriage began to crumble. Diddy was in shock because the two have not spoken in years, and out of nowhere she is calling and texting. She kept in contact for months and on two occasions the two physically met. Last week, Diddy and JLo was spotted out on a date at Phillipe Chows. Diddy entered the restaurant and went to the private area and JLo followed 20 minutes later. I guess this means Cassie and Kim Porter can have a seat because JLo and her ass is back in town.

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Chrissy Proposes To Jim Jones On ‘Love & Hiphop”!

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Jim Jones’ long time girlfriend proposes to him in front of a crowd of people on, “Love & Hip Hop.”

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Trailer: Mandy Moore Stars In “Love, Wedding, Marriage”

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AshleyMadison.Com: A Place For Aspiring Cheaters!

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Lamar Odom Talks To Playboy Magazine About His Marriage To Khloe Kardashian!




Playboy magazine did a pretty candid interview with basketball star Lamar Odom on his marriage to Khloe Kardashian.  Check out some excerpts from the interview below:

On whether it was true that he withheld sex until they were married: “I tried to. I didn’t know why I wanted to wait. We came together and knew what we wanted from each other really early, and everything we did felt good, from a hug to a kiss. Then there was a time when I just tried to be a gentleman about the whole situation. I was accepted by her family. She stayed at my place and vice versa. I thought, We’re going to step back for a second. Keep it classy.”

On accusations their love is fake, and their marriage is a “PR stunt”: “That’s just how gossip works, you know? You can’t stop it. Because at the time, with us being so successful—me in basketball and her show doing so well—it was too big. It was too huge. It caught people off guard. It looked as though we had too much to gain. That let me know, damn, it’s a big deal. Even the wedding was big. The list of her family friends was crazy. Those were her people showing up, showing their love. For some people that was too much to even think about. And it was quick. I guess that just added to the speculation—‘Why can’t they wait?’I didn’t want to wait.”

On what would happen if a sex tape of Odom and Khloé leaked: “When people see us in person, they see Khloé’s not small. I’m not small. People see us and are probably like, Damn, I wonder how that looks. We wouldn’t have anything to be ashamed about, but no, that’s not going down.”

On adjusting to the dynamics of the Kardashian family: “People have the wrong idea. They’re a really strong family and fun to be around…I’m perfect for that. I come from a big family. I’ve always been on a team. I understand. The circus is what makes it tick and keeps it going.”

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Tiny Confirms Upcoming Marriage To T.I.P

Yo Raps: Several years and a few kids later, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and incarcerated rapper T.I. are set to tie the knot, says the former Xscape singer.
In an interview with XXL Mag, Tiny spoke candidly about the couple’s upcoming nuptials, saying they could be jumping the broom within the next few months.

“Sometime [next] year, but we can’t really give a date yet because we have to find out exactly when Tip is coming home,” Tiny revealed. “We’ll have to just plan around that, but I envision a fairy tale wedding. [As far as music together,] well, we did one song and we just never really got back in the studio, but I can’t say that you won’t hear anything in the future. I don’t want to give it out yet, I want to hold it to make sure we go in that direction. We have several things that we’re talking about doing together, so we’ll see how that works out.”

Rumors of wedding bells have clouded this hip hop couple since it was announced that T.I. would be spending a year and a day in jail in connection with gun charges.

Tiny also recently gave fans an update on her husband-to-be’s condition behind bars.

“I talk to him about a little of everything, just things going on,” she told Allhiphop. “He hears things and we talk about it. He wants me to stay out the way, me being out of harm’s way. I know it’s a lot of crazy things going on so I try to stay in as much as possible because I don’t have him here. So I come out only when it’s necessary. I stay out the way…He’s doing good. He’s passing the time by working out and just doing things they do inside, you know,” she stated. He’s playing handball and things like that. I go see him every Sunday, sometimes on Mondays. We talk everyday. He gets emails, working out and doing things like that so he’s busy in there. He has a full schedule.”


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Are Bisexual Women Good Marriage Material?


OK… we all know that most men will have fun with bisexual women…but are somewhat hesitant about marrying them. Can you trust them if they are on the hunt for women while married to you? There are definite perks but what if she becomes the talk of the town at your kid’s school or PTA meeting or your neighborhood supermarket?

Hell No! It’s true that Men are curious about Bi-Sexual women because it is a chance to gain a new experience. But when it becomes time to settle down, a bisexual woman isn’t the idea wife. I can’t see taking her home to meet mama.

Yea! Bisexual women can be marriage material. A confident man can marry a bisexual woman and be just as happy. Bisexual women are just as capable of being monogamous as heterosexual women. A lot of dudes are just insecure within themselves.

I was dating a bi-chic for a minute and she wanted to get married and have kids. Its 3 things that restrained me from busting off a load in her 1). I knew I wasn’t going to marry herł). Child Support 3). Afraid that my off-springs would be bisexual as well. Overall it was just too much at stake.

A lot of men don’t marry bisexual women because they feel she’s unstable. Before a man gets married he wants to be sure. Men hate to be uncertain about a woman. That’s one reason it takes us forever to commit. However once we are sure it won’t be a problem. Marrying a bi-sexual leaves an error of uncertainty. But I’m sure if they have an honest relationship it can be just good as any other bond.

It’s just too much competition. Not only would you have to worry about men… but women too

You notice you don’t see a lot of older Brothers running around talking about threesomes and bisexual females. That’s because men grow out of the phase. When I was younger… I admit I fantasized about being with 2 females…and think most young boys do. However, after doing it once or twice reality kicks in and you realize it’s a fantasy and that’s all.





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Beanie Sigel & 50 Cent Appear On Power 99, Talks About Marriage w/ The Kendra G. & Beans Signs To G-Unit….


Why do we feel like 50 Cent is somewhere smiling over this sequence of events we’re sure he didn’t orchestrate in promotion of his new album?  Check out the latest update in Roc-a-gate 2009 as Beanie Sigel and 50 Cent appear on Power 99 radio station to answer Jay-Z’s answer.  In this episode Beanie says nobody gave him two Bentley’s he was paying nearly $5,100 a month to maintain them, being stopped from signing a $800,000 deal with 50 Cent and how Jay-Z should let up on Dame Dash since he has taken everything from him.  Beanie ends that interview saying he’s not going to stop interviews until Jay-Z responds.

Best part of the interview – 50 Cent says “yeah, uh huh” every time Beanie says anything.  It’s crazy how 50 manages to find somebody who needs just a little nudge to go nuts for every album cycle, and then……….


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