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Motown legends The Temptations,
featuring Dennis Edwards are set to
headline CARRY’s [Coalition For At-
Risk Youth] 2009 Annual fundraising
gala at the Beverly Hills Hotel to
benefit foster kids throughout the
city of Los Angeles. Jennifer Lewis
will emcee the event, which is
scheduled to honor actor/comedian
Martin Lawrence.


One year after defaulting on a loan
for his 70-foot yacht, former NBA
star Latrell Sprewell is facing
foreclosure on his $5.4 million
mansion in Westchester County, New


Ving Rhames is being stalked by
Uncle Sam. According to TMZ, the
actor owes almost half a million
bucks in unpaid taxes. Documents
filed in L.A. County Superior Court
show Ving and his wife Deborah owe
the IRS $491,588.06 for unpaid
taxes in 2007.


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Serena Williams Was Fined $82,500 For Her U.S. Open Rant….

Serena Williams’ infamous U.S. Open rant where she cussed at a lineswoman is set to cost her a record amount of money. U.S. Open officials concluded that Serena violated the “major offense rule” for “aggravated behavior” and will have to pay $82,500.

Grand Slam administrator Bill Babcock told The Associated Press Monday that Serena Williams will pay the fine and could be suspended from the tournament if she has another “major offense” at any Grand Slam in the next two years.

Babcock also told the AP that Williams faces a “probationary period” at tennis’ four major championships in 2010 and 2011. If she has another “major offense” at a Grand Slam tournament in that time, the fine would increase to $175,000 and she would be barred from the following U.S. Open.

I’m sure this recent fine is a small thing to a giant like Serena. She earned $350,000 at the semifinals before the incident which she added to the $6.5 million in prize money she earned this year. All together, her career prize money tops $28 million.


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David Hasselhoff Under Psych Hold In Hospital & Ex-Wife Pamela Bach Busted for DUI…

David Hasselhoff is under an involuntary psychiatric hold in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, has learned exclusively.

Hasselhoff was taken by ambulance to the hospital on Friday, as reported exclusively.

We have now confirmed that The Hoff had once again been drinking a large amount of alcohol before his hospitalization.

He was picked up under the California Welfare and Institutions Code 5150 that allows authorities to take into custody persons they believe may be a danger to themselves or others, are gravely disabled or suffer from a mental disorder. Cedars-Sinai doctors agreed he needed to be admitted, and under Code 5151, hold him for up to 72 hours for a psychiatric evaluation.

Hasselhoff has been battling alcoholism for years and has been hospitalized at least five times with alcohol poisoning.

He returned from Canada on Wednesday and saw a doctor. He had been drinking before that and also resumed drinking afterward. His several-day booze bender resulted in a seizure and transport to the hospital via ambulance Friday.

Now people close to him want to place him in a lock-down rehab facility to treat his alcoholism, has learned exclusively.

Hasselhoff and his pr and legal team have consistently covered for him, denying reports that he was previously hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. But this time things are so severe that for a while he was disoriented and didn’t recognize people he knew.

David Hasselhoff‘s ex-wife, Pamela Bach, had her own issues with alcohol

last night — we’ve learned she was arrested for DUI … and she will probably do jail time.

According to law enforcement sources, Bach took a breathalyzer test and blew a .14 and a .13.

She was taken to Van Nuys where she was booked and released. Bach tells TMZ, “I am remorseful and mortified. I am going through a really difficult time between David being in the hospital and dealing with the divorce.” By the way, the divorce was final in 2007.

Bach added that she was trying to comfort her daughters earlier in the evening, then went to dinner where she had a few drinks.

According to official documents, bail was set at $15,000. Bach said she was released on her own recognizance and will attend an AA meeting today.

Bach was busted for DUI in March, 2009, pled no contest and was placed on probation. A second DUI in California gets you mandatory jail time.

UPDATE 5:55 PM ET: We just got off the phone with Pamela. She says she’s on the way to an AA meeting right now. She says her girls “love and support her.”

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DJ Causes Rihanna To Walk Out Of Jay Sean’s Album Release Party

MirrorCoUK: Cash Money records broke the bank to secure Rihanna as guest of honour at their lavish UK launch party – so it’s a pity someone forgot to tell the dozy DJ.

Rihanna, who was in London ahead of her incredible performance on last night’s X Factor, had barely sat down when the DJ played a track by her violent ex, Chris Brown.

So she gathered her posse and stormed off.

It left party organisers fuming. Well, they had splashed out on £100,000 worth of Cristal champagne to impress their VIP guest at the Friday night bash, thrown to celebrate the launch of Jay Sean’s album, All Or Nothing.

And they had worried that Rihanna, whose latest album is Rated R, might not show up.

Bryan “Birdman” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams – founders of US hip-hop label Cash Money – had been anxiously checking their bling-encrusted watches from the moment they stepped out of their Rolls-Royces and into the Bank venue.

As the clock struck 1am, Rihanna finally strutted in, past fellow celebrity guests Ice-T, Alexandra Burke, Jamelia, Alesha Dixon and JLS, and took her VIP table in the corner.

Rihanna, who was wearing a slinky, cleavage-enhancing trouser-suit, hugged pal Jay and apologised for being late before reaching for a glass of champers. Minutes later she was grooving to his performance of Down and then the dunderhead on the decks suddenly spoiled her good mood.

Hearing her ex being played, Rihanna, 21, stopped dancing, returned to her table, told her entourage the party was over and left.

Our spy tell us: “It was a massive night for Jay.

The Cash Money boys had wanted to give him a homecoming celebration to remember and they wanted everyone talking about the label’s launch party in the UK for a long time.

“Getting Rihanna there was the icing on the cake. Who knows what possessed the DJ to start playing Chris? It was such a dumb thing to do. Rihanna had looked ready to party as she chatted with Ice-T. But as soon as that song came on, she sat down and raised her eyebrows.

“She couldn’t believe how insensitive the DJ was. She thought he probably played it to get a reaction. She wanted to leave there and then.”

At least the smile was back on Rihanna’s face on Saturday when her brolly blew inside out on the way to Bungalow 8. You’d think that by now she’d have learned to control her Umbrella… ella… ella!


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Beanie Sigel Talks To MTV’s Tim Kash & Jay-Z Ft. Nas “Empire State Of Mind” [Remix] (Beanie Sigel Diss)

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The Tiger Woods Saga Continues As He Talks To Fans….

Tiger Woods and wife Elin Nordegren refused to talk to police about the car accident again on Sunday.

NY Daily News Reports

Tiger Woods broke a three-day silence Sunday to admit his “obviously embarrassing” car crash was all his fault – even as he continued to stonewall investigators.

I’m human and I’m not perfect,” the golf champ wrote in a cryptic statement on

“The only person responsible for the accident is me,” Woods wrote. “My wife, Elin, acted courageously when she saw I was hurt and in trouble. She was the first person to help me. Any other assertion is absolutely false.”

Woods divulged no details of what caused the bizarre crash outside of his suburban Orlando home early Friday, or the status of his relationship with his wife, Elin Nordegren.

He also did not address allegations of a relationship with Manhattan club hostess Rachel Uchitel.

For the third time, Woods canceled a sit-down with state troopers who want a word with the the embattled athlete about the smash-up.

The Highway Patrol had expected to interview Woods and his wife at 3 p.m. but were told by Woods’ lawyer, Mark Nejame, that the meeting would not happen.

“It has not been rescheduled,” said Sgt. Kim Montes, spokeswoman for the Florida Highway Patrol. “He’s not required by law to give us a statement.”

“The crash investigation is ongoing and charges are pending,” she said. It was not clear if anyone actually would be charged.

Nejame did provide cops with Woods’ driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance, as required

Police have said Nordegren used a golf club to smash a window of Woods’ Cadillac Escalade to free her husband after he rammed a fire hydrant and then a tree shortly after pulling out of their driveway. has reported that Woods was running away from his Swedish supermodel wife after a fight over allegations he had an affair with Uchitel.

Alleged Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel with celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred after arriving in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Woods said in his statement he had “a single-car accident earlier this week, and sustained some injuries.”

“I have some cuts, bruising and right now I’m pretty sore,” he said, adding that the incident has been “stressful.”

A recording of the 911 call in the moments after the crash offered few clues about what transpired. A neighbor called to report the crash and ask for an ambulance – but didn’t mention who the famous victim was.

“[He’s] laying on the ground now,” the neighbor said. When asked if the driver appeared to be conscious, the neighbor replied “no.”

Meanwhile, the party girl who reportedly has Tiger Woods in the rough with his wife fled her Manhattan apartment early Sunday for Kennedy Airport.

Beauty Rachel Uchitel emerged from her Meatpacking District pad at 5:45 a.m. to walk her two dogs before hopping in a black car bound for the airport. She had a large duffel bag in tow.

“You know I would love to speak to you, but you know that I can’t,” Uchitel said when approached by a Daily News reporter. “I really wish that I could say something, I really wish I could.”

In an interview published this week, Uchitel’s bar mate, Ashley Samson, told the National Enquirer that Woods was stepping out on his wife with the nightclub hostess.

Uchitel had denied an affair with Woods and told The News she never met Samson. The Enquirer countered Uchitel’s dismissal with photos of the two girls partying together in Spain.

Rachel Uchitel And Ashley Sampson Partying In Spain

Uchitel arrived in Los Angeles in the afternoon and was met by her new attorney, celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred. The two ducked into a Town Car without speaking to the crowd of reporters at the airport.

Uchitel told Fox News on Sunday she “never crossed paths with Tiger in Melbourne” this month during the Australian Masters, contrary to the Enquirer’s claim that the two had a tryst at the event.

Woods did not address the alleged affair in his statement, instead saying “the many false, unfounded and malicious rumors that are currently circulating about my family and me are irresponsible.”

Woods, one of the world’s most recognizable faces, is due in California on Tuesday for a tournament, but it was not clear that he would still attend. reported Sunday that Woods talked about giving his wife a “Kobe Special” after the fight – referring to the $4 million purple diamond ring basketball star Kobe Bryant bought his wife, Vanessa, after he was acquitted of rape charges in 2003.

An unnamed source told TMZ he spoke to Woods over the phone on Friday, and that the golfer said he needed to visit Zales jewelry store to buy his wife “a house on a finger.”


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Man Gives Dude A Round House Kick To The Head…

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19 Year Old Boy Head Wont Stop Growing [Full Documentary]

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Young Jeezy Cameo In ‘Janky Promoters’ Movie (Starring Ice Cube & Mike Epps)

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Rapper Akshun Gunned Down In Downtown Seattle (RIP)


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Gunplay: Bet She Wont Try That Again….

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Tahiry: “I Dont Care What Joe Is Doing” & Accepting Applications For The Single Fellows [Audio]

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Lil Scrappy Speaks On Young Buck’s G-Unit Reunion….

G-Unit associate Lil Scrappy recently spoke on his relationship with Young Buck and 50 Cent claiming the Cashville rapper would likely not be able to mend past issues with his former camp.

Having been involved with the Unit during the promotion of Bred 2 Die Born 2 Live, Scrappy detailed where he stood during the two’s publicized rap beef.

“Buck is my homie; he’s like a big brother you never had,” Scrappy explained in an interview. “50 is also a big brother you never had. I was around both of them when they would talk about each other love-wise, and that sh*t just flipped, which is what money does. 50 is a real dude. He didn’t have to do any of that sh*t for none of us. Young Buck and Lloyd Banks were the first ones. I didn’t really get the love that they got. 50 thought they were his babies and if you talked to him, he would tell you that. Buck just saw me in the same situation that he was in, when he got shot up and ain’t nobody f*ckin’ with him. I just talked to him like three weeks ago, and he said keep doing what you’re doing, and I was like I appreciate everything he did for me. And I’m out here grustlin’ and if we can make a hit record again, we can do it. Buck and 50 beefing is like two brothers beefing, and they ain’t never going to talk to each other again, but it ain’t that beat though. They will probably get over it one day, but I doubt it just because its disloyalty. [You’ve] got to be loyal. Look at Lil Wayne with Cash Money: he was loyal and look where he’s at right now.” (Hip Hop DX)


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Jimmy Kimmel On Rumored 50 Cent-Marv Albert Dispute..

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has addressed recent reports that 50 Cent‘s entourage caused a dispute with famed NBA announcer Marv Albert last week.

According to Kimmel, both parties were present backstage during a filming of his late night talk show, however, a confrontation did not take place.

“Someone from 50 Cent’s camp wanted to use the phone in Marv Albert’s empty dressing room,” Kimmel said. “A security guard told the man he couldn’t. Pushes were exchanged for three seconds, and the situation was resolved before Marv even got in the room. Marv had no idea what was happening or who was involved.” (New York Post)


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