Best Of The 2000’s: The Top 50 Video Chicks

What would music videos be without the so-called “video vixen,” the model/dancer/actresses who provide us with a little aspirational eye candy in our darkest hour? The last decade has truly been the golden age for the music video model, from icons like Melyssa Ford to new favorites like Rosa Acosta. Even some of the world’s sexiest celebrities (ScarJo!) have made memorable video appearances, so we wanted to provide a comprehensive look back at all the ladies who have caught our eye on MTV, BET and YouTube over the last 10 years. Check out Complex’s 50 favorite music video models below…

50. Buffie The Body
AS SEEN IN: Tony Yayo – “So Seductive,” Juelz Santana – “Oh Yes”
Everyone knows the name Buffie The Body, so you’d think her video vixen career was more prosperous, but that’s not the case. Her crowning achievement remains the “So Seductive” video. When your ass defies gravity, it only takes one video to get famous.

49. Tracee Ellis Ross
AS SEEN IN: Kanye West “Touch The Sky”
Tracee’s beauty doesn’t hit you immediately like a lot of the girls on this list, but we’ve always had a soft spot for the woman. Her brief cameo in the “Touch The Sky” vid captures exactly what we dig about her sassy style.

48. Gina Lynn
AS SEEN IN: Eminem – “Superman”
We could always count on Em to skip the video vixens and go straight for the porn stars. This video was on the DVD included with The Eminem Show, which meant we got to see Gina’s glorious set of breasts without any censors fucking up the moment.

47. Eboni Jackson
AS SEEN IN: 50 Cent – “Wanksta,” Kanye West – “The New Workout Plan,” 50 Cent – “In Da Club”
Eboni mostly ran with G-Unit back in the day, but we haven’t seen her around in a while. She must be tight about Tia Kemp getting fur coats and Gucci via 50. The life of a video girl.

46. Sasha Shelton
AS SEEN IN: G-Unit – “I Like The Way She Do It,” Jay-Z – “Roc Boys,” Shaggy – “Bonafide Girl”
Sasha isn’t the type of video girl that everyone can namedrop without a second thought, but she’s still dope and shouldn’t be overlooked.

45. Keshia Knight Pulliam
AS SEEN IN: Chingy – “One Call Away”
While Ching-a-Ling was preoccupied with thoughts of trannies, we couldn’t keep our eyes off the former child star who had become a bonafide beauty practically overnight. It seemed like we were just watching her play Rudy Huxtable on The Cosby Show after a long day of elementary school, then all of a sudden we wanted to smash. Odd, but understandable.

44. Pamela Anderson
AS SEEN IN: Kanye West – “Touch The Sky,” Jay-Z – “Hey Papi”
Pam is a lock for lists like these. Everyone knows she was Yeezy’s leading lady, but check her low-key cameo in Hov’s video.

43. Angela Simmons
AS SEEN IN: Bow Wow – “Shorty Like Mine”
We just need at least one of Russel’s nieces. Word to Kanye. Angela looked more than good enough in her former boyfriend’s video to fit the bill.

42. Elke The Stallion
AS SEEN IN: Outkast – “The Way You Move,” Eminem – “Ass Like That”
Who ever said white girls don’t have ass? This chick is German and that ass is the sole reason she made the list.

41. Bria Myles
AS SEEN IN: Pharrell – “Can I Have It Like That,” Clipse – “Mr. Me Too,” Rhymefest – “Brand New”
It seemed like this L.A. girl was in every hot video a few years ago. Word is, she’s trying to act and sing now. Shocker.

40. Tera Patrick
AS SEEN IN: Everlast – “I Can’t Move”
Whitey Ford is a total cornball, but he gets some props for putting porn star Tera Patrick in this video. It was like the tease that always led to us looking at, um, other videos of her for hours of end.

39. Ki-Toy Johnson
AS SEEN IN: Outkast – “The Way You Move”
Ki-Toy is one of the dopest ever based off one video. She didn’t stick with the industry, electing to help the mentally challenged and disabled instead, but it’s hard to forget that body no matter what she’s doing.

38. Anna Kournikova
AS SEEN IN: Enrique Iglesias – “Escape”
You won’t catch us repping for his music, but we’ve always respected Enrique for putting so many hotties in his videos. This one kind of put his girlfriend Anna Kournikova on the map for a lot of people. Thanks, dude.

37. Milani Rose
AS SEEN IN: Day 26 – “Since You Been Gone,” Joe Budden – Exxxes
Milani had a really solid buzz in the world of video girls, but it seems like things have slowed down for her as of late. Oh well, she’s still hot.

36. Jenna Jameson
AS SEEN IN: Eminem – “Without Me”
We saw Jenna in plenty of videos before “Without Me,” but this is the only one that qualifies as a music video. Catch her in bed with Em at the beginning as one of the “trailer park girls [who] go ’round the outside.”

35. Azzareya Crystal Curtis
AS SEEN IN: Busta Rhymes – “Light Ya Ass On Fire,” Terror Squad – “Lean Back,” LL Cool J – “Hush”
We haven’t seen this Brazilian/Egyptian beauty in a while, but her run during the earlier part of the decade was pretty awesome. Catch her on top of Joey Crack’s whip in the “Lean Back” video if you need further proof.

34. Sasha Grey
AS SEEN IN: The Roots – “Birthday Girl,” Smashing Pumpkins – “Superchrist”
Sure, there’s less novelty to a chick’s hotness when you’ve seen her doing the type of stuff Sasha Grey does on camera, but there’s still something captivating about her expressionless gaze. The Roots know it and so does everyone who watches the “Birthday Girl” video.

33. Lanisha Cole
AS SEEN IN: The Roots – “Break You Off,” Pharrell – “Frontin,” N.E.R.D – “Maybe”
Thanks to Lanisha, we’ll always know the password to get into Pharrell’s parties. So will everyone else, because it was impossible not to notice this Panamanian hottie in the “Frontin’” video. Don’t sleep on her more personal appearance in “Maybe” though. She looks even better in that vid.

32. Jennifer Love Hewitt
AS SEEN IN: Enrique Iglesias – “Hero”
JLH was every guy’s dream in the late ’90s. Thankfully, Enrique kept her hotness visible during the earlier part of this decade when she was cast as his love interest in “Hero.” It’s probably the best she’s looked all decade too.

31. Taraji P. Henson
AS SEEN IN: Common – “Testify,” Jamie Foxx – “Just Like Me”
You gotta love a woman who receives Oscar nominations and is still cool enough to represent in rap videos. We appreciate it, because we’re not trying to sit through three hours of Benjamin Button when we can get the same hotness in a four minute video. Good lookin’ out, ma.

30. Eliza Dushku
AS SEEN IN: Simple Plan – “I’m Just A Kid”
We know the song is annoying. That’s not the point; our current cover girl is. Only Eliza could make this whiny pop punk tolerable for more than two seconds.

29. Roselyn Sánchez
AS SEEN IN: Craig David – “Hidden Agenda,” Fabolous – “Make Me Better”
Roselyn has her hand in film, television, and music, but if you ask us, her best moment was Fab’s “Make Me Better” video. We’d ignore all the other birds in the club for her, too!

28. Paula Patton
AS SEEN IN: Robin Thicke – “Lost Without You”
Props to Robin Thicke for sharing his gorgeous wife with the world in this video. Paula is on the come-up in the acting world, but until we see her in more movies, “Lost Without You” is just a YouTube search away

27. Gemma Ward
AS SEEN IN: John Mayer – “Daughters”
This gorgeous Australian export enjoyed supermodel status by the age of 16. The music video for Mayer’s Grammy-winning hit is basically four minutes of Gemma looking contemplative and getting us way too excited in the process. What more could you ask for?

26. Nadia Dawn
AS SEEN IN: Pharrell – “That Girl,” Fabolous – “Make Me Better”
Nadia made her rounds during the mid-2000s, but now she’s focused on producing and hosting and will only do videos if it involves acting and she’s the only lead. Unfortunately, there’s a million other pretty girls who are much less demanding. That probably explains why we haven’t seen her lately, but she was definitely hot when she was around.

25. Esther Baxter
AS SEEN IN: Ludacris – “Number One Spot,” Nelly – “Shake Ya Tailfeather,” Petey Pablo – “Freek-A-Leek,” Kanye West – “The New Workout Plan”
Sometimes all it takes is one video to put a girl on the map. After Esther made her debut in “Freek-A-Leek,” she was everywhere, clearly a move by the God of Twos. Now shorty is married with kids, but that doesn’t make her moments on-screen any less special.

24. Denyce Lawton
AS SEEN IN: 112 – “Peaches & Cream,” Nas – “One Mic,” N.E.R.D – “Rock Star”
Born in South Korea, Deynce grinded her way from theater to print to videos to film and television. She’s like a role model for these upcoming video chicks.

23. Korina Longin
AS SEEN IN: ‘N Sync – “Gone”
It was already hard to deny the pop group’s urban crossover hit, but when the video dropped we really had no shame about rocking with these boy banders, and this gorgeous Croatian model is the only reason why. Korina Long showed up on our TVs and stole our hearts just like she stole JT’s. Fredro Starr must have loved the video too because he wifed her up in 2007.

22. Daphne Joy
AS SEEN IN: Jamie Foxx – “She Got It,” The-Dream – “Shawty Is A Ten”
Ms. Joy is a Filipino and Puerto Rican mix who’s still landing decent video and TV roles. Definitely a standout from the decade.

21. Karrine Steffans
AS SEEN IN: Jay-Z – “Big Pimpin,” Mystikal – “Danger”
Superhead’s video vixen stories are stuff of legend by now. Low brow, morally degrading legend, but it’s made her rich, so good for her, we guess. In the midst of all her trashy narratives, we often forget that she’s a good looking woman behind it all. We suppose that’s how she racked up so many bodies in the first place.

20. Brittany Dailey
AS SEEN IN: Lil Wayne – “Lollipop,” 50 Cent – “Amusement Park”
This multiracial beauty had a nice run a few years back. Supposedly she’s just chilling near her Anaheim residence these days.

19. Zoe Kravitz
AS SEEN IN: Jay-Z – “I Know,” – “We Are The Ones”
The “I Know” video didn’t even make sense and it’s still great if you ask us. Follow Zoe Kravitz around for four minutes? Okay! Her video girl resumé doesn’t run that deep and it probably never will, but her debut will be difficult to forget.

18. Suelyn Medeiros
AS SEEN IN: R. Kelly – “I’m A Flirt,” Chris Brown – “Wall To Wall”
This Brazilian New Yorker originally wanted to be a doctor until some of her friends convinced her to try modeling. It worked out to some degree, because she’s been in a bunch of videos and print ads. That’s making it in the video model industry.

17. Megan Ewing
AS SEEN IN: Lenny Kravitz – “Believe In Me”
Lenny is always good for casting super hot chicks in his videos, and this beautiful Texan might just be the baddest. She was only 18 when the video came out, and unfortunately, you’ll have a tough time seeing how her beauty has developed a young adult; she quit the modeling industry years ago.

16. Gloria Velez
AS SEEN IN: Jay-Z – “Big Pimpin,” DMX – “What They Want,” Ja Rule – Holla, Holla
One of the first girls to recognize the viability of the video model industry. Gloria made appearances in several classic videos from earlier this decade, but things slowed when she switched her focus to rapping. Yikes.

15. Nicole Ricca
AS SEEN IN: Nas – “Oochie Wally,” Jagged Edge – “Where’s The Party At,” Nelly – “Hot In Herre”
Born in Jamaica, raised in Georgia, and about as multiracial they come, Nicole made the video rounds much earlier in the Aughts. We know she dated Mario for a minute, but her whereabouts since that fling are unknown.

14. Chanta Patton
AS SEEN IN: Lil Wayne – “Got Money,” Usher – “Make Love In This Club”
Chanta hails from North Carolina and actually attended college for a bit before getting into videos. Homegirl has been in some of the biggest videos of the past year. She definitely has some more time in the spotlight.

13. Dollicia Bryan
AS SEEN IN: Chris Brown – “With You,” Lupe Fiasco – “Superstar”
This Black and Italian beauty was working as a DJ in Portland when she got scooped for her first video and hasn’t loooked back since. Props to whoever made that decision.

12. Erica Mena
AS SEEN IN: Akon – “I’m So Paid,” 50 Cent – “Candy Shop,” Fabolous – “Breathe,” Chris Brown – “Yo, Excuse Me Miss”
After getting discovered in a Jennifer Lopez lookalike contest, the smoking hot Erica Mena has had a pretty legitimate come-up. She’s been in music videos with most rappers you can think of, done print work for reputable fashion brands, and now she hangs out with the Kardashians on Kourtney And Khloe Take Miami and in real life. Not mad at that, at all.

11. Scarlett Johansson
AS SEEN IN: Justin Timberlake – “What Goes Around”
We all know Scarlett is a real deal movie star who doesn’t have to do music videos, but we’re eternally grateful that she took up the part of JT’s cheating lover in this one. Considering how hot she looks during these 10 minutes, we might have been suckers and took her back if we were in Justin’s shoes.

10. Rosa Acosta
AS SEEN IN: Diddy – “Angels,” Drake – “Best I Ever Had,” Jamie Foxx – “Blame It”
Rosa is new to the spotlight, but she’s already impressed us enough to rank amongst the greats. She’s the reason we still loved the “Best I Ever Had” video when everyone was hating on it. We look forward to seeing where she goes in the future, but for now, job well done.

9. Vida Guerra
AS SEEN IN: Nelly – “Shake Ya Tailfeather,” Frankie J – “Obsession,” Kanye West – “The New Workout Plan”
Vida started out in magazine spreads and eventually became the “It Girl” of music videos for a moment. She used her new-found fame to land a record deal, but was dropped when her nude cell phone pictures leaked.

8. Lauren London
AS SEEN IN: Ludacris – “Stand Up,” Pharrell – “Frontin,” Snoop Dogg – “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” Common – “Drivin’ Me Wild,” T.I. – “What You Know,”
We almost wish that Weezy impregnating this chick made us feel any differently about her, but the fact remains, she’s bad. Lauren has been in some of the best videos of the decade and even transitioned her way to film in a legitimate way. We hope being a mother doesn’t keep her too locked down. We wanna see more of this beautiful girl next decade.

7. Meagan Good
AS SEEN IN: 50 Cent – “21 Questions”
Meagan’s movie career never really took off, but unlike many of her vixen counterparts, she’s probably more known for her work outside of videos. That doesn’t change the fact that one of her hottest on-screen moments ever came about by the courtesy of Curtis. She can stay on the small screen for all we care.

6. Amber Rose
AS SEEN IN: Young Jeezy – “Vacation,” Chris Brown f/ Ludacris – “What Dem Girls Like”
Everyone knows the Amber Rose story by now. Most of the girls on this list are dealing with nonexistent careers and she has Kanye. Lucky girl.

5. Cassie
AS SEEN IN: Kanye West – “Stronger,” Chris Brown “Crawl”
Everything about the video for Ye’s single from Graduation was over-the-top. Dude had the best special effects and the best fashion, so picking a girl as smoking as Cassie for the female lead was the perfect choice.

4. Stacey Dash
AS SEEN IN: Carl Thomas – “Emotional,” Kanye West – “All Falls Down,” Marques Houston – “Favorite Girl”
Over 40 years old and still one of the baddest chicks in the game, Stacey’s music video resumé doesn’t have to run that deep for her to be one of the best to ever do it. Her appearance in “All Falls Down” alone smashes some video models’ entire career.

3. Angel Lola Luv
AS SEEN IN: Young Jeezy – “I Luv It,” 50 Cent – “I Get Money,” Kanye West – “Good Life,” Ludacris – “One More Drink,” Wale – “Nike Boots”
Born in Ethiopia and raised in D.C., Lola has been a go-to girl in music videos for the past three years–quite an achievement in this particularly short-lived career field. Of course, she’s not content with us just obsessing over her assets, she wants to rap too. Let’s just say this: we won’t be buying her album, but if she makes a music video, we’ll watch it. Stick to what you do best, ma.

2. K.D. Aubert
AS SEEN IN: Fabolous – “So Into You,” Nick Cannon – “Your Pops Don’t Like Me,” Lloyd Banks – “Karma”
K.D. is one of the hottest and most successful video girls ever. Ever since being discovered while working at Macy’s she’s done tons of legit modeling work and scored a good amount of movie roles too. Clap for her.

1. Melyssa Ford
AS SEEN IN: Jay-Z – “Big Pimpin,” Ghostface Killah – “Cherchez La Ghost,” Jadakiss – “Knock Yourself Out,” Mystikal -“Shake Ya Ass,” Usher – “Yeah!”
Working since the late ’90s, this Canadian export kind of gave rise to the whole video vixen thing. We totally respect how she parlayed ass-shaking into a nominal film and television career, but she’ll be remembered for the Jessica Rabbit curves more than anything.


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    Number 39 Ki_toy Johnson, someone has taken her picture and made a fake page on facebook. I’s under the name Keri Smith. You can’t find her page unless you are a friend of one of her friends. This person has been downloading pic of different models and changing the names for a while now.

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