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50 Cent Assistant Accused Of Setting 50’s Baby Mama’s Mansion On Fire…

Two years after 50 Cent’s baby mama’s (Shaniqua Tompkins) mansion went up in smoke; police have finally discovered a possible accomplice.

According to published reports, G-Unit associate and 50 Cent’s assistant, Dwayne McKenzie is being accused by his ex-girlfriend, Shana Chin, of playing a role in the torching of the mansion.

The 5,200-square-foot home that was gutted by a suspicious fire was at the center of an antagonistic legal battle between the rapper and his former girlfriend.

According to Chin, she was dating McKenzie, who now lives at the multi-million-dollar mansion; and testified that McKenzie often carried a gun and had talked of torching a house that belonged to the rapper’s ex-girlfriend.

Dwayne Mckenzie

Once the report surfaced, McKenzie’s attorney fired back, stating that Chin, who is currently suing McKenzie for damages and medical bills, is a greedy, fame-hungry woman out for money and the chance to meet rap stars.

McKenzie, who has yet to respond to the allegations personally, was also arrested in August of 2009 for allegedly assaulting another woman [not Chin] in 50 Cent’s Long Island mansion.

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Jim Jones Shuts Down Dipset West & Gets Battery Charges Dropped Against Him…

Jim Jones is coming forth to express his feelings about Cam’ron’s extension to start Dip Set West.

Jim Jones who chose to express his feelings about the addition via Twitter states:

“Ain’t no such thing as dipset west till they patch in I don’t know yall man CAPO said it holla Shouts to west side piru,” Jimmy wrote Friday (February 26). “Matter fact ain’t no dipset until me cam juelz n zeke get back together n make tht powerful music Thts the Diplomats I know.”

Other members of the Dip Set have also spoke about the possibilities of a reunion with mixed feelings. Dip Set president Freak Zeeky discussed with Hip-Hop Wired his take on the possibilities of a reunion.

“I never say never, whatever the case may be it’s going to happen regardless. But I’m also not Dionne Warwick’s little nephew, so I can’t tell the future.” Zeeky said in the interview, “If it was my call, yes it would be [a reunion], but I let time and progress determine the answer to that.”

Cam’ron who has also formed the group The U.N. is scheduled to release his seventh solo album Gunz and Butter on March 23rd,  has stated in countless interviews that he has no interest in reuniting the Harlem crew.

In addition to a new album, crews and label, Cam’ron is also in the process of gearing up to start filming the sequel to his 2003 film Killa Season, entitled Killa Season 2; which is due out later this year.

Peep the footage as Jim Jones discusses Dip Set and his upcoming projects here

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Jim Jones can breathe a little easier now that simple battery charges have been dropped against him.

Jimmy was facing the charge after spring breaker Damion Johns filed charges against him for a March 12 incident.

Johns claims that Jones and members of his entourage beat him outside a Panama city resort.
Video used as evidence in the case surfaced showing Jones actually breaking up the fight.

Jimmy is seen in the white t-shirt and the braids.

He throws no punches.

As previously reported Jones will appear in court June 4 for a separate assault charge after a 2008 brawl with Ne-Yo’s manager Jayvon Smith in New York.

He pleaded guilty to that charge.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Bun B Leaves Asylum Records For Universal

“We’re gonna be moving from the Warner Bros. system to the Universal system.”

Port Arthur Texas Legend and one half of the legendary Under Ground Kingz, Bun B, has managed to keep the legacy of the late Pimp C alive with the release of 2008’s II Trill and 2009’s UGK For Life.

Now three years since the Pimp’s death, Bun is announcing a new direction through a new label now that he’s left Asylum Records for a spot at Universal.

He revealed the news to XXL saying,

“[This new situation] works better for me. I work better in the small system. When you’re in the big system it’s really about breaking you and exposing you and I think I’ve been able to build a career as far as just associating myself. We’re pretty good with that in-house with Rap-A-Lot. But with Universal we are gonna use their distribution legs and promotional chain, because they do have access that we haven’t been able to have before.”

When asked why he left his former home he tells XXL,

“[Asylum] helped me immensely over the last four or five years in my career as far as taking, me, myself and UGK to another level. It’s just that the system in house changed. Todd [Moskowitz] got moved up to a higher position and it doesn’t give me as much of an opportunity to be hand on hand on a lot of stuff.

His next album Trill O.G. is set to hit stores in May.

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Common Speaks On Acting, Music & The Streets

Hip-Hop Wired recently caught up with Common and chopped it up about the crime rate in Chicago and his upcoming music and acting projects.

Peep what Chitown’s finest had to say:

Hip-Hop Wired:  I hear you rapping about having this SAG card, are we in danger of you retiring to act fulltime?

Common: I don’t see myself retiring, God willing I just keep growing as an artist. I look at different ways to put out music. Right now I’m working on a song with Cassandra Wilson and Terrence Blanchard.  Now that’s jazz but I’m doing it different, like I’m not just rapping on it, it’s actually more of a spoken word/jazz type of think.

I love Jazz music so it made me think about doing a jazz album at some point. Of course acting is a priority for me and I’m focusing on that, but I want to be able to interview with you and we talk about Oscars. We’ll put it out there and make it come to fruition.

Hip-Hop Wired:  You’ve also been engaging in voiceover work and you just had the Superbowl Gatorade commercial.  Do you think you have a leg up on that considering all your raps?  [More]

Common: Yes I can come into the studio and be confident and be like oh boy my voice sounds weird. You still have to channel different things in a voiceover but I have two advantages.  I rap so I’ve been in the studio a lot and I’m an actor so I know how to get into character for what’s needed.  I’ve been seeing a lot of spots and being like man I like that whole “What’s G” and “That’s G,”  (Gatorade) it feels authentic and pure to me.

I like when I see spots that really get my attention. I don’t watch TV and do stuff like that too much, I don’t be all into popular culture all the time. Overall I walk in my own path. I embrace the world but I don’t know all the reality shows and stuff like that so when a commercial can get my attention that’s saying something.

Hip-Hop Wired:  Your former producer NO I.D. is finally getting his shine.  He pulled in a few Grammy’s with his work with Jay-Z and Kanye West…

Common: That’s my man and I’m very happy for him.  I congratulated him.  It’s so well deserved; he’s a talented dude, he just being true to what he’s been doing for a long time. More Grammys for him to come. I know he’s really excited.

Hip-Hop Wired:  What’s up with you and the new project?

Common: The new album is called The Believer. I actually don’t have a date but I’m planning for this year. I’m working with No I.D. and Twilight Tone and Kanye. It’s the raw Hip-Hop.  It’s gonna uplift the spirit. It’s the people’s music, that’s what I’m doing.

Common and NO I.D.

Hip-Hop Wired:  Chicago made a lot of news last year with the rise in teen violence and the murder of Derrion Albert.  What’s your take on what’s going on in your city and this epidemic sweeping the country?

Common: First of all, it’s very painful for me to see our people killing each other. I know it’s definitely difficult times so I understand under stressful times how we can react. Some of the solution can be that we have to really start teaching our youth respect and listening to them and seeing what they need and want and treating them with respect and teaching them how to respect themselves and others. Because honestly when anybody is going to kill somebody that means you gotta be going through your own pain and suffering yourself.

Somehow we gotta find out those that are going through that pain and teach them better ways to deal with it. That’s gonna come from home, having family members around, from school programs, from afterschool programs. I’m plugging but I established the Common Ground Foundation to provide the youth with other avenues to express themselves.

For more information on the Common Ground Foundation, click here:

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A tribute to Michael Jackson in
salute of Black History Month will
take place on Sunday (Feb. 28) at
Chicago’s Navy Pier Family Pavilion
Stage North. Also featured is
“Perseverance & Persistence: An
Exhibition of Pride,” which is a
gallery display that showcases the
personal obstacles and struggles
that various African-American
pioneers and history-makers had to
overcome to achieve success.

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Wal-Mart is being scrutinized for
its decision to include a number of
Hip-Hop documentaries in
promotional displays for Black
History Month, while rejecting a
documentary on the history of
blacks in the military. According
to a spokeswoman, Wal-Mart based
its decision on sales, price and
release date.

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People for the Ethical Treatment of
Animals thought it would be a great
idea to use Tiger Woods in its
campaign urging cat and dog owners
to neuter their pets. The animal
rights group planned to put a
billboard up in Tiger’s Windermere,
Fla. neighborhood that featured his
face and the slogan, “Too much sex
can be a bad thing.” But lawyers
for the golfer threatened to sue
the activists if they used his

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“Growing Pains” Star Andrew Koenig Body Was Found By Police In Vancouver.

UPDATE: CNN is confirming the body is that of Andrew Koenig.

A body believed to be that of missing “Growing Pains” star Andrew Koenig was found by police in Vancouver.

According to police, the body was discovered in Stanley Park today at around noon.

Andrew has been missing since February 14.

A news conference is scheduled for 5:00 PM PT. Andrew’s parents are supposed to attend.

Story developing…

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Is Technology Going Too Far? Mobile Device Application Called ‘Recognizr’

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “YouTube – Recognizr“, posted with vodpod

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Tracy Morgan On The Daily Show

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Tracy Morgan On The Daily Show“, posted with vodpod

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Ludacris 1st Single “How Low” Reaches Platinum Status

Congratulations to Ludacris for selling over a million records with “How Low“, the breakthrough hit single off his 7th upcoming album ‘Battle Of The Sexes‘ . He just received his Platinum Plaque.

The track is produced by Canadian producer T-Minus and was first heard at the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta on October 27th, 2009 when it was performed by Ludacris as the 2nd half of a medley that began with Lil Scrappy’sAddicted to Money“, a song on which he is featured. It samples Public Enemy’sBring the Noise“, for the vocals “How Low Can You Go?” (additional vocals by Carla Henderson). Shawnna is featured on the chorus as well.

How Low” is just one of the many highlights of Ludacris’ next debut. There are other tracks such as “Hey Ho” Featuring Lil’ Kim and Lil Fate and “My Chick Bad“, which features Nicki Minaj for the second single. We all know a single going Platinum is a great accomplishment.. Make sure to cop that “Battle Of The Sexes” Album ‘March 9th‘.

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Russell Simmons Starts New Comedy Venture

Russell Simmons, who made history with his groundbreaking HBO comedy series Def Comedy Jam, is planning on making people laugh once again with a new comedy series.

The untitled series reunites the partnership of Simmons and Def Jam producer Stan Lathan and also serves as a platform for undiscovered comedians to get their shine.

“Def Comedy Jam made a significant contribution to American pop culture by introducing so many superstars,” Simmons noted.  “Now with Comedy Central as our new partner, we’re poised to present the next generation of star talent.”

The series which is scheduled to air on Comedy Central this summer will be hosted by JB Smoove, of Curb Your Enthusiasm fame and DJ Cassidy will provide music.

Although Russell plans to make people laugh with his new project, some people are upset about the statement that he made yesterday (February 24) in regards to the scandal that surrounds Jay-Z and New York Governor Paterson.

According to an interview with the New York Post, Russell Simmons says that “the deal wasn’t the best deal for the people.”

Simmons said the firm he advises — Penn National Gaming — and not  AEG, should have won the contract to operate 4,500 video-lottery terminals at the faded horse racing facility.

According to Simmons, Penn National’s bid was far superior to that of AEG, whose partners include powerhouse minister Rev. Floyd Flake.

They offered the most money to the state, by $100 million, up front. They can pay the fastest because they have the money in the bank.”

Simmons told The Post yesterday he wasn’t personally “knocking” either Jay-Z or Flake.

“Jay-Z is a great guy.  I don’t think he’s sweating it any more than I am,” he said.

Although Rev Flake is not upset about the loss, a source with ties to a failed bidder said the selection process “smacked of favoritism” toward AEG. Other bidders described chaotic, secretive dealings and said state officials seemed to be “making the process up as they went along.”

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Reps For Diddy Deny Robbery @ His L.A. Estate

It seems that Yung Berg isn’t the only rapper that is trying to clear his name in regards to a robbery as now you can add Diddy to the list as well.

On Monday (February 22), the internet started buzzing that the Bad Boy mogul had been a victim of a robbery that took place in his L.A. exclusive housing community during that weekend (February 20-21).

According to published reports, the robbery included four suspects that forced their way into a party and robbed attendees at gun point.

According to the L.A. Times, the house that was burglarized is owned by Combs and used to house talent on the Bad Boy roster, but according to Diddy’s publicist Keesha Johnson, that story is far-fetched.

“Mr. Combs is not in any form linked to the house that was robbed in the housing community,” Johnson states, “The reports that you are hearing are completely inaccurate, Sean is not affiliated with the property in any capacity.”

Yvette Gayle, a representative for music label Interscope, also insists the company and its artists are not connected to the property which was robbed:

“As far as we have been able to tell in this short time, we have never owned or rented a house at this address for any purpose.”

Anyone who is on Twitter knows that Diddy is an avid tweeter.  And as of press time, there were no robbery related tweets during or after the time of the robbery; although he was promoting his sons guest appearance on the MTV show “Sweet 16”.

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New Orleans Rapper Juvenile Arrested For Marijuana Possession

Former Cash Money Hot Boy Juvenile and his producer Leroy Edwards were arrested Thursday (February 25), for possession of marijuana.

According to reports, police responded to a call from a neighbor who reported that they smelled marijuana smoke coming from the rappers home.

When police arrived at the house, according to reports, they were not only greeted by Juve’s producer who had a small amount of marijuana “on his person,” but a published report police states that “the presence of marijuana was strong” enough that it gave “probable cause” to search the rapper’s home.

Upon their search, police discovered a small amount of marijuana in a kitchen drawer, which Juvenile stated belonged to him.

Authorities said Juvenile and Edwards were booked with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and both have posted bond.

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A Black Woman Refused Service For Being Bad Tipper…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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