Miss Trinidad & Miss Japan 2008 [Sex Tape]



Two Miss Universe 2008 contestants were being talked about over a scandalous video that hit online last weekend. The said video tape features one guy and two girls doing explicit acts together. According to those who have seen the video, the girls look like two Miss Universe 2008 candidates. Miss Trinidad & Tobago Universe 2008 Anya Ayoung-Chee and Miss Japan Universe 2008 Hiroko Mima are the ones being referred to by the reports.

I have already heard of this news two days ago that a beauty queen from Trinidad & Tobago has a video scandal online, but I did not take it too seriously until I’ve learned a recent news that another beauty queen also stars with Miss T&T in the said video.

That’s more shocking, especially that the guy in the video is believed to be Wyatt Gallery (pictured below), a photographer and boyfriend of Miss T&T, who according to isyuseros around the world did modeling portfolios for the two beauty queens.

Both Miss T&T and Miss Japan competed in the Miss Universe 2008 pageant in Vietnam and maybe that’s where they got close with each other.

Miss Japan was among the Top 15 semi-finalists while Miss T&T failed to make the cut.

The sex video is scattered all over the net and it’s clear that the two girls in question are aware that their “deeds” were being filmed.

According to some reports, there are allegedly more than five existing scandalous videos of Miss T&T and her boyfriend, with Miss Japan appearing only in one video.


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  1. ILOVEMONEY!!!!!


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    this site is live

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    she took it in the ass! Nice!

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