Groupie Tales: Game, Yung Berg, Common, Trey Songz, Drake, Terrance J & Lil Wayne….

I met game Sunday afternoon in Hollywood boulevard coming out the louis vuitton store. Him and about 4 other niggas came out with shit load of bags. So me & my sister was placing our bags in the car when some bald head nigga jogged across the street where we was at trying to holler. (He was extremely handsome but I didn’t find that big ass tattoo of the “weed” flower on his head cute at all. Come to find out he really is a weed head lols)

So anyways we in the parking lot I gave weed head the cold shoulder so he proceeded with talking to my sister outside the car they was posted chopping it up while I was inside the car catching an attitude because I had extreme headache and I was ready to bounce. The Game pulled up next too me in this nice ass candy apple red Rover and im in my 2007 mustang GT so he rolled his window down and said “What’s the long face for beautiful” Then bald head ass gonna say some shit like “I think she mad that a nigga didn’t give her any play” I flicked his bald headed ass off and continued to look forward. So Game gets out his car and crotch down to my window and I continued to not look his direction. He had on some bomb ass cologne which kinda turned me on. He was like “Im mad you acting funky girl. What cat bit you in the ass.” I couldn’t help but laugh and look his direction. I must say Game is fine as hell. He’s extremely handsome in person & he has some pretty eyes. So im like “Aint shit bite me in the ass.”

So he starts laughing and replied “You a fiesty chick huh?” Anyways we ended up talking then finally exchanged numbers btw this nigga tall as fuck! He has a nice physique built. (to make a long story short) He texted me later on that night and told me to meet him at the four seasons. So we up in his suite just talking & vibing for the longest I asked him what special person was getting that Louie & he was like shit it could’ve been you if you would’ve came in there a bit earlier. He starts getting to comfortable so he sparks a blunt then head to the bathroom he then comes out with his shirt off and he layed out on the bed watching some football game. Im on the love seat which faces the bed drinking my patron & feeling good watching the game with him. He laying on his stomach propped up on the pillow looking at me and im looking at him with a little smirk. So he was like “Why you looking at nigga like you trynna fuck.” I rolled my eyes then continued to sip my drank. He then starts saying some shit like his shoulders is tensing up so I got up and went over to him and got on his back and started to massage his broad shoulders.

So we talking getting to no one another & he keeps saying some sly shit that keeps making me laugh. He has a really fun personality & he talks a lot of shit. Anyways he turns over on his back so that he is facing me and im now sitting up on his pelvic area. He then gonna flick my boob and gonna say ” Damn girl you got some pears as some tiddies huh?” I started to laugh then like playfully punched his chest. “Fuck you!” then he was like “Naw you good. I like em just right. Yours just right.” We remained in this position for a while too . So now im checking out his tattoos & he telling me about each one .(he’s tatted!) So after all this talking he finally say some “Man a nigga 30 years of age today.” And im like “Aw why didn’t you tell me it was your birthday?” Then he responded like ” Shit you saying that like you was gonna give me something” And at that I bent down and started kissing him , he moved his huge hands down and started to palm my ass I felt his dick getting rock as I moved up and down on his john. I then sat up and removed my blouse then he lifted himself up and started kissing my cleavage area and the middle my neck I wrapped my arms around his neck and was moaning like he was fucking me. I finally had the strength to pull away so I could take my jeans off. He then asked me to take his dick out for him so I did just that. And you talking about a big mandingo dick. I was hoping and praying I could take some of it because this nigga was hanging like a horse. Not only was it long but thick as well. I guess he read the expression on my face when I seen his dick because he was like he’ll take it easy on me.

So we kissin and he lay me on my back and I wrap my legs around his back. (Yes we used protection) and he slowly guided his dick inside of me without even lookin. I almost criedd but I eventually rocked with his motion and the pleasure started to fulfill. He was fucking me so good and steady and he was kissing me all over my face and my neck and my breast. We fucked in this position for a while then I asked could I ride him. (My fav position) and he had no hesitation so I get on top of him and the whole time im cryingg out just moaning his name grinding my hips and he smacking my ass hard as fuck. He tellin me to speed up and shit. I was literally crying out that I loved him and shit. (Not true he was just doin the shit well) I was biting his chest I just couldn’t help my self. I had to slow down my pace because I couldn’t take the dick anymore he was getting me sprunged out on his dick and I didn’t even know him that long! Im sucking on his bottom lip while he slowly moving my hips back and forth then he sits up and I just started hugging him as I slowly rode him.

This mothafucka had me crying and some more shit I’ve never had a man put it down on me like he did. on our like 4th round we hit it off doggystyle where he was rough fucking me & I loveddd each and every inch of it . He really had me gone when he rotated his hips when he slowed down stroking the fuckk outta me. I left the next day with about 4 hickies on my neck and some on my breast. I rate him a 100. He’s really a experienced gentle thug lover. And he also has a smile that would most defiantly have you coming out your panty drawls.

First off some folks who send these in need to learn Grammar- capital letters, spaces, and spell check. Poor Yung berg can’t seem to catch a break these days…SMH I met yung berg a few months ago while i was in California visiting some always on twitter and i follow yung berg and he follows me.i tsent him a DM(direct message) letting him know i was in cali and if he wanted to kick it then he should come get first he hesitated, talkin about he had to go to the studio,blah blah blah.but in 20 minutes he changed his mind and DM’d me back “when can you be ready? Give Me ur number so i can call”.

About 2 hours later he finally showed up to pick me up at this mini mall in baldwin hills,he was driving a nice Benz, tinted out of course.he called my cell and said “i know u c me in this big ass benz waiting on you” and laughed. i climbed inside and we drove to his was big,dont get me wrong,but it was so empty! no furniture,just a few sofas,a big TV, and his WHOLE crew was there.we sat on one of the sofas and started talking as he rolled a blunt, one of his friends, named KShawn was loaded and was tryna talk to me but berg wasnt havein it.after he rolled the blunt and asked if i wanted to go to his room so we could have more privacy, i said sure.once we got up there,he hugged me,he smelled so good and his eyes r gorgeous! i was ready to fuck him right then and there.

we sat on the bed,he put some of his music on and lit the blunt and asked if i smoked,which i dont. he smoked the whole blunt to himself and then asked me to lay in bed with him. im thinking to myself,what the fuck? lay in bed? i wanted to fuck! after 15 minutes of talking about music,and how he feels people dont respect him, he kissed me.his lips were soft and juicy. i was ready after he kissed me, so i took his shirt off,and licked his nipples, which made him moan.he took my shirt,jeans and shoes off and said “lemme jus stare for a minute at you” which turned me on even this time i was soaking wet. he slid his pants off and climbed in bed,i took his boxers off and i was so disappointed.his dick as small,maybe 6 inches while erect,and he wasnt circumsized (EWWW).

He climbed on top,put on a condom and it felt like he was jus rubbing it in me,i felt it for a few minutes and then he came…shit lasted for maybe 10 minutes. and he was like “that usually dont happen,let me rest for a while” i gave him the benefit of a doubt and let hiim chill. 20 minutes later he started licking my pussy, which he didnt do that well either, he was jus licking in circles, he told me to ride him, and i did. once again, a few minutes passed and he came again! i was beyond pissed! i told him i had to get back to my cousins house so i can start packin to go back home.

He drove me home, told me to call him, and i never did.he’s called me a few times since then but i havent answered. yung berg is tooooo bad in bed, i would never have sex with him again,even if the lil dude paid me, with his short ass.

A few years back I took a long needed trip to Chicago to visit my parents. It was a random fall afternoon when me and a few friends decided to eat at a little French style Bristol. The restaurant was so crowded that we were forced to wait almost an hour for the next available table. Bored out of my mind I stepped outside to call a friend and catch the cool breeze. Some how or another I started a conversation with an older articulate light skinned woman with the cutest freckles. We talked about the beautiful weather and the long wait. I told her about my college years and she told me that she was professor. She told me that she was a little upset because her son was always fashionably late. Trying to keep our spirits up I asked her what her she did for a living, she told me that he was a musician. I turned by back a few minutes to an answer a phone call and when I turned around it was Common giving his mother a big ole kiss on the cheek. She introduced me to her son, and when we shook hands I knew “IT WAS ON” I ate dinner like nothing ever happened and I decided not to tell any of my friends because they probably wouldn’t believe me anyways. For some reason Rashid and his mother (he looks just like his mother) decided to leave the bistro early, and while he walked towards the door his eyes seem to be scanning for someone, and that was I. He handed the waiter by the door a small sheet of paper and pointed at my table, and I swear I was about to drop dead. The waiter handed me the torn sheet of paper, and my heart skipped a few beats when I realized it was his number! My friends swooned when they realized that I had caught the eye of some random guy, but they had no idea it was Common. I tucked the number deep in my purse, not wanting to lose it. The entire night seem to move by so slow when I realized “I WANTED TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM ASAP” I ended the night early and dialed that number with a quickness.

To my surprise it went straight to voice-mail three times! I couldn’t believe I missed out on sleeping with him. I left my best sultry voice on his voice mail and crossed my fingers for out of this world luck. Two days later I had missed a call on my cell phone, and it was him!!!!!!!!!!! I called back ASAP, and again it went straight to voice-mail. I left another message praying he would respond soon. A few more days went by and I gave up all hope and erased him from my mind and phone. Feeling defeated on my quest to freak Common I watched some chick flicks to cheer myself up. That same night I got a phone call and yes it was him. We talked for about 4 hrs on the phone. He was a very private person and kept our conversation on other things. We spoke about everything (he is very smart), and his intelligence turned me on BIG TIME!!! He apologized for keeping me up so late and asked if we could meet later on that day. I didn’t respond immediately, I didn’t want him to know I was so willing (he knew I wanted it) I responded with a solid YES!

We met at the park and took a long walk. Rashid likes to talk allot! He seems to have all these great theories and ideas. He’s also highly driven and very down to earth. He invited me back to his room, and I swear the earth stopped moving for like a couple seconds. I told him I would rather have him come over my house. He seemed kinda shocked and amused that I wanted to take control of the situation. I gave him crazy head while he drove my car to my parent’s home. Thank god for GPS systems! lol!

We went straight upstairs and we got naked with the quickness and all I can say is that Rashid’s body and ass is the TRUTH! His ass and legs were sculpted from clay! While standing he kissed my neck and fingered me from behind. I swear the room felt like it was 100 degrees with the finger play he had going on inside of me. I bent over on the bed and he kissed my back and bit the shit out my ass! He never went down on me since we weren’t cool like that if you know what I mean. He kissed and sucked the shit out of my inner thighs. I wanted him to eat me out so bad, but he just sucked on my tits and continued playing the piano inside of me. Common has an average size penis, but he stroked the wetness straight out of me. He actually made love to me, not no gangsta grillz sex, straight slow fucking. He sat on a chair and I rode him for a few minutes when he busted and it was like the energy was really sucked out of him. We took a shower together and kissed till my lips got sore. He pulled on my natural hair till I SCREAMED!!!!!!!!!!! Of course he didn’t stay long since we both got what we wanted. He told me that he would call me back for another session. I told him I was going back to my state, and with a quick kiss he promised to hit me up when he was in my state.

We messed around on and off over the years and he always claimed he couldn’t get enough of my dark chocolate. I had a couple of explicit pics of us, but I destroyed them because I was scared they would get into the wrong hands. I haven’t seen Rashid in a while, and I feel it’s best that we moved on since I recently got married. I will never let my husband know that I was a rappers jump off, he would go nuts! I think Rashid makes a great boyfriend for Serena because he is the ultimate gentleman. I will always cherish the gifts and the time that we spent together. I wish him nothing but the best.

Would I do it again?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………..nope, I’m too much in love with my husband and I’ve packed on the pounds since Common last saw me. He likes his women in shape.

On a scale of 1to 10 he is an 8.5, but his mind is a 10! Brotha got the knowledge! Serena is one lucky woman! She has a real man!

Trey Songz was here in VA for some club event so I had to go, because I had my eye on him for along time. So me and my friend went. The club was pack as hell and mad bitches were in their also hoping for their chance to meet Mr. Songz. It was a newly opened club and my friend knew the guy that opened it so we got to go to V.I.P. we were there before trey so we started ordering our drinks getting into our buzz state.

When this dude came in we instantly had that eye connection then smiled and wink at me. He was with couple of dudes so he conversed with them and sh*t and me and my girl did our sh*t the owner comes in and introduced us to Trey. Trey shook my hand asked me bout myself said I was mad sexy and told me he would like to know me better why don’t I join him later at his hotel I played it cool and told him I would think bout. He then had to go out and hype up the crowd while they played his song, it was crazy. After that he said he was leaving out and asked if I made up my mind. My girl said she would be good and I left with Trey and his crew he had to go first to avoid suspicion.

We enter a black truck and talked bout working on some mix tapes and getting ready for his album to be release he was literally staying 5 mins from the club so the ride was pretty short. He stayed at a pretty decent suite. He offered me something to drink then his people left. He start taking off his shirt I started to get all hot and wet I guess he could tell because he start laughing and asked what was wrong I just nodded my head.

He came up to me started kissing told me to take off my clothes; I listened. I was sitting on a chair so he told me to get up and go on the bed. He then took of briefs and put on a condom and oh my Trey Songz’ d*ck was good. Trey songz d*ck size is above average, and he loves doggie style we were doing that shit for a while. I knew he was just sexing me but this dude made u feel like he loves you. The strokes we deep and slow he whispered if I wanted him to speed it up I shook my head no, and when he hit that sh*t from the back the sensation was ridiculous he made it even more good by rubbing my clit. We went at it for about an hour.

After that he said it I wasn’t leaving till he got his d*ck sucked. Then I got worried cause I never sucked d*ck and I told him. He then kissed my neck and said don’t worry and guided me. The rhythm was not right, but he moaned his ass off. I took a shower, and he was still on the bed texting God knows who he asked if I was good he called one of his bodyguards to drop my ass home we hugged exchange numbers. I never kept in contact because I feel I’m not really that type of girl and I know my needs. And his sex game is above average!!

I met Aubrey “Drizzy Drake” Graham a few months ago (I would say right at the height of so far so gone releasing), at a popular in LA no one really “knew of him” like they know of him now. I was chillin with Drakes friend who I will refer to as “young” (don’t want to get him in any trouble) when I saw Drake walk into our section he gave “young” a dap and me a hug, he made convo with “young” and he asked “young” was I his girl..”young” said no and whispered something in his ear. I began to get uncomfortable because I didn’t know if what he was telling him was positive or negative. Drake began to laugh and busted out “oh forreal?”and that was it, “young” walked away after he made that unknown comment, leaving just me & Drake.

I so badly wanted to ask him what “young” told him, but I kept it to myself. I began to make conversation with him about his new mix tape I don’t think he was even there to chill with a girl. just to kick it & lay back. From the way he was dressed it was not overdressed but still neat. He was real cool & laid back he likes to have conversation, but really can’t start them up. he has a real bad habit of pulling his phone out. very low-key and not into the whole club scene, he sipped champagne and bobbed his head to a few songs, one thing I can say about this guy is he’s very humble and he’s not the type to brag, he actually listens to what you’re saying unlike other celebrities I’ve talked with. I was thinking he would be like the rest of the Young Money Crew (savage), but he actually told me some cool stuff for instance, he rather stay home & eat a cooked meal than go out to dinner (with him doing the cooking).

Drake & Aubrey are two different people. I know that’s some Sasha Fierce/ Beyonce type of sh*t but he’s really like that. We made convo for a while; with me doing the talking and him laughing. Never once did he ask me for sex or lets go back to the hotel room, some of these stories on here make me laugh.. this guy doesn’t even get on the sex topic when you’re talking to him. he knows what to say and when to say it. If anything this guy wouldn’t come on to you first, usually it’s probably the girl. he didn’t ask for my number , I asked him for his. from my experience with drake he’s not the “talking” on the phone guy, more of texting. Yes, we’ve had sex since that night maybe twice. when he’s in LA he lets me know. very sweet is what drake is. and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t go down on a chick the first night. so some of these stories are out of the window. He was great, he makes sure you are comfortable, satisfied, not just regular “sex” he makes love. one thing I’d like to mention about him, he’s a true gentlemen.

He was definitely average, but he knows how to work what he was given. The positions were of course doggie, legs over his shoulders. he likes to be in control when you’re giving him oral. too bad he didn’t return the favor but overall the sex was bomb. I would rate drake in bed as a 4/5 he makes sure you get yours before he get his, he’s into all of that romantic stuff, no talking during sex just passionate kissing and looking you in the eyes. Never have I asked him for money just happy for him & his career.

So I met Terrence J. a few months ago when they was doing Spring Bling in West Palm Beach so me and my girls decide to go to this club called Improv for Spring Break, so I walked in with three of my girls and we saw Terrence and two of his boys sitting in the VIP section, me I’m thinking he ain’t no star but whatever so he walked out and whispered in my ear and said “I seen you looking at me” and I started to laugh so he told me that I should come back to his hotel suite at New Hilton Garden and I could bring a friend if I wanted, so I listened and put my number in his blackberry.

Around 2:30 that night Terrence called and me and my girl wasn’t even expecting him to call me and my girl was in our pajamas about to call it a night. But I said to myself f*** it I wanna see what he is about and it was Spring Break! So when he called me, me and me and my girl drove to his Hotel Suite which I might add was HUGE and him and his friends were there. So me and Terrence talked, he told me how enjoyed his job as a host and how he wouldn’t mind staying the host blah blah blahh I couldn’t really hear because it was so loud in his room because his friends was there just talking laughing and my girl was getting situated with his boys just drinking and watching television so we decided we wanted to be in private.

So after that he told me to come into his room because it was getting quite noisy and we couldn’t hear each other so I sat on the bed and Terrence sat on the other end and told me to come closer when I did he started to kiss me (and his lips was so soft, let me tell you) so I laid him on the bed and took his shirt off, then started to kiss his body (which was average not bad at all he wasn’t even all that skinny he had a six pack and everything) and I got lower and lower until I reached his di*k which was above average, no where near small so I started to go at it , for like ten minutes until he busted, so I got up and he took my dress off and I got on top and I started ridin’ that sh*t and he started grinding against me, teasing me.

I told him that I wanted more and I turned around and let him hit it from the back for a good 30 minutes, I thought I was gonna loose my mind! I had to taste it again after that, and he still was hard (he’s a head pusher I might add but I didn’t mind cause it turned me on) so he kept sayin’ he liked that and that he wanted me to do it faster so I did as I was told and he busted again. After I was done I got in the shower and me and when I came out me and my girl stayed a little bit longer just because I wanted to know about him and his friends they was really cool and so was Terrence.

He was the same way he acted on 106 & Park he had a good sense of humor. My girl even got one of his boys number. After that me and my girl drove back to the Holiday Inn to the hotel. After that me and him never talked but its whatever would I do it again Maybe I’m not sure I don’t wanna feel like a groupie or anything and I’m currently in a relationship. He gets rated a 4 1/2 out of 5!

Okay so I met Lil Wayne Back in March he was doing the I am music tour. Anyways my best friends brother works as a security officer at the arena lil wayne was going to. me and my friend already had tickets to the show her brother let us go back stage. We went back stage before the show and met lil wayne and all of the young money artist. Wayne was whispering to his friend gudda a few mins. after we walked into the room.

As me and my friend where leaving to get in our seats to watch the show Gudda from young money walked behind us until we where out of the backstage area he told me that Lil Wayne wanted my number so of course I gave it to him. he told me wayne would hit me up after the show. once the show was over me and my friend went back to our hotel still no phone call..then like an hour later my phone rang and it was wayne..He told me for me and my girl to come to the hotel he was staying at. We got there and wayne and his boys where chillin in the room drinkin and smokin..

We chilled for about 2 hours then all his boys left and my friend told me she would pick me up later she wanted to go home..So there i was with wayne..hes so chill and laid back…we kept drinking and smokin then outta no where we started making out he kisses really well..We made out for alil while then he started to make it clear he wanted head so HELL YEA i went down on him for like 20 mins. He has a pretty big dick for alil guy. after he nutted..we got to the bed and had sex for like 45 mins.i rode him for like 20 mins it was great his deepstroke was on point. best sex i had in a long time. when he was hittin it from the back it was greaat.

The next day at like 9am my friend came and picked me up. I still talk to wayne to this day hes a really good person. i give him a 10/10 HE WAS GREAT!


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  1. Porsha

    We love the dirty lil secrets that go on behind closed doors

  2. fatty

    – wow sh.t crazy

  3. NINA

    hmmm yung berg sucks everyone else kept they game tight

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