Jim Jones Shuts Down Dipset West & Gets Battery Charges Dropped Against Him…

Jim Jones is coming forth to express his feelings about Cam’ron’s extension to start Dip Set West.

Jim Jones who chose to express his feelings about the addition via Twitter states:

“Ain’t no such thing as dipset west till they patch in I don’t know yall man CAPO said it holla Shouts to west side piru,” Jimmy wrote Friday (February 26). “Matter fact ain’t no dipset until me cam juelz n zeke get back together n make tht powerful music Thts the Diplomats I know.”

Other members of the Dip Set have also spoke about the possibilities of a reunion with mixed feelings. Dip Set president Freak Zeeky discussed with Hip-Hop Wired his take on the possibilities of a reunion.

“I never say never, whatever the case may be it’s going to happen regardless. But I’m also not Dionne Warwick’s little nephew, so I can’t tell the future.” Zeeky said in the interview, “If it was my call, yes it would be [a reunion], but I let time and progress determine the answer to that.”

Cam’ron who has also formed the group The U.N. is scheduled to release his seventh solo album Gunz and Butter on March 23rd,  has stated in countless interviews that he has no interest in reuniting the Harlem crew.

In addition to a new album, crews and label, Cam’ron is also in the process of gearing up to start filming the sequel to his 2003 film Killa Season, entitled Killa Season 2; which is due out later this year.

Peep the footage as Jim Jones discusses Dip Set and his upcoming projects here

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Jim Jones can breathe a little easier now that simple battery charges have been dropped against him.

Jimmy was facing the charge after spring breaker Damion Johns filed charges against him for a March 12 incident.

Johns claims that Jones and members of his entourage beat him outside a Panama city resort.
Video used as evidence in the case surfaced showing Jones actually breaking up the fight.

Jimmy is seen in the white t-shirt and the braids.

He throws no punches.

As previously reported Jones will appear in court June 4 for a separate assault charge after a 2008 brawl with Ne-Yo’s manager Jayvon Smith in New York.

He pleaded guilty to that charge.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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