American Relief Worker Paul Waggoner Jailed In Haiti On Accusations He Used Voodo On A Baby!

Recently we covered a story about Haitian voodoo priests being lynched by angry mobs accusing them of spreading cholera in the earthquake ravaged country.

Another voodoo related story has just emerged, this time involving an American relief worker.

32-year old Paul Waggoner, the co-founder of Materials Management Relief Corps has been accused of turning a 15-month old dead baby boy into a zombie for the purpose of selling it’s organs.


Paul Waggoner being transported to a Haitian prison.

Waggoner is being held in prison pending further investigation after a judge ruled there was enough evidence to look into the charges further.

The accusation was made by the child’s father Frantz Philistin, who brought the sick child to a hospital in February. Philistin handed the child over to Waggoner, who then took the child to doctors. The child died, but wasn’t treated by Waggoner.

When the father came back the next day doctors say he saw the baby and confirmed his death. He refused to take the child with him, insisting he didn’t have the money for a burial, and the child was cremated by the hospital. But now Philistin is accusing Waggoner of performing voodoo on the child to keep him alive.

My son is not dead, when I tried to close his eyes they wouldn’t close. When I tried to close his mouth it wouldn’t close,” Philistin told AOL news.


Frantz Philistin has accused Waggoner of using voodoo to turn his 15-month old baby into a zombie for the purpose of selling it’s organs

Doctors on call at the time of the child’s death dispute Philistin’s claims.

I listened to the baby’s chest for at least two minutes,” Dr Kenneth Adams said. “And there were neither breath sounds nor heartbeat. Rigor mortis had set it, the baby’s lips and skin were bluish gray and there was corneal clouding of the eyes. I always take very seriously pronouncing the death of any patient.”

Waggoner’s friends are concerned or his safety.

Paul Sebring came to Haiti with Waggoner, he says the prison conditions his friend is being kept in are horrible.

We’ve literally given up everything in our lives to come help, and then this happens, we need help,” Sebring told MyFoxPhoenix. “The conditions he‘s in now I‘ve been to the prison. I wouldn’t even put an animal through that.


The U.S. State Department is monitoring the case closely according to spokesman P.J. Crowley.

What’s uncertain is how long Waggoner will remain jailed and if the U.S. can do anything to get him released.


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