Teddy Riley Goes In On Quincy Jones!

There has been a lot of drama surrounding the release of Michael Jackson’s new cd ‘Michael’, which hits stores tomorrow.

Akon and Will.I.am have had it out publicly regarding the album. Will doesn’t think the album should be released. Michael’s mother Katherine speculated the recordings are not even Michael’s voice. Now the man who produced The King Of Pop’sThriller‘ album, Quincy Jones is saying that the album “should have stayed in the vault.”

All this negative talk has gotten producer Teddy Riley upset.

Riley has worked tirelessly on this new MJ album, because he believes the singer would have wanted the world to hear his music.

I’m confident Michael would have wanted his message out there, and that’s what counts,” Riley told the UK Guardian.

Riley says it hasn’t been easy to get the project finished because of resistance from the Jackson family.

I fought against his family big time. The only reason I fought against them all and fought against the fans was to make them believe that this is Michael Jackson’s vocals,” the producer said.

As far as Quincy Jones remarks that the album should not be released. Riley didn’t mince words when talking about the legendary producer.

“Look at his age. He can barely hear you talk. How the hell could he hear Michael? Anybody who says [it is not Jackson on the album], I do have a comeback, because you’re not right. That’s just the bottom line.”

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