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Woman Attacks Usher For Parking In Handicap Spot!

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A woman got super pissed when Usher parked his SUV in a handicap parking space in Atlanta.

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Steve Francis Accused Of Sexual Assault

Former basketball star Steve Francis is being accused of sexual assaulting a woman in Texas last year.

According to reports by TMZ:

Francis allegedly “groped” a 20-year-old woman through her clothing in May 2010 … and the woman immediately went to the cops to file a complaint.

The alleged victim tells TMZ … she is a singer who was signed to Steve’s record label and on the day of the alleged incident, she had met Steve at an office to discuss her contract.

The woman, Shauna Simien, tells us the “groping” while the two were talking outside, when Francis reached down and grabbed her between the legs.

Simien claims she screamed for him to stop — and that’s when a few of her friends, whom she brought along for protection, rushed over to break things up.

Despite the fact Simien filed her police report more than a YEAR ago, law enforcement sources tell TMZ the case is still open and no charges have been filed.

Simien says she is frustrated the case has not progressed and is considering a lawsuit against the District Attorney’s office.

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L.E.P Bogus Boys Ft. Gucci Mane – “Handlin My Bizness” [Official Video]

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31-Year Old Woman Arrested For Repeatedly Having Sex w/ 14-Year Old Babysitter!

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Woman Gets Bitten On Her Breast By Snake! [Video]

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Woman Dies From Butt-Enhancement Procedure Gone Wrong!

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A British tourist died suddenly after receiving silicone injections in her butt at a Philadelphia motel, WCAU-TV reported.

The 20-year old complained of chest pain shortly after she was injected with the implants and died soon after in a Hampton Inn

A preliminary medical examination revealed that the silicone went into her central vascular system, ultimately stopping her heart.

Suspicions of these hotel-room medical procedures came about after a woman visiting from England allegedly died after a butt enhancement procedure and was taken to a local hospital, according to court documents.

Several women from England recently traveled to Philadelphia to receive butt-implant procedures in hotel rooms, court documents say.


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Funkmaster Flex Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Another Woman!


Funkmaster Flex was arrested today after a Westchester woman accused the NY Hot 97 radio personality of pushing her, breaking her phone and leaving harrassing messages.

According to TMZ, Flex was arrested and arraigned after having left the scene of the alleged incident.

Released on $500, Flex, whose real name is Aston Taylor,  received a restraining order, and will appear at a hearing later this month.

Having a record of beating up women, in 2002 he was charged for choking and assaulting  fellow radio personality Stef Lova.

Flex eventually copped out to a lesser charge of harassment.

It looks as if  “DJ Ike Turner” strikes again.LMAO..

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Woman Passer-By Helps Officer To Subdue A 64 Year Old Man!

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Woman Claims Shaquille O’Neal Is Harassing Her…..


Famed attorney Gloria Allred is looking to score against NBA great Shaquille O’Neal and she’ll head to the court (room), if that’s what it takes. Allred is representing Vanessa Lopez, a model who claims Shaq has been harassing her. “I can confirm I’m representing Vanessa Lopez.”

Shaq’s wife Shaunie has filed for legal separation with intent to divorce, after a rocky marriage that was beset by numerous reports of her husband cheating. Their next court hearing is March 22.

In 2008 Alexis Miller an Atlanta hip-hop artist, got a restraining order against O’Neal, claiming he threatened to hurt her after their romantic relationship dissolved. She also charged that he would call and breathe heavily into the phone plus said he would ruin her career.

Shaq, who now plays alongside LeBron James for the Cleveland Cavaliers, was recently rumored to be romantically involved with the fiancé of another NBA player.

And while O’Neal has been voted one of the NBA’s best 50 players ever, he’ll undoubtedly have trouble with Allred’s Hack a Shaq legal strategy, which usually leaves few secrets uncovered.

For Allred, this is her second known foray into the world of sports in recent months. She’s representing several women linked to Tiger Woods, including Rachel Uchitel, whose five-month affair with the golfer was exposed by the National Enquirer and caused a domino effect of Tiger mistresses being revealed, leading Tiger to take an indefinite break from golf.

Shaq’s estranged wife is executive producer of the VH-1 show “Basketball Wives,” which will show the benefits of being married to an NBA star and the downside, including worrying about husbands staying faithful.

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More Drama For Tiger Woods As Ambulance Takes Woman Away From His Orlando Home…

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21 Yr. Old Man Gets Life In Prison For Scaring An Old Woman To Death….


A North Carolina man will never see the light of day again after being found guilty of scaring a 79-year old grandmother to death.

21-year old Larry Whitfield was found not guilty of murder Friday in the death of Mary Parnell last year. Jurors did find him guilty, however, of causing her death by kidnapping, and that carries an automatic life sentence.

According to prosecutors for the case, Whitfield was looking for a place to hide after a robbery and broke into Parnell’s home causing her to have a heart attack. While he never touched the grandmother, he did cause the heart trauma and never called for help.


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Ex-Husband Kills Woman Who Was Under Police Protection While Cops Sat In Patrol Car


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Can You Settle Down w/ A Sexually Free Spirited Woman?

I was having a conversation with my homegirl about what is wife material. It was a very interesting conversation, she believes that Amber Rose is not wife material. She explained that Amber isn’t the type of woman that comes to mind when a man wants to settle down . Me on the other hand, believes that Amber could certainly be wife material.

At the end of the day it’s to each it’s own. I believe all women deserve love and deserve to be married if that’s what they want. Yet my friend hit me with something that sorta killed my whole argument. She said who’s to say Beyonce doesn’t do all the freak ish Amber Rose does, you just don’t know about it because it’s not all out in the open. She’s right, but again I believe so what if it is…

I say all of that to say this, sure you can wife a sexually free you just need a few things to make it happen:

Be secure. In order to wife a sexually free chick you have to be secure in yourself. You can’t accuse them of cheating or even care if they cheat. For one it won’t happen. If you handle things like an adult a healthy relationship can form.

Set Rules. This isn’t a conventual relationship, you would have to set boundaries and rules. So figure out what you like and what you don’t like and make it work. You can do anything if you’re willing to deal w/ the reality of the matter.

Stay Open. Nothing is ever set in stone, you have to be open to things changing and things not being normal. If you can do that a relationship can work.

Don’t Care. If the woman he’s trying to date is really free, he’ll run the chance of hearing a few horror stories about the things she did. Maybe she sucked a few dudes off at once, maybe got caught giving head on a pier, or maybe the entire high school football team ran through her while she laid on red plastic cups on the bed in the kicker’s dorm. Needless to say he’ll hear stories. That was in the past. We all have skeletons in our closet, and our past mistakes are no reason not to love someone NOW.

Business. It’s none of your business. Remember that and never forget it.

Be A Man. The reason most loose women are… loose is because they can’t find a man to make them want to settle down. If a woman loves a guy she loves him, and regardless of who or what she is she’ll be loyal to him.

Check The Time. Most importantly the time has to be right, you can’t wife a “sexually free” woman when she’s not ready to be settle. It’s like a rodeo, some of those heifers are just not ready to be rode and steered into the pasture. Some of them just can’t be broken. When she’s ready to settle down she’ll settle and you can’t force her that’s why other rules are so important.



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