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Angolan Promoter Demands Additional $50,000 From Nas On Top Of $300,000 He Was Originally Paid For Failed Performance!

Nas was paid $300,000 to perform at a New Year’s Eve concert in Angola, but failed to show up. Nas claims he didn’t make it because of a “miscommunication” about his travel plans.

As a result of Nas’ no-show local promoter Henrique ‘Riquhino’ Miguel sent armed men to kidnap Allocco and his son to prevent them from leaving the country without paying the money back first. After the two were turned over to local authorities the U.S. Embassy stepped in and put them in a hotel until an agreement could be reached.

After Allocco’s rep released a statement asking Nas to give the money back so his ransom could be paid, Nas said he would do so once he found out where to send the check to.

Three days later the ransom has yet to be paid.

According to TMZ, Miguel is now demanding an additional $50,000 in expenses on top of the original $300,000 in order for Allocco to be released.

Nas has agreed to pay 300K, but not the additional 50K. On top of that he wants a letter from Allocco and Miguel freeing him from any liability.

The two sides are now deadlocked and Allocco is no closer to getting home than he was three days ago.

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