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Signs That He May Be A “B.A.N.” (B**ch A** N***a)

I think its safe to say that the majority of females believe that men are the new b*tches. Lets face it the roles have reversed, more and more female don’t want any strings attached, and they just want to call a man when they need their back broke, a$$ chewed out or their faucet fixed. While males want to sit in the house just to cuddle, talk on the phone and send text messages in the middle of day that just say “I was thinking about you” Well here are 15 signs he might be cry baby bish @ss Nicka

1. When you come in from work he gives you a run down of All My Children, Days of Our Lives and the rest of your favorite soaps.

2. If he owns more Mary J albums than you… he might be a B.ish A.$$ N.icka

3. The battery on your phone dies and he starts calling your mother, your friends and your job looking for you.

4. He exfoliates his skin and his soap smells a lot better than yours.

5. If your man hates on T.I., 50 Cent, Plies, and Reggie Bush simple because you think they’re cute… He might be with a B.A.N.

6. You allow a dude to come over for a booty call and after the sex is done, instead of putting on his clothes and leaving, he starts to play videos games, wash dishes or he breaks out the comet to clean out your refrigerator.

7. You decide to change your number and he ask… WHY?

8. You disrespect him on purpose and he replies with I’m sorry

9. You disrespect him again, then hang up on him and he calls you back to say I’m sorry

10. You hang up on him after doing the above and he sends you a text message to say… I’m sorry

11. Right after sex he asks “What are we?”

12. You met him at the club and before you get to your car he’s sending you a text.

13. He suffers from Coming to America-itus [He does whatever you like, and whatever you suggest]

14. When you don’t give him any poon-tang he goes in the kitchen and starts crying

15. He cries more than the star in the latest made for tv movie airing on Lifetime and Tila Tequila combined

What are some other signs a man might be a B.A.N.?


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Study Finds Children That Are Spanked Become More Successful!!!

TopNews: Here’s a shocker: Young kids who are smacked by their parents grow up to be more successful than children who’re never spanked at all, claims a new study.

Lead researcher Marjorie Gunnoe, professor of psychology at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, said: “I think of spanking as a dangerous tool, but there are times when there is a job big enough for a dangerous tool. You just don’t use it for all your jobs.”

In the study, researchers found that children smacked up to the age of six were likely as teenagers to perform better at school and were more likely to carry out volunteer work and to want to go to university than their peers who had never been physically disciplined, reports The Times.

Only those children who continued to be smacked into adolescence showed clear behavioural problems, the study claimed.

The study was based on 2,600 people, of whom about a quarter had never been physically chastised.

Welcoming Gunnoe’s findings, Aric Sigman, a psychologist and author of The Spoilt Generation: Why Restoring Authority will Make our Children and Society Happier, said: “The idea that smacking and violence are on a continuum is a bizarre and fetishised view of what punishment or smacking is for most parents.

“If it’s done judiciously by a parent who is normally affectionate and sensitive to their child, our society should not be up in arms about that. Parents should be trusted to distinguish this from a punch in the face.” (ANI)


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Gunplay: Bet She Wont Try That Again….

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Bossip Now Saying That Busta Rhymes Might Be Broke, Gay, & Has an STD?



Sources say Busta Rhymes is having some major financial issues and is maxing out credit cards left and right.  As if being broke isn’t enough, Busta also has an alleged sex tape with a tranny floating around.  More info under the hood.

An insider says that Busta is living on his mom’s credit cards and doing any show he can get now. His credit card most recently got declined at a 5 star hotel, some months back when he was checking in.

Debt isn’t his only problem; Busta also has about 6-7 kids. A source says he doesn’t like to use condoms despite the fact that he has herpes which he doesn’t disclose up front or at all. Now, there is  a sex tape floating around with him and a well-known tranny. He is on the top.

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Courtney Love Claims That Britney Was Molested By Father!!!

Britney Spears Concert
Out of the blue, Courtney Love posted a bizarre truth about Britney Spears on her Facebook. The widow of Kurt Cobain claimed that Britney was molested by her own father Jamie while she was a child struggling to be a pop star. “Britney’s dad molested her,” Courtney wrote in the message filled with typo errors and misspelling. “Imagine – the father that molested you owning you for slavery while you’re forced to sing songs picked for their sexual content – every night, insane, right? I have it on first-hand authority. And fight as hard as she is, she still didn’t pull that card. It’s a pride thing I can relate to.”
She added the part where she said she is ready to face legal matters as the consequences of her statement. “They want to play dirty? let’s go! I’m SO not afraid of the little trolls who hit this…who are called lawyers. let’s GO!!”

There is no response yet from Britney’s camp, but they also didn’t make comment when Courtney first took a jab at her. On November 14, Courtney spread a hate message, writing “Just for YOUR amusement; BRITNEY SPEARS! whataa C***, right? LINDSEY LOHAN? wh**e douchebag, RIGHT? Paris HILTON? airhead wh**e, RIGHT? MICHEAL JACKSON<<<<< what a peadophile evil c**t right? yeah /// dude…!”

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Ray J Finds Out That Luscious Smashed The Homie….

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Day 26 Announces That They Left Bad Boy Records…


Diddy’s stream of band fallouts is continuing as Day 26 formally announces that they’ve left his Bad Boy record label. While Diddy embarks on new territory with his recent signing to Interscope, his brain child of Quanell, Willie, Brian and Mike will do the same. The group has moved from Diddy’s emblem to Atlantic Records. By doing so, hopefully they’ll be able to salvage their career before their demise a la Danity Kane.

While their days with Bad Boy were numbered from the start, Willie is adamant that there’s no bad blood between the group and the powers that be. He told TheBoombox,

“Bad Boy is always our family, but we’re with Atlantic right now…we really want to get people focused on the artistry, on the music. I think a lot of people lost it with the entertainment of the show. So now, we really want to show people what we’re all about, that we do our thing whether it’s on stage, in the studio, writing and producing — we do it all.”

The group isn’t looking to put an album out until sometime next year, but in the meantime, ladies can invest in their women’s shoe line. Released in September, Eight2Six shoes coincided with the groups single, “Your Heels.” The line’s first product was the “Swagga Heel” featured in three different colors and priced at $99.99.

Am I the only one that’s never heard of these shoes?!

No? Didn’t think so….

It’s the Diddy curse I’m telling you! I DO NOT want to work for Diddy!


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KRS-One On 50 Cent & Jay-Z: That Would Be The Greatest Battle In Hip-Hop History

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Ocean’s 7 (J.Dupri, Nelly & Trey Songz) – I Need That Girl…


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