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Bow Wow Ft. Lil Wayne – “Sweat” [Official Video]

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Beanie Sigel Faces 3 Years In Prison For Tax Evasion!

Beans has admitted that he did not file his taxes between the years 2003 and 2005.

The end result is the prosecution is seeking $350,000 out of an undeclared one million dollars of earned income.

His hearing isn’t until November 18th but if convicted, Sigel could face three years in prison.

What is it about entertainers and taxes?

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John Witherspoon On The Breakfast Club!

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Chicago Man Who Found A Forgotten $9 MILLION Winning Lotto Ticket!

Imagine winning $9 million USD and not even knowing it.

That’s what almost happened to one Chicago man who found a forgotten winning lotto ticket in a tax folder just days before it was set to expire.

According to WBBM Newsradio, Irving Przyborski bought several tickets last year and thought he had checked the numbers on all of them. It seems the lucky ticket somehow made its way into a tax folder and wasn’t noticed until Przyborski sat down to do his taxes last week.

He took the ticket to a local store where he discovered his tax bill was about to get a lot bigger —Przyborski had won $9 million.

Lottery spokesman Tracy Owens calls Przyborski a “quiet, laid back” person who didn’t get too excited about his life-changing win.

Przyborski’s lack of excitement is all the more surprising because his money was only days away from going to the Illinois Common School Fund. According to Owens, around $2 million worth of unclaimed lottery winnings end up in the fund every month.

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Ja Rule Pleads Guilty To Tax Evasion!


Just months before he’s scheduled to serve two years in prison, Ja Rule is admitting that he failed to pay his taxes.

Rule, real name Jeffrey Atkins, pled guilty Tuesday to federal tax evasion, a charge that could land him an additional year in jail.

As previously reported, Rule is set begin his two-year sentence for a gun possession charge June 8.

The rapper’s surrender date was pushed to back to this summer to give him ample time to finish his upcoming album and settle his tax issues.

The Associated Press reports that Rule’s plea conditions are met; the government will dismiss two counts against him for unpaid taxes on about $1 million he earned in 2007 and 2008.

He’s scheduled to be sentenced on June 13 on three tax evasion charges and not only faces the additional year in jail but a $100,000 fine on each count.

Rule is currently filming a reality show and finishing his Rennaissance Project album before his court dates.

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