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St. Louis Rams Star Steven Jackson Accused Of Beating Pregnant Girlfriend


Steven Jackson of the St. Louis Rams is charged with beating his then nine-month pregnant girlfriend.

The now ex-girlfriend,  Supriya Harris, filed a complaint to the Las Vegas police department saying that Jackson pushed her to the ground several times during an argument.

She also says her flung her into a door while she tried to protect her stomach and continued shoving her into the door until the player’s nephew interceded telling him,

“Uncle, she has a baby, stop.”

She then says he took her to hospital but told her to lie about the wounds received from being flung into the door and say she fell in the shower.

After giving birth to their son Harris says she left 4 months later after receiving another threat of violence from Jackson.

The head coach of the St. Louis Rams Steve Spagnuolo has since released a statement saying,

“We are aware of the situation involving Steven Jackson. We are in the process of gathering information. We are always concerned with issues involving our players.”

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