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Choppa Young City Punches Some Fake Blood In The Face For False Flagging!

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R&B Singer Tank Getting His Freak On w/ Some Chick From The Audience!

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Duncan Hines is currently promoting their microwavable Amazing Glazes with a new ad called, “Hip Hop Cupcakes.” In the ad, a set of vanilla cupcakes gets topped with chocolate glaze and then turns into cartoon characters that resemble racist minstrel imagery to some. After much heat and online debate, Duncan Hines pulled the ad.

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Rihanna Wants Some Good Sex For Christmas…..

Rihanna at the 'Good Morning America' Times Square New York
VIDEO INSIDE. The singer has avoided the dating scene since ex-boyfriend Chris Brown brutally assaulted her back in February. But she admits she’s itching for some action between the sheets – and some of her mum’s spicy beef stew – as the festive season approaches. When asked what she wants this Christmas, Rihanna responded: “Some great food and some great sex. “That’s not too much to ask, right? The sex might be a little difficult but definitely my mum is coming to cook me some food.
“My mum cooks this thing called Pepperpot, which is like a stew. Sounds strange but it’s really good. It’s spicy, which I love. “But we do the whole traditional tree thing, it’s just not a white Christmas.

“I might be in Barbados but I’m thinking about spending it with my grandparents in New York.”

Meanwhile, the star has defended X Factor judges over the criticism and pressure they pile on contestants. Rihanna – who will be performing on the show this Sunday – rejects calls on SIMON COWELL and co to tone down the ferocity of their comments, insisting the real world’s a far less forgiving place.

She added: “The show is huge – it reaches a lot of my fans. They called and asked us and we couldn’t possibly say no.

“The judges are very accurate when they say ‘that was great’ or ‘that was horrible’. They’re betting on these kids and they’re looking for a star.

“In this industry, if they can’t take the comments the judges are giving them then they won’t be prepared for this world. This world is much more intense and the comments can be a lot worse.

“Simon Cowell is nothing compared to what this industry can do to you.”

Rihanna’s new album Rated R was released yesterday.

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Beanie Sigel In The Studio Spitting Some Bars….


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