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Source Says “The Shaq Sex Tape Never Existed”

The alleged Shaq sex tape, former Shaquille O’Neal associate Robert Ross says he was beaten and kidnapped for possessing never existed, according to a source who had information from the hearing.

“It was a bluff. There was no tape,” according to a source.

Ross recently said the he was beaten, robbed and kidnapped by Main Street Mafia Crips who were hired by Shaq in 2008 to obtain an extramarital sex tape he had in his possession.

But according to the source, Ross backed out of his previous comments in court.

“Ross said at the hearing that while he had security cameras in his house on occasions when Shaq visited, he never actually downloaded any compromising footage,” the source said.

Police interviewed O’Neal following the incident but did not turn up sufficient evidence he ordered or even knew about Ross’s shakedown, according to the source said.

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Hoopz Talks Life w/ Shaq, Fashion & Fitness!

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Shaquille O’Neal Conducts The Boston Pops Orchestra!

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Well Hoopz, it was FUN while it lasted. MediaTakeOut.com learned that NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal ABRUPTLY CALLED OFF his engagement with reality star Hoopz.

The couple had been together for nearly 8 months, and seemed to be VERY MUCH in love.

An insider told MediaTakeOut.com,”I don’t know what happened, but I know that Shaq is upset . . . he got his ring back.”

Well on one and we’re sad about it. On the other hand Shaq . . . you just DODGED A BULLET!!!

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Pause: Shaq Dancing To Beyonce In His Halloween Costume!

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Gilbert Arenas’ BabyMama Laura Govan Says That She Never Slept w/ Shaq & Shaunie Was Never Her BFF!






We’ve heard it all before, but apparently Laura Govan has decided now is the right time to try and set the record straight about rumors that she and Shaq were gettin’ it in behind her “friend” Shaunie O’Neal and her fiance Gilbert Arenas’ back.

In a new interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine Govan discusses her nine-year-relationship with Arenas, her master’s degree in psychology and her “REAL” reason for not joining the cast of “Basketball Wives”.

Laura Govan

Laura says that when Shaunie invited her on the show she recommended Gloria instead:

“I didn’t want to do it because I’ve never asked to be in the public eye,” explained Laura. “I’m educated. I want to make sure that my children have a role model in the sense of whatever that means to me. I want them to see that mommy is doing things other than being behind daddy and going to games and being cute.”

In the December issue of Sister 2 Sister, Laura denies the rumors of her and Shaq’s affair and she also blames Shaunie for continuing to feed the frenzy over the story which she alleges both couples knew to be false (Gilbert denied the rumor on Twitter) and explains why she never called Shaunie. If you’re a “Basketball Wives” watcher, you know Shaunie talking much yang yang about Laura never calling her to clear the air. She also says they were not the “besties” that Shaunie and the show made them out to be.

Last but not least… Laura defends herself, and baby sis Gloria, from this concept that most of us have of them as PROFESSIONAL GOLD DIGGERS.

“I always said I would never date an athlete, nor an entertainer ever. You know, because we grew up around it,” Laura said. “My family has always held their own and we were always taught to make it on our own, especially as women.”

If you’re wondering how they grew up around it — apparently Laura’s dad owned a jazz club — which is actually how good old Gilly won over her heart. Laura says the two of them met while she (a former basketball player and coach)was working at a Golden State Warriors basketball camp. She claims she tried to turn him down when he approached her:

“I was like, ‘Being an athlete doesn’t impress me.’ I said, ‘If you really want to go out with me, you’ll work for my family.’”

Her dad owned a jazz club and she promised him a date if he worked there.

“That weekend this boy was taking tickets at the door. People were like, ‘Aren’t you Gilbert Arenas?’” Laura was shocked to see him there. “And then he wouldn’t leave! He was filling salt and pepper shakers and pouring water.”

Although Laura thought he was cute, he had to prove that he was really interested.

“I was in a master’s/PHD program, so as I was finishing my master’s, he would come and sit in the parking lot and wait for me for three hours,” she revealed to S2S. “I thought, okay, you know what? He’s serious.”

After their first date, which included a movie and a game of tag in the parking lot, they were inseparable. “We were together every day since then. We were just kind of crazy about each other.”

And if you were wondering how exactly a woman dates a man for NINE years (yes, that beats La La’s seven!) Laura claims her relationship is strong and happy and they are still planning for more kids.

“People always ask us, ‘When are you getting married?’ When the time is right and when we’re ready,” Laura said.

SMH, we are SO CONFUSED about how the time isn’t ready yet when it’s been NINE years and THREE kids but whatever. You guys have to wait until the December issue comes out for Laura’s full response to the Shaq business.

In the same issue, Gloria “explains” why she postponed her wedding and discusses Matt’s arrest for suspected domestic violence.

Yo… Do y’all believe anything that comes out of these broads mouths??? Is it possible that Shaq REALLY didn’t chop Laura Govan down? And are you buying Laura’s sweet as pie stories about Gilbert Arenas when the man has PROVEN himself to be a damn fool in public on MULTIPLE occasions???


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SMH: Kevin Garnett, Shaq, Big Baby & Nate Robinson Dancing To Waka Flocka In The Locker Room!

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SMH: Shaq Engaged To Hoopz From The Flava Of Love?


Shaquille O’Neal and his girlfriend Nikki “Hoopz” Alexander are reportedly engaged!

Shaq has only been dating Hoopz, the winner of Flavor Of Love‘s first season, for a few months, but evidently he proposed and she showed off her ring recently at a family party.

Shaq and his wife Shaunie and mistress Vanessa Lopez have been involved in an ugly divorce for awhile because Shaunie wants more money due to the cheating allegations.



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Shaq Emails w/ His Other Mistress Latosha….

Shaq Vs. Oscar De La Hoya at Planet Hollywood
You know you’re in trouble when someone gets a hold of your emails sent from you to another woman and you’re still married. Well that is the case with Shaq. Peep the emails sent between he and NBA baller Damien Wilkins’ baby’s mom Latosha. These emails show Latosha and Shaq talking about meeting up to get it in, Shaq paying for her travels to Florida/from Atlanta and Florida, and of course, Latosha BEGGING Shaq for his love and money. Shaq even tried to school her on how to get more money from her baby daddy NBA baller Damien Wilkins (Dominique Wilkins’ nephew). We couldn’t make this ish up. The email chains are read from bottom to top for the confused folks. And according to the dates of the emails, these two have been in contact as recently as this fall.

We are noticing a trend here: People are starting to find out that athletes are not always one-woman people. But are you actually surprised? In fact, do you ever wonder why anyone would consider marrying an athlete in the first place? But then again, we also know that not every athlete is going to be unfaithful and not every unfaithful man is an athlete. Either way, both Shaquille O’neal and Tiger Woods are in the middle of major marital drama.

In the text messages, Shaq’s personal life is put on blast. The messages are long and drawn out, with an awkward reading from bottom to top. During the conversation, the two lovers describe their travel arrangements and Latosha’s relationship with NBA baller Damien Wilkins (nephew of Dominique Wilkins). They also have an argument about a purse that Latosha wants from Shaq, but that he is not willing to buy her. If you like drama, then you can find it here.


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Cleveland Cavaliers center
Shaquille O’Neal is moonlighting as
a curator overseeing an art
exhibition titled “Size DOES Matter,
” coming in February to New York’s
nonprofit Flag Art Foundation.


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The reality show filmed by
Shaquille and Shaunie O’Neal before
their marriage took a decisive turn
last week may find its way to at
least one network still willing to
give it a chance. A&E still
considering whether to purchase the
show filmed before last week’s turn
of events.


Chris Brown got an earful of
judgment from a woman during a
public promo appearance in New York
last week. Whe woman shouted ‘I
hope someone beats the f**king crap
out of you!’


As Malcolm Washington suited up for
his first game with the University
of Pennsylvania basketball team
Friday night, his dad, Denzel, sat
three rows behind the bench
cheering him on.


He has worn #23 in honor of NBA
legend Michael Jordan since his
high school days, but now,
Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron
James says he and everyone else in
the NBA should give up the number
out of respect to His Airness.


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Did Shaq Get Caught Cheating Again?

Cavaliers center Shaquille O’Neal managed to avoid what could have been a financially devastating divorce from his wife, Shaunie once, but I wonder if he can do it a second time. The website that hipped the nation to rumors of Shaq cheating the first time around is hearing from their same credible source that he’s cheating again. But it gets even worse. The source claims to have come across emails “regarding a secret sexual relationship between Shaq and Wizards baller Gilbert Arenas’ fiancee Laura Govan.” This alleged affair has gone on for the past five years and they reportedly fly to each others’ cities to be together. Meanwhile, Laura is pregnant with her and Gilbert’s third kid and she’s friends with Shaunie! If it’s true, it’s messed up all around.



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