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Source Says “The Shaq Sex Tape Never Existed”

The alleged Shaq sex tape, former Shaquille O’Neal associate Robert Ross says he was beaten and kidnapped for possessing never existed, according to a source who had information from the hearing.

“It was a bluff. There was no tape,” according to a source.

Ross recently said the he was beaten, robbed and kidnapped by Main Street Mafia Crips who were hired by Shaq in 2008 to obtain an extramarital sex tape he had in his possession.

But according to the source, Ross backed out of his previous comments in court.

“Ross said at the hearing that while he had security cameras in his house on occasions when Shaq visited, he never actually downloaded any compromising footage,” the source said.

Police interviewed O’Neal following the incident but did not turn up sufficient evidence he ordered or even knew about Ross’s shakedown, according to the source said.

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Shaquille O’Neal Caught In The Middle Of Kidnapping, Robbery & Sex Tape Case!

According to TMZ, Shaquille O’Neal may have some old dirt catching up to him from a 2008 kidnapping and robbery by men allegedly hired by the ex-NBA superstar.

Authorities list Ladell Rowles, member of the Main Street Mafia Crip Gang in L.A as one of Shaq’s friends that went on a mission to find and destroy a sex tape that captured O’Neal and other women while he was still married to Shaunie.

Rowles and six other men rolled up on a man named Robert Ross in his Rolls Royce Phantom, used firearms to forcefully kidnap him, steal his jewelry and $15,000 in cash, and ordered him to give them the tape.

How did Ross get the tape? Well the former friend of O’Neal used to let the “Big AARP” in his home to handle his side chick affairs and the security camera caught some of the action. Ross told the cops that the camera recycles and wipes away footage and no evidence really exists.

The threat to Shaq came from a business deal that Ross was apparently cut out of. Ross was supposed to get 50% of any artists he brought for Shaquille’s label but received nothing out of a deal for the act he introduced to them, Ray J.

It gets a little deeper as Ross spilled the beans that he began to have an affair with Shaunie after she separated from her husband and Shaq hired a private investigator to confirm the relationship.

Shaquille O’Neal hasn’t commented on the situation.

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