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4 Sex Positions That Will Drive Your Man Crazy


Position 1: I like to call this the Lap Limbo. Ask your man to sit in a chair and place a pillow under his thighs to elevate them. Lower yourself onto his lap (while facing him). Lift your legs up and place them on his shoulders. Now, he will grasp your hips as he enters you with each thrust. This position is great because you can control the direction of his penis to properly hit your G-spot! Trust me on this

Position 2: This is called the Parallel Squeeze. Lay on the floor…flat on your stomach. Keep your legs straight and spread them out a little. Ask your man to stretch himself over you and rest on his elbows. He then positions his legs outside yours. As he penetrates, close your legs and cross them at the ankles. You can also lift your booty up once in a while for dual action. OMG, this position is to die for!!! It enables you to fully feel his penis and every thrust drives a powerful sensation.

Position 3: Its called the Leg Lock. I advise you to try this on the countertop in the kitchen. Here’s what you do: Get on the countertop and spread your legs. Your man then stands in-between your legs and enters you. Wanna make it more interesting? Place your hands behind your back and lean back a little. This gives room for more intense thrusts and you’ll be very close to an orgasm at this point.

Position 4: This one allows for an excellent view of your man the whole time he’s inside you…every moan and every expression. This is called the Deep Spot. Lie on your back and bring your knees up to your breasts. Now, cross your legs at your ankles. Your man then kneels in front of you and pulls your hips into penis…can we say WOW? Push your feet against his chest as he slowly enters you. This feels great everytime!


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