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Consequence Retracts Statement Regarding Kim K’s Slorish Ways


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Cousin Bang & Kanye West @ Harold’s Chicken Shack!

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Kanye West’s Ex Alexis Reponds To Amber Rose Comments!

Kanye West’s Ex-Girlfriend Alexis, is speaking out on the comment Amber Rose made towards her during a Foxxhole radio interview.“When I was out with Kanye, I became famous. He was with a girl for six years that he was going to marry. What’s her name again?” said Amber. It’s rare to hear Alexis speak but she has something to say about Amber Rose and Hear What She Tells Vibe Magazine:

“I believe that you get what you want out of a situation and Kanye will tell you, that I didn’t [want that attention]. It’s weird. I’ll get on the red carpet and over-criticize myself. I don’t want that attention. She wanted that and that’s what she got out of it. But if I want to go to King magazine right now and be in a sexy bathing suit I’m sure I’d generate some type of interest. It’s just the decisions you make that put you where you are. She is where she’s at because that’s where she wants to be and I’m where I’m at because that’s where I want to be also. I was kind of like “Girl please.” I just laughed that off, brushed that one right off my shoulders. She doesn’t really know what she’s saying, so I can’t even be mad at her. She doesn’t even know the half.”

Source: Vibe Magazine

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Cassie In VIBE Magazine’s Sexy Issue!

Cassie is featured in VIBE magazine’s Sexy Issue…

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Amber Rose Says F*ck Vibe Magazine!

Amber Rose tweeted f*ck Vibe Magazine, for writing a negative cover story on her. Amber who graces the cover of Vibe Magazine’s June/July 2011 Sexy issue, spoke on her past relationships with Kanye West and Reggie Bush.  The interview suggested that Amber was still in love with Kanye and that Reggie Bush was just her rebound guy. She says the cover story was untrue and ridiculous. Check below for the excerpt from the interview and Amber Rose’s angry tweets.

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Amber Rose & Rick Ross Cover Vibe Magazine!

“What am I supposed to do? Crawl up in a corner and die ‘cause I’m not with Kanye anymore? Am I supposed to go back to the strip club and not take these opportunities that I have?”

“Me and Reggie [Bush] dated very briefly after Kanye…We were both each other’s rebound and we both knew that and were cool with that.”

“I don’t have rich parents and it’s a struggle. I can’t just call my dad and be like, ‘Dad, my money is a little messed up. Can you buy me a car or a house? It’s not like that for me. I feel like more people will relate to my story than the Kardashians or the Hiltons.”

“Kanye would always tell me how beautiful I was and that I was going to be iconic. He always said that, ‘Baby, you are iconic. You don’t understand what you have. I didn’t. I didn’t understand it.”

Read Full Article: Vibe

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ESPN First Take: Fabolous Vs. Skip Bayless

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Kim Kardashian Speaks On Building The ‘Kardashian Brand’ w/ Matt Lauer!

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Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush Are Finally Moving In Together…


Kim Kardashian is moving in with her boyfriend, American football star Reggie Bush, and is house-hunting in Los Angeles. The socialite has reportedly been house-hunting with the NFL star who she reunited with in September following a brief split – in Los Angeles after both put their luxury homes up for sale. A source said: “They are looking for a bigger place to live together.”

The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star recently admitted she wants to settle down after her sister Kourtney’s pregnancy sparked maternal feelings in her. She said: “You see what my sister’s going through and it’s so much fun, and she’s picking out cribs and high chairs, and I’m getting her little clothes and little shoes and it’s all so cute!”

Kim’s step-brother Brody Jenner is delighted she has reunited with Reggie. He recently said: “I love it. I was just with Reggie the other night. “I personally think Reggie is one of the nicest human beings I’ve ever met in my life. I think he would be an incredible partner for Kim.”

Kim and Reggie, 24, dated for two years before ending their relationship in July because they were not spending enough time together.


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