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Chris Brown On The Dj Whoo Kid Show Speaking About Jay-Z, Dating Reality Chicks & More….

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VH1 Reality Show Star “Rock of Love” & “Charm School” Gets Raped…

Brittanya O’Campo, one of those chicks from the VH1 shows “Rock of Love” and “Charm School”, has filed a police report claiming she was date raped last Friday night. The folks over at the The Dirty published a nude photo of Brittanya slumped over after the alleged crime below:

But the story even gets more bizarre. The alleged rapist, a Portland, Ore. club promoter, rumored to be called Dusty, says the sex was consensual and even thanked Brittanya for the one night of, um, passion. He told her: “I can not even believe last night!!! I had sooo much fun tho.” He did this on Twitter, of course!

Now another man has come to Brittanya’s defense. Andrew Vrakas, Director of Operations, for I Love VH1 Party (who? what?) sent a letter to The Dirty asking them to remove the photo and to add, that while Brittanya may be a drunk who sleeps around, she would never willingly have sex with a promoter. Never.

“She said she believes someone put something in her drink because she only had 3 drinks and is known for keeping control. She is pressing charges against the perps and has hired a layer to go after anyone who needs to be gone after… I’m a promoter and I know Brittanya well. I know she is no angel, but I know she doesn’t screw promoters.. maybe celebs… but not a lowly promoter! She seems likes a bad ass, but she is a sweetheart and a mother with an 8-year-old son.”

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Why The *%# Are They Famous?

A celebrity is a famous person. A famous person is one who has a widespread reputation usually of a favorable nature. A star is a person who is celebrated or distinguished in some art, profession, or other field… So – some may ask – how is it that an increasing number of “celebrities”, who possess no discernable talent, manage to obtain a lavish lifestyle of the rich and famous? Millions of people who are even vaguely familiar with pop culture are perplexed by the heightened celebrity status bestowed upon those whose fame stems from activities once considered obscure, vulgar, or unflinchingly trifling – and completely devoid of what is commonly referred to as talent.

One wonders if 25 years ago or more, talent agencies would’ve considered taking on clients who offered no on-screen talent or training whatsoever, instead, relying on tawdry marketing strategies to ensure notoriety. For example, game shows contestants stayed in their respective lanes, and the only place you may find a former contestant was in your local mall or supermarket. Now, these contestants and other ‘non-scripted’ show participants seek to use their 15 minutes as a portal to create a whole freakin’ hour.

Sex sells for men and women alike, but for 99% of female celebs, sex appeal has always been paramount. Upon reflection however, those whose roots originated in (and failed to deviate from) X-rated activities, thrived in their own genre. Nowadays, it appears as though the lines are blurred, and women who would’ve reigned freely within the confines of the adult entertainment world are able to carve out tenuous careers in the mainstream. On the other end of the spectrum exist “the awkward” bunch who are willing to exploit their own eccentricities for the sake of prolonged media attention.

What fuels this phenomenon? Is it an insatiable need for attention? The media’s habit of nurturing the sensational rather than the substantive? The jury is still out on this convoluted debate. So we took a survey, which lists alleged “no talent” notables that receive far too much air time. Each of the celebs listed below falls under one or more of the following categories: pornographic; general opportunist; nepotism; gimmick. Take a guess as to who’s who in each category:

Amber Rose
Karrine Steffans
The Kardashian Sisters
Paris Hilton
Nicole Richie
Kevin Federline
Most popular reality show contestants
All Flavor of Love contestants
Nick Cannon
Teyana Taylor
Rumer Willis

The findings of the survey were intended to uncover the perspectives of concerned readers, and are by no means presented as irrefutable facts. As an online magazine, we are aware that new media is a major factor in the rise of the 15 minute famous set. The bigger issue at hand is the long-term impact this new trend will have on our society. What happens when newscasts become gossip – or scandal trumps talent and cheapness obliterates creativity? For starters, it may manifest in two media-crazed parents staging a hoax involving their missing son weather balloon…

No matter how you slice it, the fact is that a good deal of these so called ‘skill-free’ stars not only permeate the media, but have an avid fan base to boot. At the end of the day, that may be all it takes to be on top. Either that or one damn good publicist.

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The reality show filmed by
Shaquille and Shaunie O’Neal before
their marriage took a decisive turn
last week may find its way to at
least one network still willing to
give it a chance. A&E still
considering whether to purchase the
show filmed before last week’s turn
of events.


Chris Brown got an earful of
judgment from a woman during a
public promo appearance in New York
last week. Whe woman shouted ‘I
hope someone beats the f**king crap
out of you!’


As Malcolm Washington suited up for
his first game with the University
of Pennsylvania basketball team
Friday night, his dad, Denzel, sat
three rows behind the bench
cheering him on.


He has worn #23 in honor of NBA
legend Michael Jordan since his
high school days, but now,
Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron
James says he and everyone else in
the NBA should give up the number
out of respect to His Airness.


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Fabolous Talks About New Reality Show & More….


Fabolous recently revealed his plans to drop a new mixtape and star in his own reality show. The Brooklyn emcee, who released his fifth studio album, Losos’s Way, earlier this year, is expected to drop a mixtape with Atlanta based artist, DJ Drama. According to Fab, the untitled mixtape will be available for download Christmas Day.

Fabolous stated, “I feel like you really have to do something special now, but there’s not really anything special you can do on a mixtape besides trying different things musically or with the way you distribute it. I think it’s still a good tool for fans.” He also stated, When I do mixtapes, it’s pretty much to appease the fans.”

Outside of the music, Fabolous is set to star in his own reality television show with his son who was born in February of 2008. Unlike most reality dramas which are aimed at finding romance, Fabolous’ show will be geared towards fatherhood while balancing his career and parenting.

The name, network and air date for the up and coming reality show has yet to be announced.

“I’m working on this reality show, with me and my son,” Fab confirmed in an interview with interviewer Nesha. “It’s gonna be like, about young fatherhood where, well, not too young, but in the same token as being my first child and he’s so young and me still being relevant in hip-hop. You know, having to balance my career being a father at the same time. And then me actually not knowing much about parenting. The struggling in there should be fun, having some funny points, I have some drama, I have a lot of ups and downs, it should be a good reality show. It’s not crazy, I’m not searching for love on that Ray J sh*t.”


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Kirstie Alley Getting A Weight Loss Reality Show…


A&E, the cable network that is slowly becoming no arts nor entertainment, has signed on another tabloid favorite celebrity to bare her life for the camera.

Kirstie Alley will join the network’s neverending list of celebrity reality shows. This one will focus on her neverending battle with weight loss as she raises her kids. The network has ordered 10 episodes of the new series.

In other words, it’s every other family-related reality show you’ve ever seen except this one will star Kirstie Alley.


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