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Real Mistresses Of Atlanta Reality Show [Trailer]

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Tiger Woods Mistresses Costs Shareholders Of His Sponsors $12 Billion Dollars!!!

Tiger Woods is not the only one who blew big bucks with his image-busting cheating spree.

His losses are chump change compared with the up to $12 billion that the scandal has cost shareholders of his big-money sponsors like Nike, AT&T and Gatorade, a study revealed Monday.

“Total shareholder losses may exceed several decades’ worth of Tiger Woods’ personal endorsement income,” said study author Victor Stango, a professor at the University of California Davis.

The study compared the stock prices of nine Woods sponsors with competitors and the overall market after the scandal erupted last month.

Investors in the three sports-related companies – video gamemaker Electronic Arts, Gatorade and Nike – fared the worst, experiencing a 4.3% drop in stock value.

On the other hand, Accenture, a global management consulting firm, experienced no measurable ill effects from Woods’ fall from grace.

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Tiger Woods Pays One Mistress Millions, 6 Mistresses Comes Forward & Photos Of His Women…

2006 U.S. Open Tennis - Day 14
Tiger Woods is paying millions of dollars to his mistress Rachel Uchitel. Tiger has reached an agreement that will pay Uchitel more than one million but less than three million. This will guarantee that Uchitel will not release hundred of emails and text messages that she has exchanged with Tiger during the past five months while they have had an affair. Uchitel also will not admit the affair publicly. She hired power attorney Gloria Allred after initially denying the affair, which was first reported by the National Enquirer. Allred scheduled a press conference for Thursday and Uchitel was negotiating to sell her story of her affair with Tiger to various media outlets. But Allred abruptly canceled the press conference after talks heated up between the rival camps.
Tiger will pay Uchitel a seven-figure amount that will guarantee her silence about their relationship. Negotiations were acrimonious at times but Tiger felt he needed to keep Rachel quiet and make sure the many messages between them did not become public.

While Rachel first publicly denied their affair, she quickly admitted privately and hired Allred. That’s when things heated up between the rival camps. But Rachel will walk away rich and Tiger will at least keep some of his secrets as he deals with the fallout of other women who are coming forward alleging an affair with the golfing great.

Tiger felt it was particularly important that Rachel not publicly reveal the nature of their relationship, especially after his bizarre early morning one-car crash right after Thanksgiving.

Rachel told pals they enjoyed sex after taking the sleeping drug Ambien and that she flew to Australia last month to be with Tiger.

It all adds up to shocking and blockbuster coverup of one intense affair that the golfer engaged in during the months leading up to his car crash and his public image taking a battering as various women came forward claiming affairs with the 33-year-old legend.

The deal to pay Uchitel shows that Tiger was extremely worried about the fact that she would spill the secrets of their relationship for the past five months and make public the hundreds of text messages and emails between them.

Jamie Jungers is revealing that her affair with Tiger Woods lasted nearly two years.
Jungers, a beautiful blonde model from Las Vegas, has made a deal to tell her story to a British newspaper.

Sources say that Jungers’ affair with the golfer fit the pattern of Tiger’s extra-marital dalliances, with the relationship spanning two years but contact sporadic. The story of her affair appeared in Britain’s Sunday Mirror and her ex fiance was quoted extensively. Jungers was behind the deal to tell the story and had shopped it to several papers. She did not want to be quoted directly but was directly involved in making the story public.

Some people say that Jungers is a lookalike for Woods’ wife Elin. Jungers met Tiger in Las Vegas and their romantic hookups took place in several different cities, with Tiger arranging for him to meet her.

Sexy Photos of Tiger’s Women
Jamie Grubbs

Jamie Jungers

Rachel Uchitel

Tiger’s Wife Elin
Archival Images of Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods' Wife!

Mindy Lawton

Cori Rist

Kalika Moquin

Got more on the way.


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