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SMH: Lindsay Lohan Wore Her SCRAM Bracelet Out Clubbing In L.A.

“People” Magazine Reports:

Lindsay Lohan isn’t going to let a little thing like an alcohol and drug monitoring device get in the way of her night life, that’s for sure. Nope, she wore her SCRAM bracelet out clubbing last night in L.A.

With her newly blonde hair, the starlet hit up Las Palmas in L.A., sporting jeans and a fedora. Giggling and chain-smoking throughout the night, Lohan avoided alcohol and stood at the center of attention with her group of friends. Lohan also danced around her table, singing along to Britney Spears songs during the spirited night out.

And she’s already asking for some decorative Chanel stickers to go on the bracelet, too. She’s crazy if she thinks Chanel wants to be associated with her craziness. She tweeted that she was looking for some stickers so that she could wear a chic dress with her ankle wear.

Lovely. This girl is so self-entitled, it’s amazing. How long do you think before she’s in jail for violating the terms set by the court? I give it a week or two before she’s crying in the back of a squad car ala Paris Hilton.

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