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John Travolta Accused Of Sexually Harassing Men!

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Curren$y Sues Damon Dash For $1.5 Million

Curren$y is suing Damon Dash for $1.5 million claiming he released his music without permission.
Curren$y claims Dash released two of his albums in 2010 — but the two still couldn’t reach an agreement … so Curren$y signed with Warner Bros. in January 2011.

But according to the lawsuit, Damon was unmoved — and CONTINUED to release Curren$y’s music despite the new WB contract, which gave WB exclusive rights to Curren$y’s jams.

Now, Curren$y is demanding the producer quit profiting off him in any way. Curren$y also wants $1.5 million in damages.

But Damon fired back at the accusations with his own response — claiming, he has the right to release the albums in question because he was given permission. What’s more — Damon says Curren$y stabbed him in the back, reneging on his agreement with Damon and signing with WB instead.

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Gucci Mane Denied Early Release!

The rapper was denied a chance at a sentence reduction when a DeKalb County judge ruled against his attorney’s motion. To make matters worse, Gucci was hit with a civil by a woman he pushed her from a moving vehicle when she refused his offer of $150 to go to a hotel.

He thinks the rules don’t apply to him,” said the woman’s attorney, B.J. Bernstein. She told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that she wants Gucci to be held accountable for his actions.

He pushed a woman out of a moving Hummer,” she said. “Sometimes jail is not enough for some people and some people who have celebrity and the one thing that scares them more than anything else is to go after them civilly.”

Gucci’s attorney offered to have the rapper give a free performance at the DeKalb County Battered Women’s Shelter, but the judge in the case wasn’t having it.

I don’t think it would be appropriate to let him out just because he’s a rapper,” DeKalb State Court Judge Eleanor Ross said.

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50 Cent Faces Lawsuit Over Assault

50 Cent is facing a lawsuit from a woman that claims she was assaulted at the Queens rapper’s Connecticut mansion.

The alleged victim, Vasti Ortiz, filed the lawsuit in Superior Court of Hartford, Connecticut.

In the suit, Ortiz claims in August 2009 that she was beaten by 50 Cent’s associate Dwayne McKenzie, while visiting the rapper’s home.

Ortiz says her and her friends were invited to Fif’s mansion around 1:30 A.M.

After arriving at the home, Ortiz claims she was accosted by Dwayne McKenzie with “awkward sexual requests.”

When she refused and attempted to leave, Ortiz claims McKenzie ordered a woman, Michelle Krzykowski, to attack her.

Ortiz says she was only able to escape after pepper spraying McKenzie and Krykowski.

She was then rushed to the hospital were she need nearly a dozen stitches to close a head wound she received during the altercation.

She now claims the incident left her with injuries to her nervous system and other areas of her body.

It is unclear if 50 was at the residence during the incident but Ortiz puts the blame on the G-Unit CEO for failing to provide a “proper investigation into Dwayne McKenzie’s background before allowing him to act as an agent and employee of the defendant, G-Unit, at the mansion.”

McKenzie has a criminal record that includes unlawful discharge of a firearm and one count of reckless endangerment.

He was also arrested in 2008 for hitting a woman with a belt at 50 Cent’s mansion.

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Meeka Claxton Talks About Fight w/ Tami!

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Meeka Claxton called in to The Breakfast Club this morning to tell her side about the fight between Tami Roman and her in Italy. She explains that she didn’t start the fight and discusses Susie’s role leading up to the incident. She says everyone was on “team Tami” afterwards, and they discuss how she looks crazy on the show.

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Ghostface Killah Ft. MF Doom – “Victory Laps”

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Tami Whips Meeka A** On Basketball Wives! [Video]

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Ordered To Court To Testify In Manny Pacquiao Defamation Suit!


Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been ordered to testify in a defamation suit brought against him by rival Manny Pacquiao.

Money Mayweather, who is being sued over statements accusing Filipino boxer of using performance-enhancing drugs, must give testimony today (June 17). Floyd allegedly charged that Pac Man was using PEDs when the two were haggling over drug test requirements during their first attempt at a bout back in 2009.

Mayweather attempted to get an emergency motion to have his testimony date pushed back, citing his need to concentrate on his upcoming bout with Victor Ortiz. However, he was denied by Federal magistrate Judge Robert Johnston.

Floyd is scheduled for a fight with Victor Ortiz, September 17.

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Bishop Eddie Long Reaches Settlement In Case & Avoids Trial!

A settlement has apparently been reached in the ongoing sexual misconduct lawsuits against Bishop Eddie Long.

The New Birth Missionary Baptist Church head was accused by four men of sexual misconduct and was thought to be heading to trial later this year.

Now according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution “all matters have been resolved” and the plaintiffs will not seek trial against him.

The AJC reports that Barbara Marschalk, who represents New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and LongFellows Youth Academy, said she  anticipates ” the lawsuits will be dismissed, with prejudice, by close of business tomorrow.”

The attorney for the four men B.J. Bernstein, also confirmed that the lawsuits had been settled.

Bernstein’s office made sure to add that neither she nor the plaintiffs would be available for an interview “on this matter, now or in the future.”

No word on what settlement was reached.

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J-Woww Accused Of Stabbing Her Ex-Boyfriend/Manager!

In a new interview reality star J-Woww’s ex-boyfriend/manager Tom Lippolis is claiming that she stabbed him in his arm in March 2010 requiring him to have 50 stitches because he posed in a photo with another girl. Tom never pressed charges in this case because he was “so in love” but the two have been in court over claims she owes him money in management fees.

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McDonalds Owner & 2 More Get Ran Over During Fight In Cleveland!

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The LeBrons – “Gloria” (Ep.3) [LeBron James Animated Series]

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Former BET Employee Suing Network Over Sexual Harassment Claims!

Black Entertainment Television is in the headlines today following a lawsuit filed by a former

employee, claiming sexual harassment by a BET cameraman.

According to reports Tameika Dorman filed a suit in The Supreme Court in the State of New York County of Bronx, after claiming she was sexually harassed by camera operator Derek Clarke.

Dorman claims that during an editing season in February 2009, Clarke repeatedly replayed video footage of Dorman’s rear-end.

She was bothered by Clarke’s actions, and when Dorman asked why he was doing so, the complaint states, “Clarke grabbed and repeatedly rubbed his crotch, began to moan, and said it was because he loved her butt, that she was sexy and that she did not know what he was going to do to her.”

Ms. Dorman notify her supervisor, and was told she would never work with Clarke again. However, Clarke was assigned to work with Dorman for a segment with Nicki Minaj in November 2010.

Dorman later complained to Human Resources about the incident, and also revealed news that she was pregnant.

She claims following an investigation of the Clarke matter, the then five-month pregnant Dorman was fired by BET, which she claims the company told her they were “going in a different direction.”

Dorman is seeking monetary damages, unlawful termination, discriminatory practices, and lawyer fees, claiming her firing was “both retaliatory and based on her gender, including her pregnancy.”

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Valet Attendant Files $15,000 Lawsuit Against Gloria James For Punch!

LeBron James’ mom Gloria James was hit with a lawsuit for allegedly slapping Fontainbleau Hotel valet Rockfeller Sorel in Miami last week.

According to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Sorel cites pain, emotional distress, humiliation, mental anguish and loss of capacity for enjoyment of life. And then there’s the medical bills and loss of earnings.

A video of the incident showing James slapping Sorel before taking a fall onto the pavement.
The video also seemed to show however Sorel being the aggressor in the attack as he walked menacingly toward the basketball star’s mother.

Despite the video, Sorel has filed a $15,000 lawsuit against Gloria James.

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The NBA Plans Investigate Jay-Z’s Visit To Kentucky’s Locker Room & Finally Settle 40/40 Lawsuit!


Jay-Z was photographed and videotaped congratulating the Wildcats after the game. Kentucky has a few NBA prospects on its roster including freshmen Terrance Jones and Brandon Knight, who are both projected as lottery picks by some mock draft sites.

CBS noted that the interaction could be considered similar to when Celtics general manager Danny Ainge sat next to Kevin Durant’s mother during the 2007 Big 12 Tournament when Durant was at Texas. Ainge was fined $30,000 for the incident.



The ongoing drama between hip-hop mogul, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter and Boston Redsox star, David Ortiz over the name of Jay’s 40/40 club reported here is finally over.

According to the New York Daily News, the court battle was scheduled to take place today but it has been called off.

Hov’s attorney Peter Raymond stated,

“The case has been settled in principle…We have agreed on the outlines of a settlement and need to reduce it to writing.”

Thanks guys.

As much as we know how valuable a dollar is in today’s economy, millionaires arguing over a few millions can get a bit tedious.

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