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Justin & Rihanna Hookin’ Up?


While the relationship between Justin Timberlake and Jessica Beil is dying down, the hook up between Justin and Rihanna is heating up!

After the MTV Video Music Awards on September 13th, it has been rumors swarming that the singers moved to Rihanna’s hotel room, where they had a steamy, private after party.

“They tried to keep it a secret, but Jessica found out within days,” a source dishes. Justin’s three-year relationship with Jessica seems to have hit its climax and dwindled down.

“Rihanna and Justin have been talking and texting on the phone nonstop since the VMAs,” a source spilled to Star. But before Rihanna completely falls into the attraction, she wants to be sure she is not his side item. A friend says, “She asked him on the phone, ‘Are you still with Jessica?’ And he hinted that things were cooling off between them.”

As I reported recently, the two are working on Rihanna’s new album.

“One time, Justin was joking about strippers. He said she needed to entertain him like that.” So Rihanna gave him an impromptu lap dance. “She likes to test the boundaries.”

Justin has made it apparent that he is into Rihanna, and she equally feels the attraction, says a source. “She is a total tease and loves flirting with him. She digs him and wants to date him too!”



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