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Rachel Anne Hachero Pistol-Whips Mom & Holds Gun To Head So She Could Get Used Car!

An Ivy League-bound teen who wanted a new car, pistol-whipped her mother and pointed a gun at her head when she refused to buy the ride, authorities said.

Rachel Anne Hachero, 17, had demanded her mother co-sign for a used Nissan 305Z and threatened to kill her when she said no, said Florida police.

The next day, Hachero came home with a 9 mm handgun, hit her mother on the head with it and put the barrel to her temple, insisting they go to the dealership together, The Naples Daily News reported.

With the gun in her purse, Hachero drove her mother to the lot in Fort Myers, Fla., where she agreed to sign for the car.

Hachero is an honor student at a prestigious local high school and had been written up in the local papers for her exemplary record as a student.

One report said she had been accepted to several Ivy League schools on scholarship.

Hachero’s mother later searched her daughter’s purse and discovered the gun alongside drugs and paraphernalia and called 911, authorities said.

When she was arrested Thursday, police determined the gun had been stolen from a port authority employee’s house.

Hachero’s mother declined to press charges, but deputies arrested her anyway and she was placed in juvenile detention.

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