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Fat Joe’s Interview On CNN

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Fat Joe Speaks On Losing Over 100 Pounds On CNN!

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SMH: The Game Calls 50 Cent Gay On Twitter!

The Game is up to his old antics again trying to amp up record sales by creating a buzz with a tweet to ex-homie 50 Cent.

The Game tweeted “@TMZ but look around, sh*t I be surprised when I see someone who’s not GAY. My girl hair stylist is GAY & he kool. @50cent GAY n we was kool.”

Can’t wait to see what 50 will have to say!

This dude really needs a hug. You & ya blood bros. are the biggest mo’s in the game of rap and have the nerve to be calling someone out. SMDH…

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SMH: Gay History Is Added To School Curriculum In California!

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Lil B & Odd Future’s Performance @ Coachella Music Festival!

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Rapper Lil B Announces New Album Will Be Titled…, posted with vodpod

Lil B during Coachella announces his next album will be called, “I’m Gay.” Check below for Lil B performing and bringing out Odd Future.

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Openly Gay Teen Attacked By Mob In South Carolina!

Openly gay teen Joshua Esskew was attacked by a mob at a gas station in Rock Hill, South Carolina last week. The 19-year-old said that the attack started with an anti-gay slur in which he was the target. He was then hit in the head with a beer bottle by an assailant and attacked by several other people who came at him from all angles.

Watch the news report about the incident from WBTV as well as the shocking video surveillance footage below:

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SMH: Cure Away The Gay? There’s An App For That…

I phone applications

Jesus done gone and invented an iPhone application to help the lead the poor wayward gays back to the flock. Except the app is actually made by a group called Exodus International, and so far it’s done more to ignite the fury of gay and straight people everywhere who feel Apple should never have allowed the program to be added to the iTunes store.

Computer firm Apple has approved an iPhone and iPad application which claims to ‘cure’ gay people.

The app, called Exodus International, is targeted at ‘homosexual strugglers’ and teaches them that gay people have a choice about their sexuality.

Its Christian makers claim the app gives them a chance of ‘freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus’.

The free program, which is available in Britain, was given four out of five stars by Apple, which means it is deemed to have ‘no objectionable content’.

But the computing giant is now under pressure after gay rights campaigners started a petition to have it withdrawn.

U.S. pressure group Change.org said that Exodus’ claims are ‘hateful and bigoted’ and send out an appalling message.

Apple doesn’t allow racist or anti-Semitic apps in its app store, yet it gives the green light to an app targeting vulnerable LGBT youth with the message that their sexual orientation is a “sin that will make your heart sick” and a “counterfeit”,’ Change.org writes on the petition, which has got 35,000 signatures.

‘This is a double standard that has the potential for devastating consequences. Apple needs to be told, loud and clear, that this is unacceptable.’ On Apple’s iTunes store customers were similarly appalled.

Keith Hopster wrote: ‘As a straight man i find this app offensive and totally inappropriate, we have young gay people around the world killing themselves as a direct result of religious beliefs and Apple allows this.

Exodus, which claims to be the world’s largest ministry for individuals and families ‘impacted by homosexuality’, has defended the app.

The organisation claims it is a useful resource for men, women, parents, students, and ministry leaders and should be allowed to remain on iTunes.

Its leaders have also said they are ‘committed to encouraging, educating and equipping the Body of Christ to address the issue of homosexuality with grace and truth’.

Apple donated $100,000 to defeat California’s Proposition 8, the state’s ban on marriage equality, so we’re not sure who dropped the ball on this one. Our bets are on Steve Jobs pulling the plug on Exodus before the end of the week.

What do you think? Should Apple prohibit any and all applications that might be deemed homophobic? Or should they make questionable products available and leave it up to consumers to decide?


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New ATL Reality Show About Gay’s & Lesbian: “My Secret Society” Guest Apperance By Amber Rose, Fantasia, Lil Kim, & More!

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Groupie Tales: Sidney Starr Talks About Her Encounter w/ Lil Wayne!

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Trey Thongs Has A New Lover…

Trey Songz

Rumors of bisexuality continue to hound R&B heartthrob Trey Songz who is now being linked to a young male record label employee!!!

Bossip sources tell us there is a new man in Trey’s life: 24-year-old Brandin Deida, an employee of RocNation.

Brandin Deida Trey Songz rumored boyfriend

Our source tells us that Brandin is an NYU graduate who worked at Sony in their A&R department before getting his gig at RocNation. From what we hear he’s quite a looker. He’s described as being a 6’4 lightskinned young man who sports waves and a few tattoos.

According to a Bossip inside source, Trey and Brandin met in Los Angeles on September 12 — a day before the MTV Video Music Awards.

“They’ve been inseparable ever since,” says the source, “but everything is very lowkey.”

Our source tells us the two have avoided being photographed together thus far, but Trey is always visiting Brandin at the 1411 Roc building in NYC where he works since Trey has spent a great deal of time in New York since finishing his Beacon Theater dates on 10/14 and 10/15 when his tour with Monica wrapped up.

“Trey is in Seattle right now preparing for the OMG Tour which starts tomorrow,” the insider tells Bossip, “and Brandin is there also, presumably on “business”.”

Apparently Trey and Brandin have been trying hard to cover their tracks and have a set routine for the hotel stays. The pair are currently staying at the same Seattle hotel where Brandin has a room to himself and Trey does as well. Our source tells us that despite the separate rooms, Trey and Brandin often end up being together for the night.

“Everything they do is very elaborate,” the source says of their attempt to cover up.”They don’t ride in the same cars either.”

From what we hear Trey is also about to sign a major deal with Roc Nation next year, which seems likely considering his strong relationship with Jay-Z, who signed him to a Rocawear campaign after their tour earlier this year. Landing at RocNation means that Brandin
will undoubtedly be working a lot closer with Trey and it will become even more difficult to conceal their secret relationship.

“The two are very private and scared about anyone finding out about their relationship, but it’s just a matter of time until things start coming out,” Bossip’s source predicts.


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Bishop Eddie Long Wants His Case Dismissed!





In responses filed by his attorneys the Atlanta Bishop at the center of a gay sex scandal basically says this is all made up, and he is nice to everybody daddy.

“The plaintiff’s claims of sexual misconduct are not true,” each of the four responses filed by Long’s attorneys says. The responses, each about 30 pages, offer a point-by-point response to each of the allegations and claims in the lawsuits. The documents were posted on the website of CNN affiliate WSB.

Some of the young men have said that Long encouraged them to call him “Daddy.” In his responses to the suits, Long’s attorneys say that the “entire New Birth membership calls Bishop Long ‘Daddy’ or ‘Bishop.’” Participants in the pastor’s LongFellows Youth Academy call him “Pop,” according to the documents, and members of other churches call Long “Granddaddy.”

Also, “Bishop Long admits that it is common among his church congregation for members to hug each other and hug the Bishop,” his attorneys said in the response to LeGrand’s suit. “However, Bishop Long has no recollection of a prolonged hug with plaintiff.”

Is there any way four men are lying about this and Eddie Long walks??

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Danger Retracts Her Statements On Ray J Being Gay!!!

… and says she said that because she was mad at Ray J for what he was doing. Danger calls into TT Torez to say she’s sorry and that she loves him. She also says that she never lost custody of her daughter and that she is currently with her baby daddy who is touring with Mariah Carey.

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Meredith Baxter From “Family Ties” Is Proud To Be Gay….


When did you realize you were gay?

Thirteen years ago I had a short-term affair with somebody — a woman — who I just cared for tremendously as a person, [I] was not really attracted to her, but the best way to describe it, [a romance] seemed like the next natural step in our relationship just because I cared about her a lot. Not once — it’s probably hard to imagine — but not once did it occur to me that I was a lesbian. Not once. I just thought, OK, I don’t think so, and went off and got married again for a short period of time. And a couple years after that, I entered my next foray into being with a woman, and the penny dropped at that point…

In your personal life with the people you’ve told, has it been a cakewalk?

Maybe a cakewalk on their side. It was absolute fucking agony for me, only in the respect that I was so fearful.

Fearful of what?
Fearful of reaction, of judgment, of whatever I was sure was going to come….

When Prop. 8 was happening, did you consider coming out then?

No, no, that would have seemed opportunistic. I didn’t see the point in that. I may be wrong, but that’s where I was at that point. It was certainly just heartbreaking to see that go down — I didn’t expect that at all. I really thought we were going to be OK.

Meanwhile, on “Today,” Baxter told Matt Lauer “I am a lesbian and it was a later-in-life recognition.Some people would say, well, you’re living a lie and, you know, the truth is not at all. This has only been for the past seven years.”

She went on, “I’ve always lived a very private life. To come out and disclose stuff is very antithetical to who I am.”

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Bossip Now Saying That Busta Rhymes Might Be Broke, Gay, & Has an STD?



Sources say Busta Rhymes is having some major financial issues and is maxing out credit cards left and right.  As if being broke isn’t enough, Busta also has an alleged sex tape with a tranny floating around.  More info under the hood.

An insider says that Busta is living on his mom’s credit cards and doing any show he can get now. His credit card most recently got declined at a 5 star hotel, some months back when he was checking in.

Debt isn’t his only problem; Busta also has about 6-7 kids. A source says he doesn’t like to use condoms despite the fact that he has herpes which he doesn’t disclose up front or at all. Now, there is  a sex tape floating around with him and a well-known tranny. He is on the top.

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