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NYPD Commissioner Kelly Announce Takedown Of East NY Street Gang!

Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes and New York City Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly today announced the takedown of two violent street gangs that terrorized East New York for three years, the Rockstarz and the VCG/Weez Gang (Very Crispy Gangsters), and four separate indictments charging 49 members of the two gangs.

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50 Cent Speaks On Chief Keef & Lupe Fiasco Beef!

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Kevin Hart, Shaquille O’Neal & Justin Timberlake On Jay Leno!

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Source Says “The Shaq Sex Tape Never Existed”

The alleged Shaq sex tape, former Shaquille O’Neal associate Robert Ross says he was beaten and kidnapped for possessing never existed, according to a source who had information from the hearing.

“It was a bluff. There was no tape,” according to a source.

Ross recently said the he was beaten, robbed and kidnapped by Main Street Mafia Crips who were hired by Shaq in 2008 to obtain an extramarital sex tape he had in his possession.

But according to the source, Ross backed out of his previous comments in court.

“Ross said at the hearing that while he had security cameras in his house on occasions when Shaq visited, he never actually downloaded any compromising footage,” the source said.

Police interviewed O’Neal following the incident but did not turn up sufficient evidence he ordered or even knew about Ross’s shakedown, according to the source said.

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Shaquille O’Neal Caught In The Middle Of Kidnapping, Robbery & Sex Tape Case!

According to TMZ, Shaquille O’Neal may have some old dirt catching up to him from a 2008 kidnapping and robbery by men allegedly hired by the ex-NBA superstar.

Authorities list Ladell Rowles, member of the Main Street Mafia Crip Gang in L.A as one of Shaq’s friends that went on a mission to find and destroy a sex tape that captured O’Neal and other women while he was still married to Shaunie.

Rowles and six other men rolled up on a man named Robert Ross in his Rolls Royce Phantom, used firearms to forcefully kidnap him, steal his jewelry and $15,000 in cash, and ordered him to give them the tape.

How did Ross get the tape? Well the former friend of O’Neal used to let the “Big AARP” in his home to handle his side chick affairs and the security camera caught some of the action. Ross told the cops that the camera recycles and wipes away footage and no evidence really exists.

The threat to Shaq came from a business deal that Ross was apparently cut out of. Ross was supposed to get 50% of any artists he brought for Shaquille’s label but received nothing out of a deal for the act he introduced to them, Ray J.

It gets a little deeper as Ross spilled the beans that he began to have an affair with Shaunie after she separated from her husband and Shaq hired a private investigator to confirm the relationship.

Shaquille O’Neal hasn’t commented on the situation.

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Stop The Violence: Another Bully Gets Violated In School!

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Alabama Girl May Have Arranged Gang Rape

Down in Alabama, a community is reeling after police report that a 14-year-old girl may have been the mastermind behind the gang rape of her classmate.

The unnamed minor told reporters that she and her friend arranged to have sex with three boys from their high school early last week, one of which was the minor’s boyfriend.

Monroe County District Attorney Tom Chapman reports,

“The victim told police that the attack did begin as consensual contact but when all three suspects began to join in, she told them no repeatedly, but they did not stop.”

The victim required surgery for her injuries and was in intensive care for three days.

Investigators said the two girls left Monroe County High School with Steven Scott, 20, DeShon Riley, 16, and Justin Williams, 17, before the start of classes the day of the attack. They then took turns assaulting the victim. The minor claimed to not have been raped but a medical examination determined that she had intercourse as well.

The men took the two girls back to school where the injured girl sat in bloody clothes for hours until school officials called police.

The three men are currently in jail for felony rape. Their bond is set at $500,000.

I can’t keep writing about stories like this because it makes me so angry!!!!!

Where are the parents?! Where are the administrators that let this girl sit around for hours in bloody clothes before calling police?!

The fact that these idiots raped this girl and brought her back to school like nothing happened shows how sick and twisted these little boys are. Lock ‘em up for life! They deserve it!

And as far as the other girl…SMH….I have no words.


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40 Glocc Speaks On Charges Of Promoting Gang Culture…


Zoo Life/G-Unit Rapper 40 Glocc is real political these days (“’Cause I care, he says). Not only is he gearing up for the release of his street album Concrete Jungle with the lead single, “Grindin’” being a reflection of how music is a refuge from the New World Order, he’s also unabashedly speaking up about his trial this coming January for allegedly promoting gang culture in his music and videos.

Last year, he and fellow alleged Colon City Crips (a faction of the Crips gang operating out of San Bernardino County, California (Inland Empire)) members were served with an injunction that specifically details him – birth name, Lawrence White – as “particularly notorious… a senior member of the gang who has become a rap star.”

The injunction further claims that he uses his resources (network and net worth) to “perpetuate and foster” the image of the gang’s dominance of the Arbor Terrace Apartments, sited as a place of criminal activity including trespassing (by members of the gang who are non-residents) and illegal drug selling.

The apartment complex is otherwise known as “The Zoo.” White explained to Hip-Hop Wired that the “zoo” of Zoo Life refers to “them calling us animals.”

Though he didn’t clarify exactly who is the aforementioned “them” and “us,” White did elaborate further on how the prosecution and much of mainstream media has painted gang members for the public eye. “He [the prosecutor] called us the Colton City Criminals.” White said. That stereotype, he explained, can be just as damaging as of what he is accused.

“Everybody that’s in a gang is not a bad person. It’s always a lot of them, a big percentage of them that’s in a gang telling everybody, ‘Yo, don’t do that, that’s not right.”

Regardless, the Prayer for Relief as listed in the injunction includes disallowing two or more gang members to appear in public together, and no one gang member may pass through or stop anywhere in the Arbor Terrace Apartment complex and nearby SB Liquor Store; drink alcohol or be under the influence of alcohol in public; or use photography, video, or audio to foster the reputation that the two aforementioned locations are “turf of the Colton City Crips or their offshoots, Zoo Babies, Zoo Crew, or the like.”

“How you gonna banish me from American soil that you don’t even own?” White asked. “You telling me I can’t go to this liquor store down the street [privately owned property]… there’s no crime committed. I’m not a felon.”

Though he’s “never been in the penitentiary,” if the injunction is passed, and, “if I get caught walking down the street with an open can of beer, which is a misdemeanor, that’s considered a felony and I’m eligible for prison.”

Gang injunctions have been of much debate. Organizations such as The American Civil Liberties Union have argued that the terms of many injunctions “infringe the rights of individuals to associate freely,” even during legal events like family reunions. “There are better solutions to crime,” the ACLU reports, “such as community policing… job and education programs.”

Just last week, Ontario, California (another part of the Inland Empire) politicians and law enforcement held a select committee hearing:  “Gangs 2.0:  The Emerging Threat of Cyberthugs. The meeting was called to combat the area’s escalating dangerous crime rate and gang activity and members using the social media networks like Facebook, YouTube and MySpace to recruit young members and further their gang activities.

Assembly Majority Leader Alberto Torrico  (D-Fremont) led the meeting and spoke with Hip-Hop Wired. He stated,

“Social networking is a great way to reach out to others, update them on activities, exchange information and support a cause.  Unfortunately, gangs are using these tools to communicate, recruit, issue threats, traffic narcotics, promote violence and expand their criminal activities.”

He also stated that these technologies were being used by gangs to conduct business inside the prison system and help run the outside from the inside.

“These guys go onto public computers that can’t be traced and these guys know what they’re doing.  They know how to scramble some of these signals and we’re way behind and need to catch up.   We’re holding these meetings to help our law enforcement get on an even playing field with these gangs.”

As 40 Glocc gears up for his case, he is now watching his back even more, as he has been labeled a target by  law enforcement. The  Zoo Life haa also been in the news, as of late, for accosting Plies at a Jamie Foxx video shoot.  Check out some of their video footage below of the incident and their new single “Return To Sender” which is aimed at Plies and a response to his “Letter To The Industry” track.

Also stay tuned to Hip-Hop Wired for our upcoming feature with 40 Glocc, as well as, updates on his upcoming trial.


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