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Black Eyed Peas Live Performance @ SWU Festival In Brazil!

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Black Eyed Peas Performs 1) Don’t Phunk With My Heart 2) Shut Up 3) Joints Jam & 4) Pump It
Live @ SWU Festival

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Kanye West & Fergie Performs ‘All Of The Lights’ @ SWU Festival In Brazil!

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DynastySeries TV: Kimbella

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Juelz Santana’s Girlfriend Kimbella Is The Newest Member Of “Love & Hip Hop”

Kimbella, who is currently on the cover of Black Men Magazine’s June issue along with Keyshia Dior and Charm Killings, will be branching out to expand her career into acting and music.

Kimbella discussed her career in a previous interview with AllHipHop.com, conducted prior to her being cast in the reality show, telling Allhiphop.com

“I’m trying to transition into acting and singing, I’m launching my pop career and as we speak I’m recording in the studio.  My sound is definitely not Beyonce, but more of a Fergie, Rihanna type sound.”

Kimbella said that Juelz is the person that has been most supportive of her decision to branch out into bigger and better things and he is totally behind her career moves.

One of the shows stars, Somaya Reece, recently posted a picture of herself on her blog with Fabolous‘ girlfriend Emily Bustamante, and confirmed that season two is being taped.

She also stated that new episodes of “Love & Hip Hop” could begin airing as early as next month.

All of the original show’s cast members are slated to return, including Olivia, and Jim Jones‘ mother Nancy Jones.

See Strapp Magazine Photoshoot w/ Kimbella & Felix Natal jr…

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Mary J. Blige – “Miss Me With That”

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Black Eyed Peas – “Just Can’t Get Enough”

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Fergie Admits She’s Still Clueless About The Music Business!




The recording industry can be treacherous for new artists. Record labels and crooked managers often prey on the uniformed. However, if they are lucky enough to survive those initial years in the business and get out of bad contracts – artists generally gain a lot of valuable knowledge, and should fare much better in future deals.

Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas is an exception to that rule. Although we haven’t heard about her having to deal with bad contracts yet. The singer admits that after 26 years, she’s learned next to nothing about the business side of the industry. Instead she relies on her parents, lawyers and a therapist to insure she doesn’t get taken advantage of.

Well, I’m still learning about the music business because it’s changing. There are all these different things coming up because of technology. It was a different world back then; it was very straight and simple: You got a record deal, you made an album, you got new fans. Now it’s all these 360 deals and all these different… You know what? The business side of it? That’s not my cup of tea. Will.I.Am’s great at it. He thrives on it. It’s just not my personality. I want to get straight to the art. The other part of it? I have my business team explain it to me. I actually have conference calls where I have my mom and dad on the phone, my accountant, my lawyer… Once in a while, I even have my therapist on these calls,” she told Billboard

I’m not kidding. Because there’s so much smoke… I’m very cut to the chase; that’s my personality. I don’t like to speak in circles. So when people do that I’m trying to find out, “OK, guys, what are we really talking about here?” So my therapist listens in. Because it’s very important to make informed decisions. I can be very impulsive, which is great as an artist but not as a businesswoman. So I have to slow down and surround myself with a great support team. So that’s what I’ve learned, that I need to surround myself with a team that can help me. It’s part of knowing that you don’t know it all.

Hopefully Fergie’s people are looking out for her best interests. I’d hate to hear about her being broke in the future because of mismanagement.

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More On Fergie’s Husband’s Stripper Affair…


Fergie belts it out as she performs “Meet Me Halfway” with the Black Eyed Peas on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. Black Eyed Peas members Taboo and alp.de.ap assure us that their bandmate Fergie is OK — and so is her marriage to Josh Duhamel in the wake of his rumored fling with a stripper. Two exotic dancers named Starr and Morgan appeared on The Bert Show for Atlanta radio station Q100 to speak about “Delilah” — a.k.a. Nicole Forrester, 34, who continues to insist she had a one night stand with Duhamel. Adds Morgan: “This woman does not care about her children at all. Any [money] she makes goes straight up her nose. She was too busy partying and screwing everybody in town [to be a parent.]”

“This girl is known for being dirty . . .cutthroat, will stab you in the back,” Starr sniffed. “We live the street life, and Nicole is the scum of Atlanta — and everybody knows it.” Starr claims that Forrester was once arrested at a movie theater for public intoxication; she showed up with her two children.


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