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SMH: Tila Tequila Tries To Kill Herself?

According to TMZ, Reality Tv Star Tila Tequila has reportedly been trying to kill herself all week says a friend that called 911 after she found Tila going in and out of consciousness.  Cops have been called to her house a few times since last Wednesday to keep an eye on the star.  Hope everything works out.

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Man Dies After Eating Cocaine Hidden In Brother’s Butt…

Deangelo Mitchell of North Charleston, South Carolina has been charged with manslaughter after his brother… 20-year-old Wayne Mitchell ate cocaine that was hidden in his brother’s  crack. Wayne died of a drug overdose less than an hour later.

In this tragic case of “Am I My Brothers Keeper” gone totally wrong,  Wayne ate the coke to keep his brother Deangelo  from being charged with drug possession.

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