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NYPD Commissioner Kelly Announce Takedown Of East NY Street Gang!

Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes and New York City Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly today announced the takedown of two violent street gangs that terrorized East New York for three years, the Rockstarz and the VCG/Weez Gang (Very Crispy Gangsters), and four separate indictments charging 49 members of the two gangs.

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Steve Francis Accused Of Sexual Assault

Former basketball star Steve Francis is being accused of sexual assaulting a woman in Texas last year.

According to reports by TMZ:

Francis allegedly “groped” a 20-year-old woman through her clothing in May 2010 … and the woman immediately went to the cops to file a complaint.

The alleged victim tells TMZ … she is a singer who was signed to Steve’s record label and on the day of the alleged incident, she had met Steve at an office to discuss her contract.

The woman, Shauna Simien, tells us the “groping” while the two were talking outside, when Francis reached down and grabbed her between the legs.

Simien claims she screamed for him to stop — and that’s when a few of her friends, whom she brought along for protection, rushed over to break things up.

Despite the fact Simien filed her police report more than a YEAR ago, law enforcement sources tell TMZ the case is still open and no charges have been filed.

Simien says she is frustrated the case has not progressed and is considering a lawsuit against the District Attorney’s office.

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Foxy Brown Is Thinking About Posing For Playboy!?

Foxy Brown has plans to make a comeback this year. In her latest interview with the NY POST, she reveals that Playboy has offered her a 2 million dollar cover deal.

Who really believes Hugh Hefner would really offer her $2 million for playboy? On top of that there is no way she would of turned that down.

(Foxy Brown) She says she’s still debating whether to accept Hugh Hefner’s $2 million offer to pose on the cover of Playboy. Brown says she plans to release a long-delayed album in 2011. She is also suing New York City for $100,000 for civil-rights violations, false arrest and intentional infliction of emotional distress. If she’s no longer the star she was in the ’90s, Brown said she’s proud of where she is today.


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Foxy Brown To File Lawsuit Against NYPD & DA!


Foxy Brown may have just cleared of charges in her ‘mooning’ case, but she isnt going to let what she feels was a railroading by the powers that be go unnoticed.

The rapper and her attorney Salvatore Strazzullo plan to sue the city of New York, the New York Police Department and the District Attorney’s for “malicious prosecution.”

Tuesday (July 12)  Fox Boog was cleared of charges that she mooned her neighbor Arlene Raymond in July 2010, thus violating her a order of protection against her obtained by her neighbor. Raymond refused to testify in court leaving the judge to clear Foxy of all charges.

“Its rooted in jealousy, it’s a [scary] thing like borderline obsession,” said Foxy, who denied the accusations. “Someone wants to be you and have the life I worked very hard for.”

Brown and her council were confident they could prove the defendant was lying had the case gone to trial telling the New York Daily News that Foxy’s penchant to not wear undergarments would have been the deciding factor in the case.

“Our big ace in the hold is she (Brown) wasn’t wearing any underwear,” Strazzulo told the Daily News.

Her accuser reported that she was exposed to Foxy’s underwear clad buttocks during an altercation last summer.



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Waka Flocka – “Livin Life” [official Video]

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Lil Boosie Ft. Lola Monroe – “Green Light Special” [Video]

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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