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Wildlin: Dude Bust His Noggin While Trying To Turn It Up On A NYC Train!

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Go To The 1: Minute Mark To See The Crazy Neck Drop.LMFAO!!!!

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Liquid Marijuana Bust In Brooklyn

New York police arrested Anthony Brioridy for drug dealing this week and he now faces 22 counts of it. According to police, he had lots of narcotics for sale. You could buy cocaine, Percocet, Xanax, oxycodone, ecstasy and ketamine, and of course, Liquid Marijuana. That’s right, liquid marijuana!

His alleged specialty, however, was a brownish-green “homemade remedy” that supposedly launched users on an hallucinogenic eight-hour high — at a price of $120 for a 15-to-20-ounce shot.

Undercover cops trailed Brioridy for a number of months as he allegedly peddled drugs from his car, before invited them to his home on 76th Street in Bensonhurst.

There, he allegedly brewed the distilled resins of pot fermented with 180-proof grain alcohol.

The concoction was supposed to be mixed with juice or soda.

Even the cops were surprised by this.

“It has not been seen around here before,” Capt. Gerard Dowling of Manhattan South narcotics stated.


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