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Young Jeezy Gets Arrested In The Bahamas!



Luckily he was released in time to still hit the stage for his scheduled show.

The officer in charge at the station Jeezy was taken into says – “He we here with us a short while, he passed through the station briefly on Saturday. He was booked in here and taken to CDU (Central Detective Unit)”

There are no details as to why exactly Jeezy was arrested but the one thing that is known is that is stems from an incident that occured before his show in New Providence.


Young Jeezy‘s manager, Demetrius Ellerbee, has denied a report that the rapper was arrested in the Bahamas on Saturday.

“It’s not true,” Ellerbee told MTV News.

According to Bahamian newspaper The Tribune, Jeezy was on his way to a show in an area of the island called New Providence when he was arrested by local officials. While the reason for his arrest was not specified, the paper says the rapper wasn’t held for very long.

“He was here with us a short while. He passed through the station briefly on Saturday,” said Superintendent Ashton Greenslade, an officer at the Wulff Road station. “He was booked in here and taken to CDU (Central Detective Unit).”

A Tribune source surmised that the Atlanta MC was simply “in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

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