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SMH: 5 People Killed In Car Crash After Driver Tweets “Drunk As F**k…YOLO”

5 Killed In Crash In City Of Ontario, CA After Drunk Driver Tweets “Drunk As F**k…YOLO”

By now, we all know we’re not supposed to drink and drive — it’s one of the most important lessons before getting behind the wheel. Likewise, we know we’re not supposed to text and drive. So really, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that a combination of the two — being drunk behind the wheel and tweeting about it as it happens — contributed to a fatal car crash this weekend in California.

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SMH: Toddler Accidentally Served Alcohol @ Applebee’s Restaurant!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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Lil Wayne Banned From Drinking Alcohol For 3 Years!

Lil Wayne is not allowed to consume one single drop of alcohol for the next three years of his life — this according to probation documents obtained by TMZ.

The documents — which became effective today — clearly state that Wayne “may not consume or drink any substance containing alcohol” as long as he’s on probation … for the next 36 months.

Wayne is also prohibited from knowingly associating with any person engaged in criminal activity or any person with a criminal record without prior written approval from the probation department.

And Wayne cannot possess illegal drugs, toxic vapors or controlled substances.

He’s also required to submit to drug and alcohol testing, per the probation dept.

If Wayne violates any of the terms of his probation — he could be sent to prison to serve out the remainder of his term.


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