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Cops Looking For Teyana Taylor After Stomping Out Female Over Remarks Made About Chris Brown!

Police are looking for R&B singer Teyana Taylor, after she allegedly beat up a woman over the weekend.

The 20-year old reportedly was at a studio when another female made negative remarks about Taylor’s friend Chris Brown.

According to TMZ, Taylor went off and started punching the woman in the face until she fell, then kicked and stomped on the woman’s stomach and face leaving her with bruises and facial swelling.

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Girl Gets Knocked Out By Dude After Swingin On 10 Dudes In South Beach!

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Jay-Z Visits The Kentucky Locker Room After Sunday’s Win!


The Wildcats had a surprise guest waiting for them outside their locker room after Sunday’s victory over North Carolina.

Rap mogul Jay-Z surprised the players by shaking hands, snapping photos and congratulating Kentucky on its accomplishment.

“That in itself was a pretty nice experience to add on to (the Final Four),” guard Darius Miller told the Louisville Courier Journal. “Going to the Final Four (is bigger) by far. But still, Jay-Z. It’s crazy. This whole day has been crazy. I’m still taking it all in.”

The visit from Jay-Z was reminiscent of last year’s NCAA tournament when rapper Drake would regularly show up in the Kentucky locker room after victories. He later invited the Wildcats on stage during an offseason show in Lexington, also  leading a C-A-T-S cheer and performing the John Wall dance on stage.

The association with celebrities like Ashley Judd, Drake and LeBron James is another perk Calipari can emphasize to give Kentucky an advantage on the recruiting trail. Just like the Showtime Lakers attracted players and fans because of their ties to Hollywood, Kentucky is quickly becoming college basketball’s answer to that.

The presence of Jay-Z was certainly enough to excite freshman forward Terrence Jones on Sunday.

“I said, ‘Oh that’s Jay-Z!'” Jones told the Courier-Journal. “We all gave him a handshake and he came in the locker room, and we just kept screaming ‘Jay-Z in the locker room!’ He congratulated us, just said he was proud of us.”

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Subway Manager Pulls Out A Knife On A Homosexual Customer After Denying Him Sandwiches!

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Hilarious: Man Goes Crazy After Burning Down House!

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Fergie Admits She’s Still Clueless About The Music Business!




The recording industry can be treacherous for new artists. Record labels and crooked managers often prey on the uniformed. However, if they are lucky enough to survive those initial years in the business and get out of bad contracts – artists generally gain a lot of valuable knowledge, and should fare much better in future deals.

Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas is an exception to that rule. Although we haven’t heard about her having to deal with bad contracts yet. The singer admits that after 26 years, she’s learned next to nothing about the business side of the industry. Instead she relies on her parents, lawyers and a therapist to insure she doesn’t get taken advantage of.

Well, I’m still learning about the music business because it’s changing. There are all these different things coming up because of technology. It was a different world back then; it was very straight and simple: You got a record deal, you made an album, you got new fans. Now it’s all these 360 deals and all these different… You know what? The business side of it? That’s not my cup of tea. Will.I.Am’s great at it. He thrives on it. It’s just not my personality. I want to get straight to the art. The other part of it? I have my business team explain it to me. I actually have conference calls where I have my mom and dad on the phone, my accountant, my lawyer… Once in a while, I even have my therapist on these calls,” she told Billboard

I’m not kidding. Because there’s so much smoke… I’m very cut to the chase; that’s my personality. I don’t like to speak in circles. So when people do that I’m trying to find out, “OK, guys, what are we really talking about here?” So my therapist listens in. Because it’s very important to make informed decisions. I can be very impulsive, which is great as an artist but not as a businesswoman. So I have to slow down and surround myself with a great support team. So that’s what I’ve learned, that I need to surround myself with a team that can help me. It’s part of knowing that you don’t know it all.

Hopefully Fergie’s people are looking out for her best interests. I’d hate to hear about her being broke in the future because of mismanagement.

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Kelis After The Baby

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Togo National’s Withdraws From African Cup Of Nations After Deadly Attack

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Tila Tequila Crying After Nicole Ritchie & Nikki Hilton Take Casey Johnson Dogs!!!

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Rihanna Live From London & After Party Pix…

Rihanna was joined by Young Jeezy and Jay-Z for the live listening party and concert of her new album ‘Rated R’. Rihanna showcased tracks from her upcoming studio album “Rated R” live from London on November 16. Her collaborators Young Jeezy and Jay-Z joined her during the special gig. Jeezy accompanied her throwing verses from single “Hard”, while Jay-Z shared stage with her in “Run This Town” set.

The concert was opened with a welcoming message, “Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who are easily frightened, we suggest you turn around right now. For those of you who can take it, we say: Welcome to the mad house.” Then, the band played “Mad House”, the intro track from the November 23 release.

Rihanna began her music showcase with “Wait Your Turn” and followed it up with “Russian Roulette”. In addition to performing her new songs, the Barbadian songstress also delivered her previous hit singles which included “Don’t Stop the Music”, “Take a Bow” and “Disturbia”.


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First Black Miss England Loses Crown After Fight w/ Rival @ Club….

London Times Reports

Miss England has been forced to relinquish her crown after an alleged duel with a rival beauty queen over a TV Gladiator. Rachel Christie, niece of Olympic gold medallist Linford Christie, stepped down after being accused of punching Miss Manchester, Sara Beverley Jones, 24, in the face during a night out at a nightclub.

Trouble allegedly flared after Miss Jones showed Miss Christie a message on her phone claiming that it was sent to her by Miss Christie’s boyfriend, David McIntosh, who appears as Tornado in the Sky One television show Gladiators.


Miss Jones, who was dressed as a cavewoman, was taken to hospital, where she was treated for “superficial facial injuries”.

Miss Christie, 21, was arrested on suspicion of assault and released on bail pending a hearing in January.

The model and athlete, who hopes to win a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics in the heptathlon, has also quit the race to become Miss World to concentrate on clearing her name.

Last night a statement on the Miss England website read: “Due to the media attention following the allegations against her, Rachel Christie has now decided to withdraw from the Miss World competition and relinquish her Miss England crown. Rachel will concentrate on clearing her name and focus on training for the 2012 Olympics until this case is resolved.”

Miss Christie, who was dressed as an angel at the time of the alleged fracas, had been due to leave for the Miss World contest in South Africa next Tuesday. Police were called to the Mansion club in Manchester shortly before 1am on Monday.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: “It is believed that, earlier that night, a 24-year-old woman got into an altercation with another woman in the club and was hit in the face several times.

“The victim was taken to Hope Hospital, where she received treatment for superficial facial injuries. She has now been discharged.”

It is believed that Mr McIntosh, a 15st former Royal Marine, is a former boyfriend of Miss Manchester.

Miss Christie was the first black woman to be crowned Miss England. When she won the title in July, she pledged to be a role model for black youth. “One of my reasons for doing Miss England in the first place was because I wanted to show people, the younger generation especially, that you can do something positive with your life,” Miss Christie had said, adding that she had turned to modelling to fund her training.

“Whoever you are, you can be who you want and whatever you want.”

Her father, Russell, had been a promising athlete but was arrested for theft and stabbed to death during a drugs-related dispute in 1996. Four years earlier, he had been jailed for attacking a former lover.

Mr McIntosh cites Rambo as his greatest inspiration and says he likes to “chill out with a cup of green tea” in preparation for his television battles.

Miss Christie has been replaced as Miss England by Lance Corporal Katrina Hodge, who came second in the pageant. Miss Hodge, 22, who was awarded a commendation from her unit, the 1st Batallion, Royal Anglian Regiment, for her actions during a posting in 2005 in Basra, has been given leave from her duties as a soldier to appear in the Miss World final.


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Adidas Ends Contract w/ University After Michael Jordan’s Son Wears Nikes

Jordan Son Shoe Basketball

Adidas terminated its $3 million endorsement contract with the University of Central Florida’s athletic department after one of Michael Jordan’s sons played in a game for the school wearing the Nike shoes named after his father. Marcus Jordan, a freshman guard at UCF, said he would only wear Nike Air Jordan shoes in deference to his father.

Everyone on the team except Marcus, 18, wore Adidas shoes in the UCF Knights’ 84-65 win over St. Leo University in an exhibition game Thursday night.

Adidas spokeswoman Andrea Corso said:

“The University of Central Florida has chosen not to deliver on their contractual commitment to Adidas. As a result, we have chosen not to continue our relationship with them moving forward.”

The school was operating under a tentative contract with Adidas that ran through 2015 and was valued at $3 million. The Germany-based company supplied the UCF’s sports teams with shoes, apparel and equipment.


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