SMH: What Students Know About Black People?

This video showed a lot of ignorant views towards African Americans. One BYU Student even said she wouldn’t date a white guy acting black, but a black guy acting white is, “Classy.” Leave your thoughts


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2 responses to “SMH: What Students Know About Black People?

  1. Nihki F P

    Watching this video I was horrified just listening the lack of information they offer to white Caucasians in America. I don’t blame them I blame society, and what they are taught in there homes. I remember so vividly when I went to an affluent university in NYC where black history was not something that was considered a requirement it was sorta like an elective. They made sure to teach us all about western European cultures and subcultures. Totally disgusting, but here’s the reality { We live in a white mans world} I encourage everyone to pray and rise above all ignorance, deception, and manipulation. Just my thoughts ! Great article shedding awareness on racism in America. Love itttttttttttttttttt Mr. HipHopConsultant

    Nihki F P 🙂

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