Irv Gotti @ 40/40 Club Grand Re-Opening In NYC!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Irv Gotti Speaks On The Lack of Hip-Hop at Def Jam and that the last REAL President at Def Jam was Jay-Z.




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2 responses to “Irv Gotti @ 40/40 Club Grand Re-Opening In NYC!

  1. Nihki F.

    Irv gotti is so passionate about everything he does. Def Jam would have made out great with someone like Irv who knows music and kind of pioneered
    his own era of innovative artist like Jay-z, Ashanti and yes friggin Ja-Rule and others who went on to have huge recording careers. I think rap music is not what it used to be. It’s no longer about the lyrical content.. As it stands currently, it’s about flossing and kiddie raps, and who’s more gangster.. (BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) We live in diffrent times now. The kids of this generation really don’t care about non of this. Such a shame it really is. I petitioned for Irv to be the next president of Def jam I believe he can do a lot for the hip hop culture. My gosh it’s a billion dollar industry! I’m just saying

    Nihki F.

  2. Mr. Marcus

    Def jam done made so much money they don’t even care about what Irv cares about. I agree with Nihki we living in different times. I do believe there is still a lot of talented rappers in the game and on the come up, but labels don’t want to spend the money getting these artist delevolped. Just my thoughts! Great blog!!

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