Erica Mena Goes In On Kimbella & Throws Glass @ Her In The Club!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Erica Mena does an interview trashing Kimbella and gets confronted at her party by Kimbella and Somaya Reece.


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6 responses to “Erica Mena Goes In On Kimbella & Throws Glass @ Her In The Club!

  1. Nihki F.

    Kimbella is such a cutie and seem to have a nice heart.. Erica “Super Hoe” is very fiesty>> kimbella should have K/O’d her the hell out 1 time nihki style lolll. I hate dumb losers like erica thinking they popping when they really a lamo.. lmfao

  2. Lesha

    Yeh what’s up with Erica and her big mouth last time I seen this hoe she was trying suck some “D*ck” for a rozay bottle.. We eat hoes like that for breakfast OMG.. Yeh really! Erica you are the weakest link! That show depicts women is such a negative light honestly!

    • Nihki F

      Hey Lesh you ever notice is always the wack ass hoes thinking they more then what they are… That’s where I come ina nd shake’em down.. They couldn’t have me on a show like that wow it would be a mess. They think Chrissy is a beast well I beg to differ. I wish bitch would 🙂 omg our mouths are so filthy today hahaha

  3. Askrapmaster

    Erica and Kimbella would look sexy in a mud fight . Nihki & Lesha ya’ll too much

    • Pam

      Love & Hiphop is really becoming a turn off show. Women are so catty and can never be positive towards each other. It’s so typical of VH-1 to have a drama filled show.. “It’s All About The Money” shameful. I really can’t stand that show and will never watch a bunch of hoe’s and reformed hoe’s duking it out for no reason other then mere jealousy, insecurity, I sleep with ya man having mentality, and last but not least HATE.. So not cool

      Mrs I’m Just Saying !

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