Alleged Murder Suspect In Slim Duncan Case Is Fearful Of Retaliation!

Slim Dunkin was shot and killed while getting ready to film a music video at an Atlanta studio last Friday night. Now, police believe another rapper called Young Vito is to blame for the murder of the BrickSquad rapper and he should fear retaliation.

Police are urging Young Vito to turn himself in because they “have reason to believe he is in danger.” Which obviously means that some of Slim Dunkin’s crew have found out about it and are now seeking retaliation.

What’s worse is that now people know who allegedly killed slim Dunkin and they may take matters into their own hands — even if they weren’t friends with Dunkin or didn’t know him.

Hopefully, Young Vito will have the sense to turn himself in. Even if he didn’t commit the murder, it would make sense for him to talk to police  to be removed as a person of interest or be the next person laying in a morgue this holiday season.

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