Nicki Minaj Vs Maid!

Nicki Minaj recently got into a confrontation with one of the maids at her Hollywood home, resulting in the worker’s boss filing a battery report, according to a story by TMZ.

According to the report, the incident stemmed from another maid’s firing a few weeks ago.

Authorities say Minaj fired the maid after she went into her trash to retrieve a picture in hopes that the rapper would sign it.

According to police, the housekeeper returned, to the ire of Ms. Minaj who ordered her to leave.

A source for TMZ says the woman refused saying she would not be “treated like an animal.”

To which Nicki reportedly replied, “I’ll show you how to treat someone like an animal…get the f— out of my house!”

But according to TMZ’s sources, the maid Nicki confronted was not the maid she relieved of her duties weeks prior and she was barking up the wrong tree.

However, Minaj’s boyfriend then reportedly got physical with the maid, prompting the workers boss to file a battery report.

No one was arrested.


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