Ray J Goons: Man Shot After Being Forced To Perform Oral Sex!

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A Louisville man is facing multiple sex charges after police said he forced another man to perform oral sex on him at gunpoint before shooting him.

According to arrest records, the victim was forced to perform oral sex on 19-year-old Anton L. Malone while being held at gunpoint behind the Jefferson Community & Technical College building on West Chestnut Street around midnight Friday.

Police said Malone then tried to sodomize the victim but was unsuccessful.

Malone then forced victim to perform oral sex again, this time until completion, police said.

According to arrest records, Malone then shot the victim twice in the left leg.

Malone is charged with three counts of first-degree sodomy and one charged of second-degree assault. WLKY

He would of had to kill me Fukk dat. Homo thug crime rate is on the rise be careful fellas. (Antoine Dodson Voice). They Out Here Raping Everybody!!!

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