50 Cent Faces Lawsuit Over Assault

50 Cent is facing a lawsuit from a woman that claims she was assaulted at the Queens rapper’s Connecticut mansion.

The alleged victim, Vasti Ortiz, filed the lawsuit in Superior Court of Hartford, Connecticut.

In the suit, Ortiz claims in August 2009 that she was beaten by 50 Cent’s associate Dwayne McKenzie, while visiting the rapper’s home.

Ortiz says her and her friends were invited to Fif’s mansion around 1:30 A.M.

After arriving at the home, Ortiz claims she was accosted by Dwayne McKenzie with “awkward sexual requests.”

When she refused and attempted to leave, Ortiz claims McKenzie ordered a woman, Michelle Krzykowski, to attack her.

Ortiz says she was only able to escape after pepper spraying McKenzie and Krykowski.

She was then rushed to the hospital were she need nearly a dozen stitches to close a head wound she received during the altercation.

She now claims the incident left her with injuries to her nervous system and other areas of her body.

It is unclear if 50 was at the residence during the incident but Ortiz puts the blame on the G-Unit CEO for failing to provide a “proper investigation into Dwayne McKenzie’s background before allowing him to act as an agent and employee of the defendant, G-Unit, at the mansion.”

McKenzie has a criminal record that includes unlawful discharge of a firearm and one count of reckless endangerment.

He was also arrested in 2008 for hitting a woman with a belt at 50 Cent’s mansion.

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One response to “50 Cent Faces Lawsuit Over Assault

  1. Hot Acura TL-S

    Why would anyone put themselves in a situation were they would go with 2 “strangers” regardless of who they may be associated with ? Parents tell children from day one ” don’t talk to or go anywhere with strangers ” apparently she was a child that did not listen, and secondly if you felt compelled to see Curtis Jackson’s mansion with ” strangers” why would you go alone. I am not condoning what may or may not have happen. I’m just taking a broad look at the situation.

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