Lil Kim Disses Nicki Minaj On Twitter!

The Queen Bee,posted a picture of her new puppy and asked her followers to help her name it.

Apparently a follower suggested she name the pup after her rival Nicki Minaj and Kim exploded in anger.


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3 responses to “Lil Kim Disses Nicki Minaj On Twitter!

  1. love & happiness

    love will make you do wrong productions says they are both equals one is not better than the other. moving on…that is a cute puppy wuppy

  2. Yo lil kim nd nicki!ppl r lovn u beef nd i dnt find dat attrctv.yol cnt kip hatng each ada!u guys hav smtng in cmmn!u rap!n u r kingz!why hate!

  3. Well..i gotta say hpe dis lil kim vs nicki minaj thng s over.nthng says bad whn ur 2 fav female rap artists hav beef,whch ofcrs th mdea ws wilng 2 make ntrtainmnt out off..4 real its part of da hiphop ndustry,sm1 has 2 b at da top..going bck dwn mins a battle.*maci Damah*

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