Chris Brown Violently Breaks Window & Storms Off The GMA Set! [Video]

So much for anger management classes. We’re very disappointed in him over this.

This morning, Chris Brown put on quite a show for the folks at Good Morning America. No, we’re not talking about his on-air performance for the masses – we’re talking about the violent fit he had behind-the-scenes after Robin Roberts questioned him about his infamous Rihanna incident. Apparently, he thought the world was past all that.

Of course, he thought wrong.

Sources reveal that Chris begun to fume on-air while Robin began asking him about his violent past and the legal issues stemming from his attack on Rihanna. He tried as hard as he could, but Chris couldn’t get the conversation to veer back to focus on his album and this only angered him all the more. When the cameras finally stopped rolling, Chris lashed out and stormed back to his dressing room, where he became so out of control, the hair and makeup people called security.

But they were too late. By the time they got there, Chris had already torn the room apart and smashed a window in his dressing room. Supposedly, glass shattered and fell onto 43rd and Broadway. Then, the Hulk he tore off his shirt and left the building, even though he was slated to perform a second time for the show’s website. And that is that.

You know, we can understand his frustration with people dwelling on his faults instead of his successes…but quite frankly, what he did was so horrific, we can’t imagine why he would think anyone would just let him forget about it, especially since he is a public figure. Furthermore, he had ZERO reason to act like this! The reporter was just doing her job. If he didn’t want to be asked those questions, he should’ve had his publicist say something to them beforehand or not done the interview at all!

And you know what? In the end, it will still only be him that suffers. Did you forget that you’re still on probation for a felony beating, Chris? We have a feeling this kind of disorderly conduct might put you in violation of that probation!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Source: Perez Hilton


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6 responses to “Chris Brown Violently Breaks Window & Storms Off The GMA Set! [Video]

  1. Anonymous

    Why are they continuously badgering these young people about their personal lives? What he done is in the past and has definitely been addressed by both parties. I do not agree that his behavior this morning on Good Morning America was acceptable by any means, but everyone needs to stop attacking him about this incident. I find it shocking that an older African-American woman would want to discuss the flaws of a young, African-American male on such a highly syndicated show as Good Morning America. This is not uplifting our people, but perpetuating the nasty stereotype that young African-American males are uncontrollably violent. There is so much more to talk about with this talented young man than his romantic mishaps with Rhianna! Once again, I do not condone his behavior this morning, but I can understand his frustration. This just gives the media one more thing to talk about and puts the young black male in the spotlight for “wrong-doing” once again, provoked by an African-American reporter. SMH.

  2. Junior

    haha u guys are losers and is album goes out to u guys the ones who wont hop off trying to keep him down no matter how hard he trys to get back up he did is community service and he pay is dues and moved on. He is promoting is album not rihanna so hop off the young man.

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  5. nai-nai

    I dot blame chris brown it wasn’t about tht bitch rihanna he had thevright 2 get mad

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