GhettoPhysics: Will The Real Pimps & Hoes Please Stand Up?

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7 responses to “GhettoPhysics: Will The Real Pimps & Hoes Please Stand Up?

  1. Nihki F.


  2. Tina

    Yes, sounds like it’s gonna bring a powerful message! There’s also a song contest, you can be a part of this:

  3. T-Bone

    Ghetto Physics trailer looks awesome just got off the website, wow this movie will do great. I encourage everyone to check out

  4. Anastasia-Beav

    Its a fantastic metaphor Pimps and hos. lets see Pimps manipulate, brainwash and they know how to work the mind of there women its amazing because its no different than what is currently happening today. I find this movie will empower people to stand up and make a decision on the role they wish to play.

  5. Wow! Of all the films to come out now, at this crucial time on earth, it IS GHETTOPHYSICS! Truly a great film that makes the intricate media spin and political spin be viewed with a critical eye! Thanks GhettoPhysics for helping to awaken us!

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