Drake Says Jay-Z Wasn’t Feeling “Over”

Drake’s breakout mixtape, So Far Gone, set the bar pretty high for his upcoming debut album, Thank Me Later. His first offering, “Over,” was intensely debated, but DJs co-signed the single almost immediately.

One critic, however, wasn’t as quick to deliver praise. According to Drake, Jay-Z had to warm up to the record.

I got a funny e-mail today from Jay-Z about [‘Over’],” Drake said during a conference call for DJs.

The Toronto lyricist said Jay offered an analogy to describe the way the track grew on him. He compared the song to “the girl you see at the club, she’s not the cutest,” Drake explained. “But then you speak to her and realize that she’s one of the sexiest women of all time.

Drake premiered his follow-up to “Over” early Thursday morning (April 29), the Kanye West-produced “Find Your Love.” He recently shot a video for the track in Jamaica, and images from the set have leaked online. Two other Thank Me Later tracks, “Fireworks” and “Shut It Down” (featuring The-Dream), have sprung up online.

Drake also revealed during the call that he might have a bonus track on his debut album featuring Lupe Fiasco and upstart MC J. Cole. “I think that would be a special moment for hip-hop fans,” he said, before adding a joke. “For people that are disappointed when I drop songs like ‘Find Your Love,’ I think they would appreciate that. Hopefully they’re both willing.”

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