Teen Couple Attempts To Set Mother On Fire…….

A 11-year-old girl from Tampa, Florida and her 15-year-old boyfriend are in police custody after it was revealed that the two were planning on committing a horrific crime.

Jack Ault and Samantha Broadhead have been charged with attempted murder, and arson after setting Nancy Broadhead’s room ablaze, with Nancy in it.

Police documents say that the young couple doused the room in gasoline before starting the fire before feeling the scene in her mother’s 2007 Ford Focus.

No clear motive has been set in the attack although local law enforcement believe that the reason is nothing more than “typical teenage angst,” compounded by an argument between the pre-teen and her mother after the latter questioned her daughter about stealing cigarettes from her.

The elder Broadhead, 47, sustained several severe burns and smoke inhalation damage, though it is believe that he injuries are not life threatening.

Samantha is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluations at a local mental facility while her boyfriend is resting in a local juvenile facility.

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One response to “Teen Couple Attempts To Set Mother On Fire…….

  1. BlackJew

    Glad the criminals were caught. What a terrible act to commit against another life.

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