The Queen Of R&B “Mary J. Blige” Sits Down w/ Ed Lover & Malikha!!!

The Queen of R&B sits down with Ed Lover & Malikha Mallette to discuss her new album, “Stronger with Each Tear”, touching the hearts of her fans, Christmas wishes, fashion, The Obamas & more! Must-listen!

Part 1:This Mary J Blige’s 9th studio album/Ed asksed her what her favorite songs from this album are “I Love You Yes I do”, “In the morning”, “Hood Love” Talks about her new Center that she opened in Yonkers

Part 2: Ed asks Kendu if its hard to shop for MJB for Christmas (Kendu nods yes) Ed’s co host Malikha Mallette asks Mary if the internet has messed up the dressing game for women because they can’t wear the same outfit twice. Mary laughs it off and says she does repeat but she puts a lot of time in between. She talks about the pressure of singing with the President in the front row at the Christmas at the White House Special. Talks about her new sunglass line (see pics on power website) her new perfume that she’s putting out thru Carol’s Daughter. Ed Lover asks Mary whats the worse hairstyle she ever had. You can also see pics of Mary’s boots online onpower website

Part 3. Malikha Mallette asks Mary what it was like when Elton John referred to her as his favorite girl singer. Mary said he’s a real friend and he keeps it real. Mary is possibly playing Nina Simone. Talks about how nervous she was at the premiere of “I Can Do Bad All By Myself” and how she started sweating. Ed asks Mary whats her favorite of hers that she turns up “I Love You” Smiff & Wessun. Pistachio ice cream is her guilty pleasure

Click HERE To listen to the FULL Audio

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One response to “The Queen Of R&B “Mary J. Blige” Sits Down w/ Ed Lover & Malikha!!!

  1. Nihki F.

    Oh how we love Mary J. Blige :)!

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