VladTV’s 45 Rapper Mugshots

#45 Rapper Mugshot – Andre 3000

#45 Rapper Mugshot - Andre 3000

Seems like 3 Stacks was arrested earlier this year for driving 109 in a 65 zone in his Porsche near Atlanta. Andre Benjamin’s excuse was that he had “missed an exit”. I guess the cop wasn’t an Outkast fan.

#44 Rapper Mugshot – Foxy Brown

#44 Rapper Mugshot - Foxy Brown

Remember when Foxy just kept fuckin up over and over and over again? She threw her blackberry at a neighbor. She threw a bottle of hair glue (which is funny in and of itself) at a beauty shop employee. Then she felt the need to hit a cop later that same day.

Apparently, it all caught up to her and she ended up doing a bid.

Haven’t heard a peep out of her since, apart from the occasional tittie slip during a performance. But she doesn’t really get that many paid shows anymore, so even that should die out soon.

#43 Rapper Mugshot – Akon

#43 Rapper Mugshot - Akon

Hey, his company is called Konvict Music, so it should be no surprise that “things happen” every so often.

Peep how the suit kinda goes with the wall.

#42 Rapper Mugshot – Jay-Z

#42 Rapper Mugshot - Jay-Z
Remember when Un got stabbed in 1999 and Jay-Z was mixed up in it? Here’s the mugshot from that exciting night.

Sean Carter was charged with Felony Assault, but 2 years later he plead guilty to a reduced misdemeanor and did 3 years probation.

#41 Rapper Mugshot – T-Pain

#41 Rapper Mugshot - T-Pain

This one is pretty good. T-Pain was arrested DURING his concert when he made “obscene gestures” to the police.

I would love to know what the “obscene gesture” was exactly. If anybody knows, make a comment below.

#40 Rapper Mugshot – Puffy

#40 Rapper Mugshot - Puffy

We all know that Puff fucks up every so often. This mugshot was taken during the unfortunate Shyne / J-Lo shooting incident. Since that time he allegedly punched some guy in a club and some other random nonsense.

#39 Rapper Mugshot – AlfaMega

#39 Rapper Mugshot - AlfaMega

2009 was definitely NOT Mega’s year. First he breaks both of his legs trying to run from the cops, and then a snitching rumor surfaces which causes his boss TI to fire him.

#38 Rapper Mugshot – Eminem

#38 Rapper Mugshot - Eminem

Unlike the rappers of today, Eminem got off pretty easy for a couple of gun charges back in 2000.

First he ran up on some guy who he saw kissing his ex-wife. And a couple months later he pulled out the heat during an argument with the Insane Clown Posse.

He got probation from both, and then hired someone to carry the pistol for him.

#37 Rapper Mugshot – Nate Dogg

#37 Rapper Mugshot - Nate Dogg

Ahhh.. the good ol’ days when a good lawyer could turn that pesky pistol and weed charge into probation.

In April of 2002 Nathaniel Hale (aka Nate D-O-Double G) was arrested by Arizona police for gun possession and marijuana charges.

A month later, his lawyer got him a plea that included probation, drug counseling and probation.

And unlike Gucci Mane, he actually did all of his community service hours and stayed out of jail.

#36 Rapper Mugshots – NORE

#36 Rapper Mugshots - NORE

The superthug himself got popped in a Miami Fatburger for assault, ripping up some flowers, and throwing a yellow liquid at some guy.

Nore seems to have a thing for fucking up flowers. Remember when he “allegedly” threw the flower pot at Nas?

#35 Rapper Mugshot – Da Brat

#35 Rapper Mugshot - Da Brat

Did you ever wonder what would happen to you if you smashed a waitress in the face with a bottle of Rum?

Just ask Shawntae Harris aka Da Brat – she got 3 years in prison for that. Assuming she doesn’t shank anybody in prison, she should be getting out in 2011.

#34 Rapper Mugshot – The Game

#34 Rapper Mugshot - The Game

Back in 2007, Jayceon Taylor aka The Game pulled out a pistol on a guy during a basketball game. To make matters worse, it was in a school zone.

Luckily, he only had to serve 60 days.

#33 Rapper Mugshot – Young Buck

#33 Rapper Mugshot - Young Buck

What happens when you stab someone on national television and have a prior record?

Let me rephrase that.

What happens when you stab someone on national television and have a prior record and 50 Cent pays your legal bills?


#32 Rapper Mugshot – TI

#32 Rapper Mugshot - TI
We all know this story. TI’s bodyguard got caught buying illegal guns and ends up pointing the finger at TI who just so happened to have enough weapons in his house to take over a small country.

TI ended up getting a year for that charge. Some people said he was cooperating with the police for a repear felon to get that small of sentence. He denied it.

Before his arrest, Tip did a Crime Stoppers PSA, offering a reward for anyone who reports a ‘tip’ to the police.

#31 Rapper Mugshot – 50 Cent

#31 Rapper Mugshot - 50 Cent

Check out the 19 year old mugshot of Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

Taken in August of 1994, 50 was arrested for selling heroin and crack.

#30 Rapper Mugshot – Plies

#30 Rapper Mugshot - Plies
In 2006, Plies’ entourage opened fire into a sold out show of over 1,000 Florida concert goers.

5 People were shot and Plies and his crew were arrested.

Oh yeah, and Plies’ hairline has been the subject of some entertaining youtube videos.

#29 Rapper Mugshot – Rakim

#29 Rapper Mugshot - Rakim

In 2004, undercover officers hemmed up Rakim on his to perform at a show at NY’s Roseland Ballroom.

It was later found out that he had a paternity warrant.

#28 Rapper Mugshot – Khia

#28 Rapper Mugshot - Khia

Hot mess Khia has been arrested over 20 times for various bullshit. This is one of her many mugshots.

#27 Rapper Mugshot – Vanilla Ice

#27 Rapper Mugshot - Vanilla Ice

After selling more albums than any hip-hop artist in the history of the world and then falling off harder than any hip-hop artist in the history of the world, Robert Van Winkle ended up taking his aggressions out on his wife and got arrested for domestic battery.

#26 Rapper Mugshot – Lil Wayne

#26 Rapper Mugshot - Lil Wayne

When Dwayne “Lil Wayne” Carter said he was “always strapped”, he wasn’t joking. In October of 2009, Wayne plead guilty to possession of a firearm and received 1 year in prison.

He still has a pending 2008 charge in Arizona for drug possession. This is the mugshot from that arrest.

#25 Rapper Mugshot – Young Jeezy

#25 Rapper Mugshot - Young Jeezy

In 2006, Jeezy (Jay Jenkins) and his crew were allegedly involved in a shootout in Miami. When police pulled them over, they found a Semi under his seat and another pistol near his armrest.

Not sure what happened with this case, but apparently Jeezy didn’t do any time for it.

#24 Rapper Mugshot – Snoop Dogg

#24 Rapper Mugshot - Snoop Dogg

In November of 2006, Calvin Broudus aka Snoop Doggy Dogg aka Snoop Scorsese was arrested at Orange County’s John Wayne airport when they found a collapsible baton in his luggage.

Can you imagine Snoop beating someone with a baton?

I would pay to see that.

#23 Rapper Mugshot – 2Pac

#23 Rapper Mugshot - 2Pac

In March 1995, Tupac Shakur was arrested in NY for felony sexual abuse of a female fan.

He got sentenced to 1-1/2 to 4-1/2 years for the incident.

#22 Rapper Mugshot – C-Murder

#22 Rapper Mugshot - C-Murder

Corey “C-Murder” Miller, is currently serving life in prison for 2nd degree murder.

Brother of Hip-Hop mogul Master P, C-Murder was arrested in 2002 for killing a 16 year old fan.

He was already convicted of the murder in 2003, but his case was later overturned, and he was retried.

He has a separate attempted murder charge in 2001, for which he received 10 years.

#21 Rapper Mugshot – Mysonne

#21 Rapper Mugshot - Mysonne

The future was looking bright for Mysonne in 1999. He had a album stealing verse on the Violator compilation. NY was buzzing over this new Bronx rapper.

But then he was convicted of 2 armed robberies (which he still maintains he never did), and was sentenced to 7-to-14 years at the Orleans Correctional Facility in Albion, NY.

H was released in 2006 after serving 7 long years. His single ‘Hmmm’ is currently signed to SRC records.

#20 Rapper Mugshot – Ja Rule

#20 Rapper Mugshot - Ja Rule

Not exactly sure where this old ass mugshot came from, but in 2007 he was arrested alongside Lil Wayne for gun possession.

Wayne ended up getting 1 year for the incident.

Ja apparently walked.

#19 Rapper Mugshot – Cassidy

#19 Rapper Mugshot - Cassidy

In 2005 Cassidy was arrested and charged with first degree murder.

After serving 8 months, Cassidy was set free.

He released the following statement:

“While I am pleased that I was cleared of the murder charges, my satisfaction is not long lasting, because of the death of someone who I considered to be my friend, Des Hawkins. And while I am eager to resume my career as a recording artist, writer and performer, I am also eager to be reunited with my family, friends and fans.”

#18 Rapper Mugshot – Lil Kim

#18 Rapper Mugshot - Lil Kim

In 1996 Kim was arrested for marijuana possession – which is when this mugshot got taken.

In 2005, Lil’ Kim was sentenced to a year and a day in prison and fined $50,000 for perjury. She was trying to protect her friends who got into a shootout with Foxy Brown’s crew outside of Hot 97.

Considering that the prosecutors were looking for 3 years, she got off easy.

#17 Rapper Mugshot – Chi Ali

#17 Rapper Mugshot - Chi Ali

Remember when Ludacris rapped “I’m young wild and strapped like Chi Ali” in the song “Stand Up”?

In 1999, Chi Ali was a rising rap star. He was part of the legendary Native Tongue family alongside Black Sheep, A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul. He was getting little roles in movies like Strapped.

But then everything went downhill.

He was convicted of murdering the brother of his ex-girlfriend over $300 and a some CD’s. Consequently, he recieved 14 years in prison which he’s currently serving out.

#16 Rapper Mugshot – Ol’ Dirty Bastard

#16 Rapper Mugshot - Ol' Dirty Bastard

In 2001 Russell Jones aka ODB pleaded guilty in April to drug charges and was sentenced to 2 to 4 years in prison.

In July 1999 police found cocaine and marijuana in Dirty Dog’s car after was pulled over for running a red light.

#15 Rapper Mugshot – Shyne

#15 Rapper Mugshot - Shyne

In 1999, Shyne was convicted of assault, reckless endangerment and gun possession for the December 27, 1999 club shooting that involved Puffy and Jennifer Lopez.

Shyne kept his mouth shut and ended up doing 10 years.

When he was set to be released this year, authorities realized that he wasn’t techinically a US citizen and deported him to Belize.

#14 Rapper Mugshot – Bushwick Bill

#14 Rapper Mugshot - Bushwick Bill

In 2004, neighbors in an Alabama Holiday Inn called the police to complain about marijuana smell coming from somebody’s room.

When the police stormed in, they found midget rapper Bushwick Bill with a bag of weed and a loaded 12 gauge shotgun.

Then in 2008, Bill was sentenced to three days in jail for “Chris Brown’ing” a woman in Texas who already had a restraining order against him.

This mugshot came from that incident.

#13 Rapper Mugshot – Bubba Sparxx

#13 Rapper Mugshot - Bubba Sparxx

Most people go to Hooters to look at titties and occasionally eat some wings.

Not Bubba.

In 2009 he was observed by police taking drugs from a man in the restaurant. After being searched, they found anxiety drug Tranxene. Unfortunately he didn’t have a prescription.

#12 Rapper Mugshot – Birdman

#12 Rapper Mugshot  - Birdman

In 2007, Baby’s Tour Bus got pulled over for an illegal lane change. When cops searched the bus, they found over half an ounce of the high-grade chronic, which got all 16 members of the bus arrested.

#11 Rapper Mugshot – Lil Scrappy

#11 Rapper Mugshot - Lil Scrappy

In July of 2008, Lil Scrappy was arrested for stabbing his sister’s boyfriend.

When his car was searched, they found the chronic.

Seems like he pleaded out to probation, because we heard no word of Scrappy going to jail.

#10 Rapper Mugshot – Fabolous

#10 Rapper Mugshot - Fabolous

Not sure where this old-ass Fab mugshot came from, but in 2006 he was shot and arrested in connection to a gun charge.

The charges were dropped in June 2007.

#9 Rapper Mugshot – Pitbull

#9 Rapper Mugshot - Pitbull

In 2007 Pitbull was arrested in Miami for drunk driving.

Before pleading not-guilty, he got to take this great mugshot with his left eyebrow raised ever-so-slightly.

#8 Rapper Mugshot – Soulja Boy

#8 Rapper Mugshot - Soulja Boy

In 2009, Soulja Boy was allegedly shooting a video in an vacant Atlanta house. When the cops showed up, everyone ran.

But a couple of hours later, Mr. Yuuuule tried to come back to the scene to pick up his Range Rover, which is when he got nabbed by the cops.

#7 Rapper Mugshot – Juvenile

#7 Rapper Mugshot - Juvenile

In 2008, former Cash Money Millionaire Juvenile was arrested in Mississippi when police pulled him over and found weed in his car.

#6 Rapper Mugshot – Max B

#6 Rapper Mugshot - Max B

In September of 2009, Charly “Max B” Wingate was sentenced to 75 years in prison for masterminding a 2005 NJ robbery that left one man dead.

Max’s stepbrother received life term + 35 years for his part in the murder.

#5 Rapper Mugshot – Steady B

#5 Rapper Mugshot - Steady B

In the 80’s, Philly rapper Steady B was the man.

But by 1996, as the spotlight began to dim, Steady came up with the great idea of robbing a bank. During the botched robbery, a female police officer was killed.

Shortly after, Steady was picked up, found guilty, and sentenced to life in prison.

#4 Rapper Mugshot – Pimp C

#4 Rapper Mugshot - Pimp C

Although the details of this is sketchy, Pimp C had some sort of altercation where he pulled a pistol out on a female fan in a mall.

He luckily got away with probation.

But in 2002, he was sentenced to 8 years for violating his probation.

After being released in 2005 and having a great run in the music field (even being nominated for a Grammy), he died in 2007 from a syrup overdose.

#3 Rapper Mugshot – DJ Unk

#3 Rapper Mugshot - DJ Unk

In May 2009, Atlanta rapper DJ Unk was arrested.

Rumor has it, it was for an assault charge.

I guess the charges were dropped.

#2 Rapper Mugshot – Shawn Jay from Field Mob

#2 Rapper Mugshot - Shawn Jay from Field Mob

In October of 2009, Field Mob rapper Shawn Jay was arrested for cocaine and marijuana possession.

Not sure how this case worked out, but having no hit records and a cocaine problem is not a good plan.

#1 Rapper Mugshot – DMX

#1 Rapper Mugshot - DMX

Ahh.. DMX aka Darkman X aka Earl Simmons. Definitely no stranger to the jail cell.

Here’s a list of some of the stuff that he’s been arrested for:

July 19, 2008
Phoenix, Arizona
Medical identity theft

July 2, 2008
Outstanding warrants

June 23, 2008
Miami, Florida
Invalid driver’s license

May 9, 2008
Phoenix, Arizona
Drug and animal-cruelty

May 7, 2008

June 25, 2004
JFK Airport, New York
Attempted robbery, criminal impersonation and criminal mischief


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