Original Creator of Matrix & Terminator Wins $2.5 Billion In Lawsuit

After a six year dispute, prolific writer and profound spiritualist, Sophia Stewart has received justice for copyright infringement and racketeering and will finally recover damages from the films, The Matrix I, II and III, as well as The Terminator and its sequels. Yes, you heard that correctly – the entire Matrix & Terminator franchises, and her suspected pay off is expected to be the highest in history – an estimated 2.5 billion.

Her case is a true landmark, and far too uncommon as countless creatives are exploited by the snake-like dealings of the movie industry. Here’s a recap of her triumphant journey by way of George2.0:

“Stewart filed her case in 1999, after viewing the Matrix, which she felt had been based on her manuscript, ‘The Third Eye,’ copyrighted in 1981. In the mid-eighties Stewart had submitted her manuscript to an ad placed by the Wachowski Brothers, requesting new sci-fi works.

According to court documentation, an FBI investigation discovered that more than thirty minutes had been edited from the original film, in an attempt to avoid penalties for copyright infringement. The investigation also stated that ‘credible witnesses employed at Warner Brothers came forward, claiming that the executives and lawyers had full knowledge that the work in question did not belong to the Wachowski Brothers.’ These witnesses claimed to have seen Stewart’s original work and that it had been ‘often used during preparation of the motion pictures.’ The defendants tried, on several occasions, to have Stewart’s case dismissed, without success.

Stewart has confronted skepticism on all sides, much of which comes from Matrix fans, who are strangely loyal to the Wachowski Brothers. One on-line forum, entitled Matrix Explained has an entire section devoted to Stewart. Some who have researched her history and writings are open to her story.”

Although it’s long overdue, and buried in large part by the media machine, Stewart has finally received official credit (and hopefully financial settlement by 2009) for her prodigious contributions to both Hollywood, and the world for her ground breaking sagas, both the Matrix & Terminator franchises. Let us hope that this landmark ruling provides a measure of hope for other ripped off screenwriters seeking justice even if only by way of public recognition.

To echo her 2004 victorious press release:

‘The Matrix & Terminator movie franchises have made world history and have ultimately changed the way people view movies and how Hollywood does business, yet the real truth about the creator and creation of these films continue to elude the masses because the hidden secret of the matter is that these films were created and written by a Black woman…a Black woman named Sophia Stewart. But Hollywood does not want you to know this fact simply because it would change history. Also it would encourage our Black children to realize a dream and that is…nothing is impossible for them to achieve!’

We’d like to believe that the justice she received was not in name only, and she is able to reap the benefits of her enormous creative contributions.


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243 responses to “Original Creator of Matrix & Terminator Wins $2.5 Billion In Lawsuit

  1. ILOVEMONEY!!!!!


    • Glenn G

      in it it says that she is a black woman why is it that any time n e thing happens it has to be brought up as something of a racial matter… why even say she is “black at that” ….. dumb ass journalist..

      • carlos aguas jr.

        because it’s the truth. most people would argue that this would not have happened if steward would’ve been a white male.

      • TheTRUTHx1000

        NO U R the “Dumb ASS”!

        You need to really check the history of this country and you’ll see that a lot of inventions, creations or works of art have been ripped off from minorities.
        However you choose to believe the propaganda that’s handed to you!

        The fact is if she was “WHITE” they would have been drooling at the mouth asking her what else does she have in that wonderful brain of hers!

        However you choose to eat the bull$h!t the masses feed you simply because they tell you it’s caviar!!!!

      • EmpreZion

        FUCK YOU cause she black that’s why! yall want everything! whites aint shit first of all. Steal everything then want all the credit! even stole jesus from black ! Our concept and story got all fucked up as everything cause our weak as genes created and invented you mother fuckers! yea i said it and mean it – trust and note that!
        we afrikons hate yall and taking back what’s our!
        Her verdict is just the beginning!

      • VoiceofReason

        Empre Zion, your hatespeech is not needed or wanted here. As a proud Black woman myself, I find your poor grammar, poor spelling, unintelligible ranting, unfixed wrath and absolute unreasonable loathing of all races beyond African-American to be far more damaging to the image of Black people in this nation than anything the Caucasians have done. We were Kings and Queens once, members of the most educated, powerful, beautiful nation in the ancient world. We will never attain even a shadow of that if young Black men and women behave like common gutter trash. Respect yourself enough to behave.

      • RMV

        You may notice J K Rowling doesn’t have that problem.. wonder why?

      • Natalie

        It is important for history to be recored correctly, at a time when we can still taste the bitterness of racism and hatred; it’s important to mention the race because otherwise it would go unaddressed. The journalist is not stupid, but you’re perspective is narrow.

      • Take a Bow

        u really have no clue of what country you live in. Yes raise plays a big part of it because popular belief is that no way a Black person can come up with something so sci-fy(ish) and futuristic as this. Most Black movies are centered around a bunch of jestering and that is what this country and the world knows blacks for (singing, dancing, acting a fool, comedies and be an athlete). They robbed her of her own visions and creativity for a possible movie

      • Melikia

        No tht is credit, where it is DUE! Anytime there is achievement in other races the color banner and flag wave high. So hate or love it, the under dog is on top. And so I’m not being tht sticky finger lying thief, those were 50’s lyrics. See how it works hun, credit where it is due?

      • GaryC

        I think you may have missed the mark here. People are getting ripped off all the time and I think that criminals in general are largely indiscriminate in who they choose to rip off. If a thief chooses a victim its because of the amount of cash involved and the ease of the target, not because he/she wants to get revenge on a sector of the community they despise.
        The journalist here has raised the race issue to make a story where there was none. The Wachowski Brothers are of Polish descent and have a very complicated religious background (including some Hindu influences) but the journalist hasn’t chosen to mention any of this, instead preferring to imply that they a racist thieves. The real story is fascinated but it has been overshadowed by the appalling attempt to turn it into a race-row.

      • Joey Coco

        Because race is ALWAYS an issue….in every aspect of life! And WE (black folks) weren’t the ones who initiated it nor continue to perpetrate it!

      • Unknown

        Cause your dumb asses like you doesnt have the slightest idea all the injustice has come upon the black and that has happened to this race and black is also mentioned cause idiots like you think we are incapable of such a GOAL.

      • aaron

        because that’s incredible that an amazing movie that supposedly two white guys made and billions of white guys flocked to has at it’s core the heart and mind of a black woman. You don’t see a bunch of small town midwest white boys getting excited to go out on a friday night to watch the Color Purple. They don’t come in to school Monday morning and say “Oh man! Did you see The Color Purple?

      • Dwight Gray

        U couldn’t be from America and ask such a silly question.

      • Glenn G:

        History has proven that African-Americans for so long have NOT received credit for the building of this country on our backs. You’ve probably been brainwashed to believe that White people created everything, right? Silly rabbit! LMAO!

        From slavery until the present time, people like the Wachowski Brothers oftentimes steal from our people in record numbers. This story sheds MORE LIGHT. They try to discredit my people. So to mention that she is African-American just tells the story that she recognized her own work and that she was not going down without a fight. That sad part about it all is that they knew that they were wrong but they continued to waste the court’s time with frivolous rebuttals. The attorneys defended this nonsense. Her original work was copyrighted! Come on! She proved it IMMEDIATELY YET THEY CONTINUED to fight her tooth and nail.

        Why the hell would you DEFEND lies? Any who, I commend this woman for standing up. So to me her gender, race and tenacity are very important to mention!

        It provides inspiration!

      • NG

        Because WHITE PEOPLE are always trying to hide the fact that blacks do contribute a lot in a positive manner and because of ignorant people such as yourself we must remind you that good journalism gives ALL the facts otherwise its DUMB ASS JOURNALISM!

      • Why r we the only people on this planet that can’t complain, or even comment abt the trials, and tribulations that we suffer by day, by months, years, or even centuries????? But, I promise you this about to change!!!

      • Earl

        Because society never give african americans the credit they deserve. Society loves to put a white image on every thing. Did you know the majority of things you use today was invinted by black people? Hell there would be no Ford motor company to day if it wasent for a black man who help the original owner redesign the companys motor to compete with chevy and other car makers! This is the type of stuff that white people aka society hids from the public! Give credit where credit is due not just to blacks but to EVERYONE!!!

      • Red Rocket

        I agree with you glenn
        the fact she is black and female shouldnt matter
        hollywood steals from everyone

        there have been white males who have had their stuff stolen too

    • Johnny

      Why is (or was) this not FRONT PAGE NEWS!!!!

      Are there any efforts to reach the mainstream media? Otherwise; we’ll never be able to bring our ideas to the front!!!

    • That’s right minorities have contributed tons and tons of movie,art and music! just comes to show that money drives people to take from those who are the true creators…I think I will be boycotting all their movies when they come out in theaters…dirty dirty bastards…..lmao….shadiness is the new corporate mod do

    • Correction: Black Woman’s idea!

    • She did not, and has not won the case. She did win the right to have her case heard…that’s all.

      • Mu'adh Nafees

        I listened to Ms. Stewart’s interview and she did when the case and is a very intelligent and not to humble of a sister. She is a genius and she knows it. she says she is making the Matrix 4 and even tells some of the plot. She is the real deal.

  2. Nihki

    Incredible, wow she is a freakin genius TALK about ambitious!!!! It’s tacky hollywood can’t bow down to us. who would have knew a black women is the mastermind behind brilliance: The Matrix and Terminator her mind and thought process is far futuristic….Just saying!

  3. URKiddingMe

    You bloggers just make this crap up as you go along don’t you. Just another internet rumor.

    • hatingassracistwhitepeople

      All these racist ass white fucks on here need to quit hating and stop stealing. We were here before all you murderous fucks. Go back to your cave. You don’t belong here. You’ve stolen from everybody and claim it as your own and hide the facts cause you know you don’t have the creative ability as we have. The Pyramids, music, The Matrix. What are you gonna steal next? That’s why the sun is gonna melt your fucking skin. Genetically degenerate pale ass fuckers. That’s right I said it! What the fuck you gone do?

      • shane

        I love it that is so funny. You know we shouldnt hate their time will come.

      • George

        It is a rumor. Go to Snopes. It has been proven false.

      • youknow?

        you sound just as bad as a KKK member with all of that hatred. not a good look homey

      • cynthia young

        YES! YES!! WELL SAID

      • Brewskie

        lol, too funny, always trying to blame other people for things, why dont you stop blaming people and focus on your own lives, your always so caught up in who else is doing what and who’s talking shit about you, why so insecure? Just shut the fuck and deal with the world like the rest of us. You fucking people never stop bitching about shit. Im white, I havn’t had an over exceptional life, or stolen anything and called it my own…? So who the fuck are you to label all of us murderous fucks, I certainly have never murdered anyone.

        And im not going to do anything cuz I cant, were on the internet incase you havnt noticed, internet tough guy…

      • Garlene

        The information is false and outdated.

  4. Derrick Mitchell

    Can anyone shed a credible link to validate this? So far I haven’t seen anything to show she one the case.

    • L

      “One”<–Incorrect (WON) as you state "means to be successful or victorious in. WON <—- is the correct spelling. And they wonder why America's education is down the tubes.

  5. Ann

    Okay DM, I think you meant to say “she WON the case”….if you kept up with current events, or any, this is been in the news since The Matrix and the Terminator hit the airways. Also, hit MSNBC search engine or JURISTA where all federal lawsuits by state are public record..it’s there. It’s not the end of the world, just fact. It isn’t the first time and damn sure will not be the last. Some are just afraid of the unknown, instead of cutting a person in, they rip them off.

    • Dave

      Actually, she didn’t win. Her case was dismissed in 2005 after she failed to show up for a preliminary hearing and failed to produce any evidence, whatsoever, in her favor. http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/matrix.asp

      • jpunique

        You’re wrong. Her own attorneys did not notify her of the court date so she fired them. They were bought off. She was, however, able to get another court date and she did win. She had a radio interview afterwards discussing it. I notice that whatever proof we have, white people will continue to try to disprove black people when it comes to our talents, skills, inventions, and heritage. I feel sorry for you people. The MSM won’t cover it for the most part because Warner Bros. was involvedj in the theft and they own the media. In fact, I sent an email asking Oprah why she never covered it, but she’s owned by the Ashkenazi Jews too.

      • qwaqwal

        The Globe subsequently posted the following correction:

        In reference to the recent article entitled “Mother of the Matrix Victorious,” some information has been deemed misleading. Ms. Sophia Stewart has not yet won her case against Joel Silver, Time Warner and the Wachowski Bros. The decision on October 4th enabled Ms. Stewart to proceed with her case, as all attempts to have it dismissed were unsuccessful. Ms. Stewart’s case will proceed through the Central District Court of California.

        Thanks, The Globe Staff

  6. Guardian II

    I’d bet 2.5 Billion that the two brothers who stole the Matrix and Terminator are of
    Askanazi decent. Stealing, it’s what they do. They can’t help it. Stealing is in there
    DNA. Just like they have tried to steal the Hebrews Israelite identity and Land!

    Rev.: 3: 9 Those who say they are Jews, but who are not. But are of the synogouge of Satan.

    • yep!! great bible verse as well… wish more people knew of the true Israelites 🙂

    • ayalove

      nail on the head Guardian II, often i have to remind myself not to hate a certain people, because it’s happening in many places in the world, banks-corporations-governments encourage this, happening here in the states in many ways, happening right now on this post, people getting aggressive towards each other, angry, sending out hate

      we need to listen to each other, really listen, turn off tv, smash them if necessary, hang out with family-friends-neighbors more, stop walking in circles and put our masks down and walk away from the horror world they have created which we have unknowingly participated in,

      find a way to wake up, people in the real world are ready for God (force, field, higher power, creator, etc.) Love is all we are…

  7. Ian Bourne

    Um, case proceeding not yet won, since 2004

  8. Ann

    Sorry, case won 2004, started file 1999.

  9. I had put a link from Snopes, accredited Myth-Buster but I guess you do not acceot their TRUE result?

  10. urban legends

    Rumors, however cannot change the facts: Sophia Stewart, the self-alleged mother of The Matrix, lost the trial in 2005. The case was never reopened, and although the author has enough supporters to state the contrary, there is no evidence that The Matrix was inspired by The Third Eye.

  11. Carolyn

    Oh My Gosh! I must meet Sophia. Everyone who knows me knows about my thing with The Matrix. I indeed had heard about the movie being stolen at least 5 years ago, but I couldn’t find any info. At last. I absolutely must meet her and talk to her. This is an answer come true.


  12. jonathan cayol


    • **SHE IS A ANNOINTED CHILD OF GOD WHOM BELEIVES IN JESUS AND HE WILL ALWAYS SEE TO IT THAT HIS CHILDREN ARE TAKEN WELL CARE OF ** If he makes sure that they are taken care of, does that include making sure that they are educated enough to compose readable text with all the good stuff like grammar and punctuation? If so then I would start praying if I were you because you have been sorely neglected.

      • jpunique

        Typical. When you can’t win you resort to insults. I understood perfectly what was said, so what’s wrong with you?

      • watchfuleye

        Hey English scholar. Why aren’t you hanging out somewhere more scholarly. I bet you could give God a couple of english lessons.

  13. Clizzy

    It’s funny to me how many people come out of the woodworks to attack this woman without really understanding her phlight. I’m not sure of the exact court proceedings but have seen links to various sites which suggest the case was dismissed for lack of evidence. The woman still stands by her statements and let it be know there are no statute of limitations on a fraud case. She has plenty of supporters to back her up but I believe the real evidence lies in the book. Read that then make your comments. I am currently looking for it and can’t find it on any major sites. I think I’m gonna try scribd. These movie companies do it to people everyday. They specialize in f&^(ing people in th @$$ and making millions off of other people’s ideas while the offer the real authors pennies. Look what Steven Stealsburg did with Paranormal Activity. These kids didn’t even get 50k and the movie made millions! We the people need to stand up for each other and stop believing the crap the media peddles to us cuz guess what? The same guys who own the movie companies……..own most of the media outlets! Believe that!

  14. I came across this information a few years back – but I couldn’t find much online about it then….

    Glad that her persistence paid off – literally and figuratively

    @ GLENN G – it is very necessary to acknowledge number one that she is a Nubian (Black… Afro-American… or whatever)

    because so often OUR creations are stolen and reserved to us as if we don’t know our own flavor….

    so sit back and savor…
    this soul sista who is truly from the salt of the earth

    I know seeing the Matrix opened my mind to my immeasurable potential –

    the same year the Matrix can out I submitted some of my poetry to Def Jams, Def Poetry Jam Anthology

    and I was excepted, the ONLY Texas poet included.
    The courage I connected with was seeded in seeing the Matrix.

    think what that means for the children who look like me across this country-

    i know that kind of thing scares a lot of you….

    educated – motivated – on fire – creative – youth of a Darker Hue….

    Pure Beauty!

    the spoon is not bending… it is you…
    so…. do you want the red pill or the blue pill?


    • racist blacks

      racism comming from blacks bout whites seem to be ok. Why is that?

      • Racism of any kind is not OK that’s why I served in the armed forces. If this woman is the Creator of these two hits than justice must be served.

      • jpunique

        It’s not called racisim, it’s called truth. Take a look at history. Not the one that white America has written, but the true history.

      • watchfuleye

        It’s not really ok, but it’s a vent. When you don’t have the power ,resources or support of the mainstream, but you are constantly fed junk, you will eventually throw-up or die. Is it really racism when you don’t have the power or control. Or is it a cry of pain?

      • Why use a racist term (racism) to describe a reaction to the same. Stagnation has occurred and all we do is draw on each other, rants, guns, blame. White angst is rising now, because middle and lower class whites are experiencing what has been our life since supposed emancipation, which was nothing more than a cover to steal the South’s wealth and what better way to deflect fault but to distract with racism and blame the very neighbors who got got!

  15. neocarl

    Why does Amazon show her book: “The Third Eye,” with her name and the subtitle: “The Mother Of the Matrix?” Couldn’t Amazon get into legal trouble, if this were not true?

    • jpunique

      Bravo! You have to understand that white people are not trying to find the truth because they don’t want to believe it – plain and simple.

  16. Congrats Sophia Stewart!!!!!!!!!! This is long over due!

  17. coreyvv

    She has not won the case yet.. this is false!!! Case was dismissed back in 2004!! What she did win was for the case to be heard again!! Basically overturning the dismissal ruling!!

  18. George

    Why make things racial?

    • W'ever

      WE didn’t make it “racial”….if you want to be technical. WE never did. From the moment those who came before us were denied basic human rights, “THEY” did. Excuse us if we seem a little bitter and jaded from being treated like shxt and having others steal/take credit for everything from the traffic light and rock n’ roll to peanut butter.
      And please stop linking to Snopes. THEY ARE NOT ALWAYS ACCURATE, AND ARE NOT THE BE-ALL END ALL SOURCE OF INFORMATION. Good fxcking grief.

      • racist blacks

        so were u denied all these rights yourself! hell no so shut up! im sick of hearing this shit. U have a black president!

      • pv2 collins.us army. black man

        having a black president doesnt mean shit..its the people of the country that make the difference. and as for you being tired of hearing about salvery and hardships of not only blackss but people of a darker tone..kill yoself…our voices will allways be heard so that our children’s children are aware of what happened and to know that they shall never go through the same

      • jpunique

        Well said!!

      • roflmao

        *shakes head* first I’d like to say, always remember the past as to not repeat mistakes in the future. secondly, white black or rainbow, its human nature to discriminate and take advantage, a separated people is a controlled people. blacks way back in the day use to make raids and enslave, hell most of the slaves brought to america where bought from african tribes, only during the end of the height of the american slave trade did lighter skinned people start capturing them, and egypt enslaved the jews. as long as the different races of the middle and lower class see themselves in racial terms, that’s all races, and not remembering that without whites working with blacks, slavery may still have been practiced to this day, everyone gets screwed. and people in power don’t care what color your skin is, if they can gain an advantage, they will, if you think white writers aren’t taken advantage of as well, along with Latino and all others, you truly are racist. yes, if its true, this woman deserves her credit. but i’m white, if you want to call me racist and lump me in with your hatreds, my african-american wife would like you to go take a flying leap. she is african born and traveled the world. most of our friends are not from the US. and according to the rest of the world, its the american youth as a whole that likes to act like gangsters and bad asses that give us a bad name, and the adults who allow it. its the disrespect they are allowed to show to their elders and their arrogant belief that they are owed something. sorry black america, america in general, you are owed nothing except a fighting chance. get used to it, its all you’ll ever get if you insist on blaming the mistakes of the few on the many and continuing to drive wedges instead of mending bridges.

      • Val Johashen

        R. E. B. E. L!!.

  19. Hmmmm?

    Maybe we should ask Oprah to cover it. If its actually true.

  20. Miz

    I used Lexis Nexis (paid subscription, searches all the world’s press since 1980)….and no mention of this.

    Someone keeps bringing this back up.

    Proves you can’t believe everything you read on the internet.

  21. I’m sure that other sci-fi fans out there would love to read some of her work. Can you provide some published titles besides the “Third Eye”?

  22. Gabriel N

    The fact that the only photo that exists of her is a Polaroid from 1979 discredits this.

  23. hatealluracistblacks

    the basic story line is what she created. Thats it! not the awesome matrix movies or even the terminator movies either. So pay her out n move the fuck on! Black is not the issue! Blacks want to make it a black thing. What things aren’t even enough. shit u have the presidency!!! Dont turn everything into it being black!!! Lately i see more black racists then white.

    • Amanda Scott

      “blacks” cannot be racists. “Blacks” don’t hate white people because they are white, but because of the way “whites” have treated them. What is the “White man’s excuse for hating “blacks”…jealousy. I am embarrassed to be white. Major kudos to this woman.

      • roflmao

        lmao, really? that statement sounds racist. its impossible for african americans to be racist huh? I’m 27, and have an african american wife, I’ve never tried to keep anyone down or repress anyone, but I’ve definitely been told I’m hated for the color of my skin. you’re a disgrace to the human race you wannabe non-racist.

    • missshy8675

      I’m not sure why you or the other guy that I read a response from keep saying that “we”have a black president. He is the president of the US, not just for black people. This is the reason why can never grow as a country.

    • tiff

      America has a black president but the country is still full of vile racists.We dont hate white people in anyway were just sick of the persecution and want to be treated like everyone else is,even i myself cannot understand what it is we do that is so wrong to have people treat us this way

      • roflmao

        are you the speaker for afro-americans? cause I can go down the street and get yelled at by some afro-americans that will tell me flat out that they hate me cause I’m white. lmfao.

  24. Guest

    It would appear that she is not mentioned on wikipedia at all concerning the Matrix franchise. That should be corrected by someone who knows more than I on the subject.

    • jpunique

      It has not been corrected on any of the websites that’s why it’s called a mass coverup. Warner Bros. was part of the original lawsuit and they own practically everything. That’s okay though because she’s getting what’s rightfully hers $2.5 million plus. Kudos to Sophia Stewart.

  25. Rose Townsend

    History as we know it. I bet they even tried to make Ms. Steward look crazy. Sad thing is her lawyers will get the most of the money, not that they shouldn’t be paid but what else can we do? ONLY IN AMERICA.

  26. Not DAN

    This is so stupid. get over it. Black white red yellow. We all suck. If you are hung up on the race issue you suck more.

  27. JAH

    This is false.

    • qwaqwal

      The Globe subsequently posted the following correction:

      In reference to the recent article entitled “Mother of the Matrix Victorious,” some information has been deemed misleading. Ms. Sophia Stewart has not yet won her case against Joel Silver, ime Warner and the Wachowski Bros. The decision on October 4th enabled Ms. Stewart to proceed with her case, as all attempts to have it dismissed were unsuccessful. Ms. Stewart’s case will proceed through the Central District Court of California.

      Thanks, The Globe Staff


  29. Good for her. This is an amazing story of triumph over hugh corps!!

  30. TheTruthHurtsAmerica

    I personally spoke to Sister Sophia Stewart back in March of 2005 via telephone conference. She was coming to Los Angeles on official business. She also agreed to do a videotaped interview with a film director friend of mine which did take place at a Public Access television studio in Hollywood, California. She showed up a day later than the interview was scheduled with security force in tow for safety reasons. She had received numerous death threats for having the courage to publicly speak out against the greedy, cowardly powers that be who stole her material, changed the names and profited handsomely for such a great cleanup job. Bottom line, you can sweep dust under the rug all day long for centuries, but the dust will still be there when you lift that rug up, and the american corporate system has always hated having its skirt lifted up, especially when the people doing the lifting are people of color. The fact that your everyday run-of-the-mill broke ass, overly sensitive caucasian victim of class-ism who are just as enslaved by a corporate system that doesn’t give a fuck about them these days feel the need to speak from a moral soapbox about getting over race-ism…..is maniacally hilarious at best.

  31. Sophia Stewart is a crackpot. Most of those ideas she mentions post-date Dune by Frank Herbert where many of those same ideas stem from. Did the Herbert estate sue these movies? This story for some reason keeps popping up and just cares to show how ignorant we can be about the information we collect and disseminate.

  32. 5thElement

    When this article was published, the court case had not been closed or even tried, she missed the court date…

  33. jim

    False she never won anything….

  34. Kemo

    The topic was interesting, I was about to share it on Facebook until you brought races “encourage our Black children to realize a dream ” ….. garbage, you are the ones who encourage racism by constantly mentioning in all single issues and topics, …. and if it was relevant to talk about minorities, what about Asians, Latinos? do they count? LAME. Lets end the racism dog and a pony show, if you do not want to interact as a intelligent person fine, but do not poison your children’s hearts (please), by telling them all others hate them because of color, which not only is false but wrong. Do not lie to your kids.
    Apologies to all my intelligent black friends, the comment is just for the a-holes who still use on the racism card as joker for all situations.

    • cherry

      yeah you’re just another moronic racist, who seperates good blacks, those who kiss your ass, and ‘bad blacks’, those who stand up for themselves and tell racists like you to go to hell.

  35. Kemo

    By the way, I did not like any of those movies and I believe that the main attraction on both as the special effects not the plot… Ask your friends what they remember…. hasta la vista Baby.

    • marlon

      By the way simple ass kemo, plenty of people were interested in the actual STORY and not the damn special effects. What movie out now doesnt have special effects?? who gives a damn about that… more movies need a story plot of some sort so dumbass kids wont walk around thinkin they can emulate what they see if films…think about that kemo, or whateva the hell yo name is

    • jpunique

      Truth of the matter is she wrote only the first one. Warner Bros. did the other two Matrix movies on their own, which is why they made absolutely no sense. They didn’t know where to go from there because they did not write it. As for the Terminator, same thing. She was informed by the FBI that the Terminator was stolen from her because she hadn’t seen the movie. Wake Up People!

  36. Bumble Bea


  37. i think she has a brilliant mind …. congrats on the decision

  38. Brandedwisdom

    Racial tension aside, she didn’t win anything. The lawsuit was thrown out once, and she was given permission to proceed in 2005. Her saying they stole her idea is like the Egyptians and Persians attacking Christianity for stealing the idea of the virgin birth and messiah.

  39. Madeleine

    This isn’t just a racial thing. It’s the same story anywhere in the world; there are always those people who are incapable of creating ANYTHING original themselves who, instead, learn how to GRIFT from the works of others as a means of becoming Rich and Famous…AND, being seen as “Creative Genius”… Someone mentioned J.K. Rowling…. and NO, this did not happen to her and she (at one time) was a single mother living on welfare in the UK. The difference is… whether she was white, black, blue, green or purple… the racial climate in the UK and a lot of other nations is very different than it is here. Sadly, there is a difference in what information is available to people of various enthnicities, and an even bigger difference in how some ethnicities may be open or closed off, by CHOICE, to education and information. YES, many Black people are taken unfair advantage of in this country….but it happens to people of ALL ethnicities….ALL. And, SOMETIMES, Black people (and other ethnicities, to be clear) CHOOSE NOT to involve THEMSELVES in opportunities that DO EXIST…..EQUALLY in THIS Country. It’s a double-edged sword…. there are options out there and if you value yourself and your work, you overcome the element of “not wanting to” become involved with people who may or may not consider you an equal. Case in POINT….Oprah !!!!!!! Enough SAID…

  40. Sophia

    This is an old hoax that keeps resurfacing

  41. Errol Gee

    I know they settled out of court and she got a big payoff re: the Matrix Movies, but The Terminator? I don’t think so … unless she was writing scripts in the 60’s the Terminator was based on two Outer Limits The ‘Glass Hand’ & I think the other one was called Soldier!

    I am also a black male but I know that using racism to fight racism and lies to fight lies doesn’t help! Mis-information is worse than no information at all remember a ‘little’ knowledge is dangerous … do your research!

  42. Janet

    please check ‘snopes’… this is supposedly a hoax

  43. GetItRight


    I must say, as an African-American I am disappointed at the lack of research of the creators of this website and the supporters of this incorrect information. I followed this story since I found out about it many moons ago. There is no hard evidence that supports what this page is saying.

    So many stories relate in some way to each other. It’s pretty hard to come up with something that is truly original these days. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, it’s just that almost everything has been thought of! Just because there are some similarities in one story to another story doesn’t necessarily mean that it was stolen.

    As far as the racist remarks on this page – it’s pretty sad. When will people realize that in our generation, we have no reason to hate each other? Whatever happened hundreds of years ago should be left in the past. People also need to realize that for the most part, it’s not a racist thing – it’s all about finances. If you’re rich you’re treated better. If you’re poor, then everyone shits on you. The only color that really matters today is green. If you don’t realize this, then you are completely oblivious to what is really going on.

  44. Curt Gindratt

    Can i get 2,000 . It would help out so much .

  45. james ross

    you guys keep saying congrats on the decision, but there has not been a decision, she has not won anything..

  46. The Truth

    Here you go idiots. Don’t believe everything you read.

  47. anonymous

    There are some racist fucks on here. How is it that a man who is half black can become president but the rest of the black community can’t take the blame for their own problems. I love how you can turn every subject into a racially driven subject, and every problem into a problem created by the white man.

    Grow the fuck up, take some damn initiative, and do something with your fucking life.

    • jpunique

      Our problems stemmed from the white man. We were kings and queens in our country, on our continent. You grow the fuck up and learn the true history of what your people stole and the consequences of it. And guess what, I’m not a racist I just hate it when dumb fucks like you make statements like that.

  48. Good for her, but really?

    Good for her! However, I truly doubt that it had anything to do with her being black. Please, people! Hollywood takes advantage of ANYONE it can. Don’t use that for an excuse.

  49. Seriously?

    Having read some of the comments here it’s no wonder the opinions people from outside the US of A have about those living there.
    We have hate, racism, maybe even sexism, poor spelling/grammar and whatever else.

    The only reason for people to be judging on race and making such comments is because of their own low self-esteem. They try to feel better about themselves by making degrading remarks about others, putting in so much effort into writing a comment on the internet. WINNER! That’s really going to make the world a better place, free of such hatred.

    I can bet how many I’m going to get on this reply too.
    Now since you’re so clever, you guess my race and gender

  50. Gqsmooth98

    I can’t believe Hollywood let this go on for so long, I mean, all the Terminator series and Matrix was a stolen idea? How could the people who stole her idea even sleep at night, actually I would sleep pretty good at night with billions in the bank but it wasn’t theirs to have/keep. This is huge, black, white, orange, purple, blue, justices is justice, it does not see color. I just hope she uses all that money for some good use and not blow it like professional athletes we’ve seen time and time again.

    Madam, you could start it by throwing me some money so I can go back and finish school. I promise to pay you back. You probably dont care sitting on your golden throne now. Thought I’d just put it out there.

  51. HOTCH

    The whitey be stealing again! Always look’n out for their greedy selves. They even steal from other whitey too. The white dude who invented the intermittant (sp) windshield wiper had to sue FORD and GM and he finally got paid $20,000,000. It took 20 years but he got paid. When whitey steals from you (white or black) get em in the court room – it’s all they understand. Maybe has more to do with green – the color of money – than anything else?

  52. Neo-gro

    She never won anything. This story is faker than tits on a Vegas stripper. Of course, that doesn’t mean anything to the conspiracy nuts, the religious weirdos, or the race card freaks, who’d rather point and scream “I told you so!” instead of actually doing research on the topic at hand. Anyone whose ever seen the anime “Ghost In The Shell “, read William Gibson’s “Neuromancer”, or Jean Baurillard works know that the “Matrix ” films were based on these sources.

  53. The Conscous One

    @GetItRight-you really need to get-it-right! Here is the real deal on modern, current and past racism. How dare you say it is in the past. Look how our current president is being treated by the culture of the barbaric heart. Get skooled by this social educated doctor.


    • GetItRight

      Is the link contained in your post supposed to sway my opinion on the matter of racism in America? I only posted my thoughts, and you attack me because of it. What does this remind you of?

      In case you decided to just tune in for this presidential term, people have always found some way to criticize every president we’ve ever had. There is always something that they’re doing wrong. Why do you think that is? Anyhow, my point is – Obama is certainly not the first to endure such.

      I truly am sorry that you can only see in black and white. I only speak from experience. I started out life having absolutely nothing.. After doing my best in school (which by the way, I had to use all the financial aid I could get) and being rewarded for my efforts with a well-deserved job, I have more than I will ever need. I will never forget or have disregard for what happened over four hundred years ago, but America has come a long way. However, I am not sorry if I believe that EACH ONE OF US has the power of controlling our own destiny.

  54. I don’t know what to believe!

  55. TheTruthHurtsAmerica

    Assuming she didn’t “win” a decision or it was thrown out doesn’t preclude the fact that the american corporate justice system of this day and age is more flawed than a fucked up haircut from a blind barber. Most cases aren’t appealed but believe that a great many cases were wrongly decided not on necessarily ETHICAL grounds but on PROCEDURAL VIOLATIONS OF PUBLIC POLICY AND DUE PROCESS, i.e. decisions that could’ve been overturned on appeal has they been appealed because the judicial system is run by the most flawed of all lawful instruments, and that is people. It always has been and always will be flawed because people will always be ruled by their emotions, beliefs, and inner personal bullshit at the end of everyday, which is what governs all personal ethics/morals. Whether the emotion was a correct or an incorrect one is irrelevant. Most people have a great deal of common sense and know right from wrong, even if they deny that psychic part of themselves. The problem is that ethical decisions are never impersonal, they are in fact ultra-personal because the human condition is such that feeling is forever married to all logical conclusions. Even when an incorrect feeling is recognized as such, it will be replaced by a correct feeling in the human heart and mind, before that mind arrives at a logical conclusion of correctness. When a group-dominated psychological mental-emotional ethic is what decides 99% of jury trials, a phenomenon known as peer pressure is the final judge and jury of most juries. Most individual jurors are scared shitless to go against the group consensus, even if he or she doesn’t agree with a verdict before it’s announced by the jury group, and that is why the Sophia Stewarts of the world will always be tried and judged a second time by the ignominy (go look it up the word if it’s new to you) of a public who takes its cue from the trust they place in a judicial decision that would’ve seemed utterly outlandish in their minds, had it been decided otherwise. Martha Stewart’s guilty ass was treated better in jail than Sophia Stewart was treated outside of a jail cell, regardless of whether Martha was wrongly tried or not. We won’t get into that discussion though, will we…

    • Dave

      Fortunately, hers was decided on procedural and factual grounds. She had no evidence to back up her assertion, it was thrown out. She didn’t show up because she knew she had no evidence. It’s not racism.

  56. Keith

    First, I am black, Second, she didn’t win anything. Her lawsuit was dismissed. Why does this hoax not die.

  57. Was wondering if anyone has read Asimov? He wrote between 1939 and 1950 several books about the rise of robots and how they take over the world, and how a small human rebellion fights in order to destroy the robots? Sound familiar???? Ah by the way for those who haven’t read his books he also wrote I.Robot…..

  58. hamza

    Greetings, im from South Africa, Durban im starting a local arts project under a non profit organisation that we are trying to get of the ground and i would like to use some of your photo’s, its actistic

  59. hamza

    Greetings, im from South Africa, Durban im starting a local arts project under a non profit organisation that we are trying to get of the ground and i would like to feature this article. so for the first message.

  60. Miss E


    This case is actually very interesting to me, as I would want to be the first to know whether there is a “cover” story going on. So I did my own legal searches. Seems that there was in fact a case– several of them– relating to the matter. Case 1 was for RICO claims against the Wachowski brothers, but that was abandoned to pursue the copyright claims. Case 2 was for the copyright claims, but a summary judgment motion dismissed Stewart’s claims. Case 3 was for malpractice claims against the attorney Stewart thought represented her, but the court dismissed those. There is no brief suggesting that this lawsuit is true. No case either. All litigation ended in 2005. Is there other legal information out there that I’m not finding?

    • John

      Hello Miss E,

      I’ve read all of the posted replies pertaining to Sophia Stewart, and the entire ‘Terminator and Matrix’ fiasco. In addition, I’ve personally tuned into Blogtalk internet radio, when several times Ms. Stewart, has participated in such interviews. All in all, its a real shame, that she was ripped-off, and that her federal court cases are where they are at this time. All that being said, I want convey to you, that I really appreciate your posting regarding your having conducted your own research stemming from your level of interested. I also appreciate the fact, that your post remained focused on the subject at hand, and not go off in an abstract direction. Have a wonderful ‘today.’ Thank you!

  61. dallasfever

    Wish thist was true but this was debunked in 2005 http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/matrix.asp

  62. Jennifer

    Justice had prevail.

  63. Debra

    Why doesn’t the media cover this kind of news. Maybe because it’s positive?

  64. B S

    Maybe the media doesn’t cover this kind of news, because this is bullshit. It’s fake. Do your research Sheeple. http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/matrix.asp

  65. B S

    Moderator: I fully expect that you’ll remove that last comment. Probably because you can’t handle the truth. You wish this were true. You wish it so badly that you will allow the fallacy of it to continue to spread without actually giving a shit of whether or not it is even real. That’s the problem with the internet. The fact that you even allowed this article to be perpetuated on your webpage is shameful at best, and probably has a lot to do with the fact that the article mentions this so called “artistic genius” as being black. Not only black, but black with a capital B. Tell me. If you spread lies about a minority, even if those lies have good intentions, do you not do more damage?

  66. Don’t you see what is wonderful here? True or not, look at the debate and then look at yourselves. Turn your mirrors around and stop projecting, try reflecting. Don’t you get it, she is not the joke, the debate is. If she won or not, what is the real message of this story and in fact of the Matrix itself?

  67. Thats a shame she even has to go through all of this to recover what belongs to her. It is extremely difficult to prove a case like this, i hope justice comes through for her quickly that she doesnt give up, that those who are guilty be shamed into doing the right thing. I dont just see this particular situation as a racial offense but an offense against regular people. Individuals who dont have the money to hire big time lawyers to defend themselves against a large coorporation. It doesnt take a court of law which is usually thoroughly unjust to validate the truth.

  68. TheHippy

    Why didn’t it happen to JK Rowling? Because she stole all HER ideas from Jill Murphy, Alan Garner, C S Lewis, Ursula Le Guin and Diana Wynne-Jones, that’s why!!

  69. I don’t really give a damn about whether she’s black or pink. All I want to know is whether she has any more scripts similar to the Matrix and Terminator franchise that could be made into block busters. because I will be the first in the cue 🙂

  70. First, I am happy that she won this case! It lets Hollywood know that they should stop stealing from artistes and give people human respect. The Wachowski Brothers assumed that it would be easier to rip off a Black woman because this country has a vast and ugly history of devaluing Black women.

    Speaking of this country….Americans usually make themselves look bad! Generally-speaking, Americans are self-indulgent, rude, overly opinionated, immature, disconnected from reality, insensitive, greedy and bullies. I’ve viewed some of the commentary and people here are so off-focus and childish. We are talking about the story of Sophia Stewart standing for her rights against Hollywood and WINNING!

  71. Cali Rivers

    There is a positive spin on this story. I haven’t heard of this author and although her work was stolen it has brought her name to ears who might have never heard of her otherwise. Her work is amazing and now I have someone else to add to the list of POSITIVE BLACK AMERICAN FIGURES! Things happen for a reason. These movies might have never been heard of. In the end she got paid,her name put out there for people to see, and the truth about those brothers REVEALED…

  72. Michael

    How the hell did this women come up with the Matrix when i was the that came up with the idea, the idea of the Matrix was based on a true story, this is bull and i will prove it in court, i am the Warner Brothers Gate Crasher, If you need any answers then speak to Martin Scorsese or Dr, Barry Seedman, Clinical Hypnotherapist

  73. David

    This is bull. Snopes it. Trust me, I bought the ‘The Third Eye’ script like a sucker, half way through I realized it had nothing to do with The Matrix or Terminator, beside some loose mythological ideals that can be traced back to the Creation Myth in the Bible (no, I’m not religious).

  74. Mu'adh Abd Allah Nafees

    You are all arguing over whether she got the money or not, whether she wrote the matrix and do not realize you are still caught in the real matrix. Nationalism, racism,Tell a lie vision, and yes misuse of the internet, all distraction. The constant feeding of more and more materials while they are stealing everything this country has. We will all suffer together and color will what it is, a damn color. Wake up !! and you don’t need a pill to do it.

  75. Jacqui Marteen

    This was unbeknownst to me until a co-worker brought it to my attention. I’m soooo proud that Sophia Stewert received a well deserved payout. Being a creative black woman myself, I too am afraid of submitting certain things for his very reason. I salute u Sophia Stewert.


    Im so happy for her! This is just further proof of how hollywood the media and the government work together to divide the human race and enslave us not to question there information they put out! Question..research and wake up people!!! She finally got her just dues….great job Sophia

  77. JB

    you lie. this never happened. show proof or I’m right.

  78. Richard

    Seriously? Does anyone read snopes?
    Shows that the court decided in a 53 page ruling that her manuscript was nothing like these movies. No one stole anything.

  79. J.T.

    All one needs is the premise–once the premise is acquired, you can write and spin off said premise to infinity. With out her manuscripts the movies would have never been as ground breaking.

  80. john brown

    They are also stealing all of your taxpayers money and sernding it to israel.Guess who is incharge of the federal reserve?

  81. Mama Chocolate

    According to her website http://www.truthaboutmatrix.com She has a press release listed indicating she won a defaulted judment in Jan 2012 in her 150 million dollar lawsuit against Lubell but no amount was disclosed of what she won.



  82. Niccole

    Stop the hate…check out matrixterminator.com

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  84. Good thing that she submitted her scripts to the copy write office.

  85. The president of the US is black. In this age you speak of racism? Its not about the issue of race here they would have done it to anyone. Further to that I’m black and I hate that black people keep holding on to something that doesn’t exist. It only hurts us as a race. Do your thing and be proud success comes to anyone that is determined.

  86. ange

    I have read a lot of the response you have written but I think you have missed the point, Black or white is not the issue, This is copyright laws, this woman wrote the concept and style which was stolen by the studios. This happens all the time and the big players in this game think they have more expensive lawyers so hence they will win any lawsuit (most of the time)… But did you know that at this moment there is a lawsuit over unpaid royalties to J R R Tolkien estate over the ‘Lord of the rings’ NORMAL.

  87. That Black Guy

    Wow, it’s been over 3 years and this blog post is still getting traffic?

    Anyways, not that it’s particularly relevant or anything, but the OPINIONS on this blog post (and I’m purposefully ignoring the slew of the finger-pointing, hatemongering masses that have previously posted their rants — honestly, there’s too much to read) are not incorrect. The ORIGINAL ARTICLE that sparked this post, however, is incorrect in its entirety. Grab a shovel, and do some digging. You’ll find it.

    But, there are a lot of truths to some of the statements made in this post –Namely, that Black people have been disenfranchised since they were stolen to this country over 500 years ago. Whether or not Whites or Blacks are smarter, stronger, better or worse… in truth, none of it really matters. We are all different people, through and through. Now, I’m honestly on the fence about it being pertinent whether or not to mention so directly that she was a “Black woman” in the article, because that, to me, is an intentional spark of starting a racial debate. Those always turn ugly very quickly. I, personally, hate when race is brought up as the “issue” when someone has been wronged. It seems as if the “race card” is always played first. I firmly believe that doing wrong to ANYBODY is wrong, and wouldn’t resort to thinking “Oh, they only did that because he’s Black!” But after reading what [TheTRUTHx1000] stated waaaay up top, I see that it is somewhat necessary. And that’s the truth in this article; though it may not really relate to the actual subject matter, it’s still a truth in today’s world. I’m sure that these things happen to other races and well, and I’m sure that it’s not only White people doing it to minorities. But the truth of the matter is that there are people in today’s world who do only want to see minorities on the bottom. And they won’t give a second thought to stealing a great idea from a minority, because doing so would stifle the growth of that minority’s community. I’ve seen it happen.

    So anyways, this has been long enough. The world we live in could use some work, but if we continue to understand our past, learn from our past, and teach our children about our past, we can point them towards a better, more cohesive, future with others of differing races and cultures.

  88. Daniel

    I wish this was the truth, sadly it is false.

  89. Pebble

    It’s not about racism. It’s about money. And since she is the creator, they now owe 2.5 billion dollars.

  90. Reblogged this on Terry Gotham and commented:
    Create your own work. Don’t steal, be inspired by. And as a final note, stop exploiting black women.

  91. Kambui

    Continue to learn do not accept any one source of information seek and you will find. In addition to the snopes.com info here is an additional link to some more info to assist with perspective.
    Hope this add light to some areas of darkness out there credit to Facebook Reverend Danni

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  93. jeff elmo

    people get so caught up in the little details they miss the bigger clues. now i dont know definitively either way if she won or not but i believe her story and i’ll tell you why…….1st off i saw all of the matrix movies which went downhill after the 1st. the original was genius the second was nothing more than the usual hollywood blockbuster cg fest and the third was horrible trash.
    why such a downward decline from the 1st film?…..maybe because after they stole the original they couldnt go back to ms.stewart for the sequelsand had to use their own ideas. just a thought.
    2nd the lack of media coverage is a big sign that something is going on ,these are two of the most iconic beloved movie franchises in history!!
    whether ms.stewart was lying or not there definitely should have been more coverage and would have been if the powers that be werent blocking it,really think about it. which leads me to believe that the brothers did steal the story and had to pay ms.stewart money.if she lost believe me the media would make sure we all knew about it , she would be ridiculed and shamed.
    the fact that we’ve barely heard anything about it screams that she was paid ,they just dont want us to know remember knowledge truly is power

  94. I’m happy for her…because I’m in the same boat…

  95. I’m happy for her…because I’m in the same boat…

  96. Jade

    The bums, stealing someone elses credit. Thief!

  97. Can you sue someone for being and inspiration to them? silly question…

    I do wonder if she is somehow connected to a person who tried to get me caught up in a rico lawsuit over the matrix.

    I was a part of the original matrix fan club that moved from the Warner Brothers site when they deleted posts without telling the fans they were going to. As some point there was this guy who was pursuing a RICO lawsuit against the production who had emails a few of the members, but with me he had actually called me.

    But this was just a later symptom of what all happened before matrix was released.

    in 1996 I started a web page via mindspring.com (now earthlink) and was on usenet amiga newsgroups looking for programmer help on a project that would be beneficial to the platform. I got a lot of resistance from flamers and trolls and mindspring got a lot of complaints about me but their investigation showed I wasn’t a problem, so those who didn’t like me anywhere on the internet (mindspring investigation communicated this to me) tried to hack mindsprings ticketing bot to make it look like it was me complaining about me, but mindspring knew better. Finally they dropped their “Blue Ribbon Free Speech” stand and ban me to suit the complainers because investigating me was costing them more than what I was paying for their service. I then got an earthlink account which simply didn’t bother with such complaints (eventually they bought out mindspring leaving me with two earthlink accounts..

    Anyways the flamers and trolls and my efforts are all found in dejanews or what is now Google groups (who bought out dejanews.

    Some old news group examples:

    One of my first posts to an amiga newsgroup 1997 (describing the 9 commands of the virtual interaction configuration [parrallel in concept to the main commanders fo the Nebchadnezzar] , after a rant on the software industry deception

    Someone decided to make up a weekly FAQ in effort to discredit me. I tried to find the first posting of this as it was posted many more times and there is plenty more in teh battlement of ….agent smith…. https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!search/tim$20rue$20FAQ$20/comp.sys.amiga.misc/kV3RvOrq1sQ/XB-x4MzXniEJ

    Of course there is my earlier presence on the internet http://threeseas.net/mind/EarlyAmigaInfluence.html

    And eventually I coined “Abstraction Physics” and here is the relationship of the Virtual Interaction configuration to the Matrix characters. http://threeseas.net/vicprint/VIC-basic.html

    Of course there is a whole lot more to all this an d even a why there was an effort to pull me into a law suite. You see there is the copyright process of the writers guild where a work can be copyrighted where to only way to bring out the proof is through a court order. The purpose of this is to address the problem with innocent plagiarizim where someone might read a script or work and then forget about it but some time later, perhaps years recreate it but having forgotten they once read it.. And in the history of me, I had mentioned I knew about this copyright method to some in the software industry. But I didn’t fall for the lawsuit pull simple because…. I didn’t writ the matrix fiction. What I wrote instead is the reality from which the matrix fiction was inspired.

    But in reality the commanders of the Ship cannot be killed off and the reason agent smith lost when he won is because he had to realize he himself is composed of the action constants of the ships commanders.

    There is plenty more expressed in the movies trilogy explainable in terms of reality and computer technology. But know the fiction of the movies was a hollywood effort to dumb down people to this reality about what we all do, all the time. And in this way we are all created equal.

    Did I get anything out of the profits of the trilogy? Of course not! That is not the way hollywood works and the computer industry share the same state.

  98. score 1 people

    1: Sex & Race of writer not relevant 2: It should be connected to Hollywood’s ironic drive to prosecute people for ripping off material… like the Warkowski Bro’s did.

  99. timmy

    She spent it all already, on crack.

  100. Mike

    I think that she is a black woman is very important. As important as the fact that our president is black. There was a time where being black meant you were sub human, and thank god we got passed that, but sometimes there still is a stigma to being black. Alot of under privileged people of color just give up on life and say hey, Im a “nigga” and I live in the hood my life aint going no where(just for example, and it is sad for black people to call themselves niggas). I think it is important to show that the inception of the biggest films of our time were by a black woman. It instills some pride and self esteem and helps to further distance ourselves from the stigma of racial inequalities.



  102. Kelly Lawson

    The article is false. Sad to say. Click on the link: http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/matrix.asp

  103. maria

    Thank God because that’s the only way we gonna get what is owed to our people..like it or not..yes much was stolen..

  104. Sir my project.7000 poor children free education and church make plzmy help plz funds help

  105. amanda

    Yes the truth will always be revieled !!

  106. Fucking Americans always making things about race, the story is not even true you, no wonder you have so many in-house cultural problems!

    • maria

      Almost every damn thing is about race..if you suffered from the hell and the injustice as blacks have..then you’d have a damn better understanding…

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  108. fran

    The mere fact that you talk about her being BLACK brings in a racists attitude . If we stop talking about it , and using that word , just explain to our children why our skin is different live and let live ;;

  109. “Original Creator of Matrix & Terminator Wins $2.
    5 Billion In Lawsuit | The HipHop Consultant” ended
    up being seriously engaging and educational! Within todays world honestly, that is very hard to carry out.
    Regards, Clint

  110. Sherida

    Wow, these comments are obverse to the matter at hand; she WON! She not only won for herself but all other CREATIVES who’ve endured the same injustice!

    No matter her race, religion or gender….SHE WON!!!!! That’s the real message.

  111. Reblogged this on ReluctantAfroAngloFrenchie and commented:
    curious isn’t it…NOT so much

  112. andy


  113. I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your sites
    really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back down the road. Many thanks

  114. Brad

    Music copyright came about because black songwriters like muddy waters Salomon Burke and the early blues was being ripped off by white artist even reggae music ub40 made more money out of reggae music than any black artist. The white profile as always been the selling point in Movies,music,Tv that will change look at the gays one time they had to hide now they are getting married, adopting kids, and you can’t say shit about them or you’ll get locked up

  115. jeff elmo

    i find it amusing when white people tell black people to “get over it” and “racism is over” HA!!! treyvon martin was shot DEAD by a gun weilding cop wanna be in cold blood. the local police refused to even arrest zimmerman saying ” there’s no reason to question his story”.
    does anyone truly believe that had it been the other way around, the police would have given treyvon the same treatment? i can’t wait to see the comments defending zimmerman.
    he had to shoot him, the kid had skittles man!!! skittles are dangerous!!! thank god he had his gun or he might have been forced to taste the rainbow!

    • maria

      Omg you so right.. it’s sad what is going on in our country land of the free…..bs) .. but I love the way ended your comment lol..

  116. jeff elmo

    in this country democracy is a mirage / illusion. if you believe that the government actually follows so called american ideals and cares for you then you are literally in the “matrix”. the powers that be know that to make an illusion seem real …there has to be some element of actual truth integrated into the illusion. so yes we can by our toys and cars and houses and play with our phones and go to the movies etc. etc. because none of that shit really matters. but look at JFK,MLKJR,and MALCOLMX .
    when you get in a position to change the status quo they will discredit you or kill you.Racism is just one of the tools used to keep people apart, remember united we stand and divided we fall. the powers that be dont care about race they care about money and power. they hate the poor and powerless. its not about black vs white its really the haves vs the have nots. you think they care about rednecks just because theyre white? hell no!!! jim-bob might as well be a nigger as far as they’re concerned . PEOPLE WAKE THE FUCK UP!!! RACISM IS THE LEAST OF OUR PROBLEMS . REGARDLESS OF ETHNICITY WE ALL EAT SLEEP SHIT BLEED LOVE HATE AND DIE!!!
    AND WHILE WE BLOG PLAY XBOX BUY I PHONES AND WATCH TV, OUR FREEDOM AND RIGHTS ARE BEING STRIPPED AWAY ONE BY ONE. SOON WE WILL WAKE IN A POLICE STATE UNDER MARSHALL LAW WITH NO MONEY AND NO WAY OUT!!!! the only upside to that is at least then white people will understand and be able to relate to how black people feel everyday in this country

  117. Awake

    I’ve read through a little over three years of posts…mostly full of racist bullshit. Regardless of the source (black, white, hispanic, asian, forgive me if I neglected to mention your ethnicity here, it truly wasn’t driven by any racial angst against the ethnic group that you might identify with). This guy up above, Jeff Elmo…he pretty much hits the nail on the head. I know there’s a lot of angry black people out there, and they want nothing more than to crucify any and every white person they can for whatever reason they can come up with. Being a dirt poor half white and half native american guy, I’m pretty powerless to enforce any change for the better by any show of force, so here, I’m hoping the pen may prove mightier than the sword, or, in this case, the keyboard.

    Let’s look at the facts.

    Ms. Stewart believes she was ripped off, and she has sued as a result. Good for her. If it was true and she won, good for her. If it was false and she lost, I still say good for her, because there was probably some truth in there somewhere, and hopefully it forces the plastic robbers in Hollywood to have a bit more respect toward copyrights and giving credit where credit is due.

    Ms. Stewart is a black woman.

    A lot of people began posting on here, not evenacknowleging Ms. Stewart, but rather jumping right on the ‘attack the whitey’ bandwagon. From that point forward, the meaning of the original post became obscured and mostly lost, being foreshadowed by racial angst, and some fairly strong racist statements made by, not white racists, but black racists. I did note a couple of somewhat hostile reverberation posts made by white people towards the black posts ranting, taunting, pointing fingers, and accusing. I don’t excuse them, but I will say that any action begets a reaction. We all have that capacity, to feel strongly with emotion, and then act on the strongest emotions felt.

    There is only one race for the humanoid species that covers this planet’s surface in a multitude of colors, shapes, sizes, and religions. It’s called the human race. The more accurate and scientific name is Homo Sapiens; even if many of you have elected to behave more like the unevolved Homo Neanderthalis than anything. Amusing that I seem to be the only one who recognizes this fact, that we’re all one race…the human race. I am not a color, and neither are you. I am a human being, and I try to treat everyone I meet as an equal human being…which brings me to the next fact,

    Nobody alive today was alive during the hey day of slavery. It’s unfortunate that slavery ever happened, but it happened. It did not happen to ONLY black people though. The history I remember, shows that whites never went past the ports of africa to collect slaves. They didn’t have to. They were being captured by rival tribes, and then sold to white traders. Maybe toward the end of the days of slavery, whites went deeper into africa, but it was blacks who introduced whites to the concept of owning other human beings as slaves. Want to point fingers? Turn your mirror around. The way blacks were treated from then on, is horrible, but I refuse to apologize for something that I and MY ancestors were not a part of, and furthermore, I refute any claims that I owe anyone anything, black or white. Also, as previously stated, I treat everyone equally, and I resent being lumped in with the small group of elitist whites (and that group really is a small group, but they are also the loudest shouters, so the group looks bigger) that are really no different than those who can’t get past the past. It does seems to be that neither group can get past the past. That tiny group of whites yearns for the old days. The angry blacks would love to do some horrible things to that little group. Personally, if it were up to me, I’d disarm both groups and put them together on a deserted island. Let whichever group is left standing when it’s done come out and rejoin the rest of society.

    Racism happens to more than just black people. That’s why there are slang terms for india indians, asians, hispanics, whites, native americans, and yes, even for dirty half-breeds like me, whom have been told more than once that we should carry our asses back to the reservation. Do I hold it against them for being ignorant? Not really. I had my share of fights in the past. All it proved was how well I could dish out or take a beating, it didn’t change anything else. I simply had to take inner peace in knowing that they will reap what they sow in the end, because in the end, we will all go before Him for judgment, and every word we said, every deed we’ve done, every act we made…will be there, staring us in the face.

    This thread has gone on about three years too long by my count.

    Last Fact is as follows:

    John 7:24. There, Jesus tells us to judge, but to do so righteously. Righteously means to use the Truth of the Word to discern sins and not by appearances only. In 1Cor. 6:2-3 Jesus authorizes us to judge. Judge we must else we could not discern good from bad, proper from improper, righteousness from evil. But judge behavior, not the individual; the deed not the doer; the choice not the chooser. The individual/doer/chooser is accountable for his/her deed/choice, but judge the deed/choice in your judgment. Jesus could see a king in a shepherd boy. And an Apostle in a murderer. So while we must judge one’s behavior we must we try to nurture the goodness in an individual: to separate the deed from the doer.

    (How can you judge all white people, when you don’t know them at all to truly pass any judgment past the color of their skin. Some of you have passed your judgments in your posts, even citing authority of judgment given to you by Him on High, and you ARE encouraged to judge others, as long as it is a just and true judgment.)

    John 8:1 – 11 scribes and Pharisees had caught a woman in the act of adultery (the woman commonly referred to as the prostitute) and told Jesus who was teaching in the temple that the Mosaic Law required she be stoned to death. Trying to make an opportunity of this to trick Jesus that they might accuse Him, they, with stones in hand, asked Jesus what He says about the Law. After Jesus tried to ignore their repeated questioning, He told them “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” One by one each man dropped his stone and walked away.

    So go ahead…point your fingers. Pass your judgments. Make sure your own house is in order when you decide to start though.

    • jeff elmo

      well i mostly agree with what awake has posted, i feel compelled to post a little more.
      while i don’t agree with most of the racially charged posts made by fellow african-americans ( yes i am black, young and from “the hood”)
      i do understand the anger born from pain. awake you are correct when you say blacks are not the only group to experience racism and discrimination.
      but you fail to mention that blacks get it the worse.
      FACT no group wants to be treated like a nigger!!! even other ethnicities treat black people like we are less than them, looking down on niggers seems to be the popular thing to do in this country. we are gunned down unjustly by the same authority sworn to protect us and no one even blinks!!!
      this has happened so many times that its just a part of life in the good ole usa, so much so now regular citizens(white citizens) can gun down black children and not even be arrested!!! furthermore american slavery is NOT the only case of slavery in history BUT american slavery was unique in its methodical break down and brainwashing of a people.
      All of the ignorance,self hatred, materialism, and all around idiotic behavior that has been shown by a lot of my people, IS A DIRECT RESULT OF THE MENTAL ABUSE THAT WAS PLANNED AND IMPLEMENTED DURING THE FEW HUNDRED YEARS OF SLAVERY!!!
      the chinese, the jews, and the native americans at least came through with they’re identities intact! we have been robbed of our true selves to the point where we cant even identify with our brothers and sisters in africa
      we dont know our original language or religion or culture. we identify with the white mans culture and religion and language.
      what the white man did to the natives is too horrible to even describe, but at least those left know who they are. natives have a rich and deep cultural history which they can honor and celebrate, all we know is that we came from africa. also the jews got reparations for all the gold stolen from them during the holocaust and native americans got reservations, HUGE tax exemptions, and casinos.the fact that this country is the youngest but the richest is a DIRECT RESULT OF HUNDREDS OF YEARS OF FREE LABOR!!! and we still havent received our promised 40 acres and a mule.
      Now i don’t advocate racism but i understand.people have to realize that when you hear black people say hateful things towards white people, its coming from a place of pain and anger . and its not anger at slavery, i never experienced slavery like every other black person alive today, but i have been called a nigger,i have had guns pointed in my face by the police for no good reason, i have been fired from a job because i refused to serve a customer who called me a nigger / monkey, i have had to pull my pants down in public and spread my cheeks and lift my sack, i’ve been told by the police that me and four friends could not stand on the mainstreet in a crowd, meanwhile 100 feet from us 15-20 whitekids are in a group loud rowdy and drunk but the cops let them be.

      • Awake

        I agree that you have a lot of reasons, as a people, to be angry, and every right to it. I also agree that blacks seemed to have gotten the shaft in the reparations department. I don’t totally agree that you have lost your identity, but I think you would have to jump through a lot more hoops than what we did, to find it…so many in fact, that it may not seem feasible or even worth it.

        As far as what we lost…I spent some time out in California, and listened to some of the more vocal angry mexican americans complaining about how all tthe white people should get out of north america, and give it back to who they stole it from…the mexicans…and then I’d say “That’s a pretty good idea. Then the mexicans could give it back to the people THEY stole it from…the native americans…and I’ll stay right here, since I’m at least half”. I lost count of the angry glares for that one, but it made me chuckle inside anyway.

        We, as natives, never claimed ownership to the land. How can you own what will consume you in the end? However, we had a way of life. A way of doing things, and it worked. Then along comes paleface, who takes up all the land, claiming it for himself in the name of manifest destiny, much to the bewilderment of my ancestors, and forces the few natives they didn’t rape and murder onto the worst pieces of dirt possible, keeping the plush green valleys and plains for himself, and threatens to kill the rest of us if we don’t stay put on that piece of dirt.

        Tax examptions? We are a sovereign people. We just happen to have our nations (reservations, which are considered a nation apart from the US) landlocked by US soil. Taxing us would be the same as if sending China a tax bill. Your people weren’t the only ones to have the white man’s religion forced onto them either. All natives were forced into church schools and force fed the bible as part of our domestication process, as we were considered wild savages by the civilized, and I use that word loosely, white man.

        A lot of the black people’s sentiment, I can relate to and appreciate, but, here? This forum? They’re preaching to the choir. The few white people who have bothered to respond are nobodies. Preaching to them will not affect any change, and for the most part, those white nobodies…they aren’t the ones keeping people down. 95% of the white people in this country are oppressed and kept down in some form or another too, they just don’t complain about it as loudly, or they haven’t woken up and seen it yet. They won’t wake up until it’s too late, because complacency is bred into them, drummed into their heads in schools, churches, workplaces, and they’re all asleep. I wish I was too. Nothing worse than watching everything around you going to hell in a handbasket, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it or slow it down.

        The real problem in this country isn’t racism, it’s classism. They could do all sorts of things to make racism become a thing of the past, but why try to stop people from being racist, if it keeps all eyes averted from the real problem? Pit the oppressed against the oppressed, divert some blame, and voilla, nobody sees what’s really going on. Our black president? He might as well have been dipped in a bottle of bleach. He’s whiter than most white people. All those ethnic representatives sell their souls on the way to D.C.

        We can debate this back and forth about who had it worse, how, and why, but I believe you are intelligent enough to know that our debate will go nowhere. I will say this much. Take heart, my brother. Their time is coming. They will soon know what all every other ethnic group has endured over the centuries. I give it 20 years before this country is full blown communism in the likes of which would even make the former U.S.S.R. cringe in horror, and that time alotment is being generous. Likely to be a lot sooner. It won’t be too bad at first. Some good things will appear to come of it, but then it would turn bad…it always does. People in power get greedy, and we all pay for it. Don’t fight the white…fight the power.

  118. LynX

    FYI, this story is false – thehiphopconsultant should remove it, so more people don’t forward/spread misinformation (as I did!). For more info see http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/matrix.asp

  119. espa2008

    FYI, this story about Sophia Stewart winning a $2.5B lawsuit is false – you really should remove it, so more people don’t forward/spread misinformation (as I did!). For more info see http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/matrix.asp

    • Awake

      When this thread was started, that might have been the issue, and whether it’s true or false doesn’t matter anymore. This thread took a drastic turn in direction not too long after the first few snopes linkers posted.

      It is my contention that this thread has persisted and continues to spark interest for many of us, not for the matter of Ms. Stewart, but for the matter that a rather heated racial discussion erupted from it, which many of us still follow closely.

      I have seen some fairly obnoxious, and some fairly intelligent posts from both sides of that racial debate, as well as a few neutral posts regarding the race issue. If someone reads through it all and focuses on the racial discussion rather than the matrix creation issue, they might come away with some newfound social awareness on both sides. For that reason, I think the thread should stay.

      • espa2008

        “Whether it’s true or not” certainly DOES matter. Misinformation is misinformation, and leaving this story up destroys thehiphopconsultant.com as a credible source of news (which, I might add, gives racists exactly what they want). Wanting it to stay up purely for the discussion about race in the comments thread is pure ego, and irresponsible. That said, it’s not like this is print news – online editors are more than capable of correcting text anytime – it would not be difficult to add a text disclaimer to the title saying “We have since learned that this story is false, however, we have decided to keep it posted because the comment thread that followed contains a valuable discussion about race.” Simple enough solution, right? So why isn’t it happening?

    • Mu'adh Nafees

      The story is not false as I stated earlier I heard it from her mouth in an interview. It is a shame that the truth is always divided between racial ,political, nationalistic lines. It’s funny the people like the one’s who stole the movies believe and know that we (the people) will act in this fashion, so they get away with the thievery of this like all the time in every aspect of life. Just seek the truth and if you are not sure it is or is not just keep quiet. People speak with conviction on situations they have know true knowledge of, as if how you feel makes you right and not the truth. You should listen to this women speak and you will know that She is no fraud, if you can be partial.

      • espa2008

        Yes Mu’adh, this story is FALSE. So what if you heard it “from her mouth”? Clearly, she lied. If the Wachowskis & Cameron were guilty of violating copyright to the point of being ordered to pay $2.5billion, neither would still be making movies (no investor in their right mind would trust them), and this story would be *all over* the news – no one would question it. Just because you want something to be true, doesn’t make it so.

      • KL

        This story is absolutely false. The court documents are available online. All of this discussion is based on a flat out, boldfaced lie.

  120. jeff elmo

    awake i have no rebuttle , we are on the same page brother.

  121. jeff elmo

    this goes to kl and all of you who swear by your “research”
    have you ever heard the saying trust no ones information but your own? for
    all of this research you are doing , at the end of the day you are still just going on someone else’s information. you don’t know definitively whether or not the info you read is true or not. not unlike religion, you choose to have faith in the fact that you are reading correct information.
    but seeing as how the powers that be control all media, it would seem to me the smart thing would be to take in any info with a grain of salt.
    basically im saying even when you are recieving information that is “fact”
    consider the source and apply the things you know to be true about humans in general.
    for example during the early days of the war the american news media would report things like” black hawk downed in iraq by sandstorm not enemy fire” of course people would take that as fact because it was reported by the trusted news, but if you checked bbc world news , they would report on the same incident but it was more like ” 3 black hawks downed by enemy fire in iraq” i watched these discrepencies occur over and over.so my point is if something fishy is going on you won’t get the real info by going through any channels that “they” control.

  122. jeff elmo

    just because she didn’t win dosent mean her story is false.she went against BIG money in a judicial system that favors the rich, the defendants had enough money to buy whoever they wanted, she did not have anywhere close to that type of money.
    furthermore just because a court of law renders a verdict, dosent make that verdict right.
    ever heard of the central park jogger case?…if not i’ll sum it up for you ,
    a white woman was severely beaten and raped in central park . a few black and hispanic teens were arrested charged and convicted for the assault.
    after they spent years in prison , the true culprit came foward and confessed ,dna testing confirmed his story. the teens (now grown men ) were released from prison. this is NOT the only case of wrongful imprisonment or incorrect verdicts being handed down. this happens all the time, our justice system $hit!!!
    if you have enough money you are close to untouchable in court.
    most of us believe that OJ got away with murder!!! so if OJ had enough money to get away with murder, you don’t think that the wachowski’s and cameron don’t have enough money to get away with stealing?

    • espa2008

      Jeff, your comments demonstrate the extreme arrogance and cognitive dissonance that renders American culture a joke in the eyes of the rest of the world. This is my last comment here, and my last visit to thehiphopconsultant.com – it is an illegitimate site that has no business operating, and if I ever hear it raised again, I will go out of my way to make it clear that this site cannot be trusted for credible information, let alone “consulted” for anything of value. Enjoy living your lies, fool.

      • jeff elmo

        espa, i would appreciate it greatly if you could elaborate.anyone can criticize.please explain what exactly in my comments is “arrogant” and as for “cognitive dissonance” you can use big words to try and make yourself seem like a high intellect , but all you did was call me a dummy.good for you.now i have said in earlier posts that i dont know whether it is true or not, all im saying is that it is plausible and i don’t automatically trust “official reports” . so espa unless you were somehow involved in the case and witnessed everything firsthand , then you are going on second hand information and putting faith in the fact that the info is in fact true.
        definitively you don’t know the 100% truth.
        also please explain what lies i am living? i would really love to know.
        lets see if you can reply in a thoughtful, enlightening,and educational manner, instead of hurling insults from the safety of your home like the average internet COWARD

    • KL

      If she is lying about winning a $2.5 bn judgment, why should I believe anything she says.


  123. Val Johashen

    R. E. B. E. L!!.

  124. Starkiller

    To the numb-nut that said “Whites stole all their ideas from Black people” go have a look at Africa, then compare it to Europe and North America and tell me exactly how much those civilizations have stolen you mad racist.

    • jeff elmo

      obviously white people didn’t steal ALL of they’re ideas from black people, but europeans do have a long history of learning from older civilizations and then passing that knowledge off as they’re own.
      if you do the research its not hard to find.
      even popular bible stories are actually taken from older scripts from older civilizations. the story of moses for example borrows heavily from the story of horus son of osirus, look it up if you don’t believe me.
      also the immaculate conception is not unique to the bible, its a much older story than you think.
      BEFORE you have a knee jerk reaction , do some research.
      in america white people HAVE stolen a lot from black people.
      The music industry is one MAJOR example, in the early days of blues and rock and roll white industry execs would credit themselves with co-writing or even writing black artists songs, that way they could further cheat the artists out of royalties.
      I am tired of this whole black vs white BULLSHIT, and I agree we all need to get past it ,but to get past it WE ALL(blacks and whites) have to be honest with ourselves and each other.BLACK PEOPLE we have to let go of the anger and hate, and stop blaming racism for everything that dosent go our way.WHITE PEOPLE you have to own up to the fact that your ancestors have committed UNTHINKABLE ATROCITIES against black people and other ethnicities, and that while racism isn’t as prevalent now as in the past, it still exists and WE still suffer because of it.WHITE PEOPLE, IF YOU ARE NOT A RACIST,AND YOU ARE TIRED OF HEARING BLACK PEOPLE COMPLAIN ABOUT RACISM , THEN STOP LETTING RACIST WHITE PEOPLE GET AWAY WITH BEING BLATANTLY RACIST!!!!
      During the KKK’s hey day , all white people were not racist, but they allowed the lynchings to happen. as a result all white people got a bad rap in blacks eyes.REMEMBER ALL IT TAKES FOR EVIL TO TRIUMPH IS GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING!!!

    • jeff elmo

      Also Africa has modern cities just like europe and america, which you might know if you did the research. my guess is you get all of your info from television, so you think all of africa is wild jungles deserts and bush.
      google capetown.
      Furthermore Africa would be a more developed continent if europe and america were’nt purposely keeping it politically unstable so they can continue to get gold ,diamonds,ivory, and oil for super cheap!!!
      I’m not downing you starkiller, i’m just saying do the research ….then form an opinion

  125. Reblogged this on IPITeC Blog and commented:
    Copyright and Hollywood…the power of the legal process.

  126. This is fantastic, to take on the powerful Warner brothers cartel and win, sends out a loud statement, always copyright ones matrial in the first place,but to win that huge amount of money is great,2.5billion dollars.

  127. George A Scott

    Congratulations to you Sister Stewart in standing up against a system that did not respect you and your talent. It is persons like you that will encourage others to challenge persons and Companies that continue to pilfer/purloin Patents, copyrights etc for their financial gain at the expense of the original creator. We need to hear the stories of others so we as a people will be recognized for our contributions to mankind.

  128. no no no

    This story is completely false, by the way

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