Groupie Tales: Lil Wayne

Okay so I met Lil Wayne Back in March he was doing the I am music tour. Anyways my best friends brother works as a security officer at the arena lil wayne was going to. me and my friend already had tickets to the show her brother let us go back stage. We went back stage before the show and met lil wayne and all of the young money artist. Wayne was whispering to his friend gudda a few mins. after we walked into the room.

As me and my friend where leaving to get in our seats to watch the show Gudda from young money walked behind us until we where out of the backstage area he told me that Lil Wayne wanted my number so of course I gave it to him. he told me wayne would hit me up after the show. once the show was over me and my friend went back to our hotel still no phone call..then like an hour later my phone rang and it was wayne..He told me for me and my girl to come to the hotel he was staying at. We got there and wayne and his boys where chillin in the room drinkin and smokin..

We chilled for about 2 hours then all his boys left and my friend told me she would pick me up later she wanted to go home..So there i was with wayne..hes so chill and laid back…we kept drinking and smokin then outta no where we started making out he kisses really well..We made out for alil while then he started to make it clear he wanted head so HELL YEA i went down on him for like 20 mins. He has a pretty big dick for alil guy. after he nutted..we got to the bed and had sex for like 45 mins.i rode him for like 20 mins it was great his deepstroke was on point. best sex i had in a long time. when he was hittin it from the back it was greaat.

The next day at like 9am my friend came and picked me up. I still talk to wayne to this day hes a really good person. i give him a 10/10 HE WAS GREAT!


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4 responses to “Groupie Tales: Lil Wayne

  1. Shelly

    little man can do it good

  2. Mel

    wow she def a groupie why do women have to sell there self out like that

  3. ILOVEMONEY!!!!!


  4. whoeva

    U did ur thang dats fine not judging but wat accomodations come with u posting it all over the internet?

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